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“The Princess’s Man’s” Park Shi Hoo to Walk the Runway for Famous Japanese Designer

According to Story Entertainment, Park Shi Hoo was chosen to represent Korea at Yumi Katsura’s “2012 Grand Collection in Tokyo: The Wind of Asia” fashion show. The show by the well-known Japanese designer will take place at the Tokyo Dome City Hall on February 21 and expected to draw in over 10,000 fashion lovers

New Year Special Idol Sageuk Comedy "Crown Princess Project" to Feature 12 Female Idols

A Lunar New Year special variety program featuring an idol sageuk (historic) comedy is currently in the works. KBS has revealed that the program will be called, "The Crown Princess Project - Restoring The Royal Family" and will air as a Lunar New Year special

G.NA Turns Into Princess Fiona

Singer G.NA shocked her fans as she transformed into Shrek's princess Fiona. On the episode of MBC's variety show "Lulu Lala" to air on January 15, the sexy lady had to turn into the female ogre of Shrek as a punishment for losing in a game last week

G.NA transforms into Shrek’s Princess Fiona for ‘Lululala’

Solo artist G.NA was caught eating fried chicken as Shrek‘s Princess Fiona for MBC TV‘s ‘Lululala‘. G.NA was forced to dress up in this funny outfit as punishment for losing a particular game on the show’s last episode

Our Nice Princess Puts Out Another Cute Selca And Message Online

Well, what do you all think ? Can she get any cuter than this ?!!Our dear Nice Princess Jessica recently updated her Japanese online fansite with this, oh, so adorable, selca and a heartwarming message for her fans from the Land of the Raising Sun

Our Nice Princess

This is an Ice Princess post. No, actually, this is a Nice Princess post. Jessica, known as the Ice Princess due to her standoffish outer appearance, either has split personalities or her nickname is simply false

Sorry, We are building our princess her own castle!!!

So apparently Shigeru Miyamoto** was wrong. He seems to think that the mushroom princess has gold flowing hair, likes to get captured by a giant dinosaur dragon, and awaits rescue from an Italian plumber

New Vita500 Promotional Video Featuring Our Favourite “Ice Princess” Released.

It certainly looks like the SONES in the advertising section of  Kwang Dong Pharmaceuticals are at it again… producing more Soshi-related Vita500 goodies for us SONES to spazz over (whilst envying the lucky K-Sones who get to enjoy the Soshi-endorsed Vita500 products firsthand ) ! A new advertising video featuring Jessica from SNSD was recently released, together with a whole new batch of Vita500 bottle labels to entice fans of the angelic 9 (and of the vitamin energy drink, of course ) to part with their hard-earned money

More Selca Cuteness From Our Ice Princess

Miss the selcas from our favourite angelic ice princess ? Well, the wait is over for all Gorjess spazzers ! Presenting the latest selca from Jessica (she looks awesomely cute here ). I really like her smile in this selca image

Jessica training the fans? Ice princess or an angel?

SNSD member Jessica explained the story behind the ‘Training Video’. (Note: The Korean word ‘Training’ used here is usually applied to training animals) On the December 2nd episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook’, Jessica was a guest and opened up about the ‘Training Video’ that has been gathering a lot of attention through online communities

SNSD Jessica, sexy ice princess shows off her alluring body

SNSD member Jessica revealed hot cuts from a pictorial overflowing with passion. Jessica shot the pictorial for the December issue of entertainment and life style magazine, ‘First Look’ with the concept ‘Break the Ice’, transforming into a passionate and alluring woman

The Moon that Embraces the Sun, princess Jin Ji Hee takes a picture with princess Nam Bora

An affectionate picture of actresses Jin Ji Hee and Nam Bora has been revealed. Jin Ji Hee and Nam Bara each play the child and adult roles of princess Min Hwa on the popular MBC drama ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun’

Song Ji Hyo treated like a princess teamed up with Suju Siwon & Shinee Minho

Song Ji Hyo screamed in happiness on becoming a team with SHINee member Choi Minho and Super Junior member Choi Si Won.On the January 1st installment of SBS TV’s ‘Running Man’ the ‘Math Race’ was on together with Hallyu idol stars

T-ara Jiyeon Transforms into a Goddess-Idol Princess in New Drama

T-ara, Jiyeon, wanna-be, idol, star, Dream High T-ara member Jiyeon has been crowned as a "wanna-be" star due to her stylish charm. On KBS 2TV's new drama "Dream High 2," Jiyeon plays the role of Leanne, the horrible actress who wishes to be a star

Han Ji-min to play princess to Yoochun’s Rooftop Prince

So: Moon Chae-won is out, and Han Ji-min is in for Yoochun‘s new fantasy-sageuk-contemporary fusion drama Rooftop Prince.Interesting choice, but one I can get behind; I can see Han Ji-min easily fitting into a fusion sageuk romance (see: Capital Scandal)

Princess Lee Hong Gi? "bling bling pretty boy"

FT Island lead singer Lee Hong Gi transformed into a pretty princess. On the 20th he posted on his Twitter "Bbong!! Princess Hong Gi", along with a photo of himself wearing a tiara. In the photo, Lee Hong Gi is really looking beautiful with his pretty face and accesories

Park Gyuri As a Paris Princess

The leader of girl group KARA, Park Gyuri, was apparently a cool Parisian in the past. A surprising photo has been released to the public as proof. In the afternoon of February 27, Park Gyuri uploaded a photo of herself sitting at a quaint little cafe in Paris

Kara Park Guri reveals her past as 'France royal princess'??

Kara leader Park Guri revealed a beautiful photo of herself. On the 27th she posted on her Twitter "last year during my visit to Paris. I miss that hair color. It looks good with the background...", along with a photo she took in a small cafe located in Paris

Kim SooHyun, Why Are You Looking at Princess and Queen Like That?

A behind picture of the actors of MBC drama 'The Moon that Embraces the Sun' is arousing much fan love. Kim MinSu, who is acting as the Queen in the drama, posted on her twitter on the 29th, "Your Majesty, why must you look at your one and only sister and wife as if they are criminals?" along with a picture

Lee Yoon-ji gets in touch with her inner princess

Her character is apparently harboring some traumatic memories, described as fragments that bring her panic, but also hold the key to the future of the countryHmWhen Lee Sung-min showed up to play the hyung, I honestly had to pause and look it up to be sureShe’s long overdue for her entrance in the new MBC drama The King 2 Hearts, where she plays a princess who calls Seung-gi “oppaHe’s a great actor (and awesome for the dark comedy tone) but he looks like Seung-gi’s dad, with the nearly twenty-year age gapShe enjoys a carefree life, much like Jae-ha’s used to be, pre-army and goin’-north-of-the-DMZ days