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Lee Jong Suk's Pants Slip Off on "High Kick 3"

On an episode of "High Kick 3" that aired on January 13, Lee Jong Suk and Kim Ji Won had a boxing match in a ring. The two are clad in full fighter attire with gloves and headgear. Ji Won, who is angry at Jong Suk, charges at him and hits him square in the gut

2PM’s Nichkhun to make acting debut in upcoming Thai movie project

For the first time, 2PM’s Nichkhun will be acting in a Thai film production! JYP Entertainment revealed, “Nichkhun will be participating in Thailand’s major filmmaker GTH’s 7 year anniversary movie project

K-Pop Dominates Thai Music Charts

kpop, top 50 songs, 2011, thailand, channel v K-Pop has taken over Thailand with their music as the genre dominates the country's Top 50 songs of 2011. As seen on Thailand's Channel V, their "2011 Asian Music Top 50" resulted in most of the songs dominated by Korean artists

K-Pop Sweeps Thai Music Charts

K-Pop is showing its global power once again, as it has completely dominated Thailand's Top 50 songs of the year for 2011! Thailand's Channel V recently released their "2011 Asian Music Top 50," and results showed that out of the 50 total songs, an impressive 48 of them were Korean! From BEAST to JYJ, TVXQ, Super Junior, and SNSD, K-Pop stars dominated the charts

Awesome Soshi Fanart From A Thai SONE

    I spotted this awesome set of Soshi cartoon fanart by a Thai SONE on Soshified and thought I’d share it with all of you on SK…. A Thai SONE going by the moniker of mewzim posted this beautiful piece of fanart of our 9 ladies during their “Hoot” promotions and also has an impressive set of Soshi (mainly with a TaeNy bias ) fanart on her deviantART on-line gallery

Nichkhun to make acting debut with a Thai film

4 years after his debut as a singer, 2PM member Nichkhun has finally gotten into acting. Nichkhun’s agency JYP Entertainment‘s representative stated on the 16th, “Nichkhun has gotten involved in the 7th year anniversary commemorative film of Thailand‘s largest film studio, GTH

Kim Beom’s charmingly-mannered behavior impresses Thai fans

Kim Beom set out to Thailand for a four-day schedule from February 9 to 13 to shoot a commercial for a Thai baking brand and promote his drama series scheduled to air in Thailand. As he arrived at the airport, he proved his high popularity by being greeted with enthusiastic acclamations

Block B stirs controversy with Thai interview, draws response from 2PM

With Block B‘s recent visit to Thailand, the popular news source RYT9 sat down with the young men for an extensive interview about the group’s background, current activities and more. What’s getting viewers around the world riled up is Block B’s playful attitude and a variety of comments they made throughout the video that came across as rude and insensitive

Block B Releases Official Apology, Zico Shaves Head to Show Remorse for Thai Interview

Block B released official apologies on their official fan site regarding their inappropriate behaviors and comments made during an interview with Thailand's RYT9 on "New Artist - Block B in Thailand."   During this interview, Block B members commented on Thailand's recent flood, saying, "We wish financial rewards could help healing people's damaged hearts, because all we got is money

JYJ’s Jaejoong to star alongside Song Seung Hun in new drama, ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’

JYJ‘s Jaejoong has been confirmed to star in the upcoming drama, ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin‘ alongside actor Song Seung Hun. The drama is set back in 1860 during the Joseon dynasty. Jaejoong’s role will be of an excellent Joseon military official named Kim Kyung Tak

2PM Nichkhun criticizes Block B members, As a Thai, I feel offended.

On his Twitter, 2PM Nichkhun criticized Block B members for their thoughtless behaviours during their interview in Thailand. He said, "As a Thai, I feel offended by those who spoke thoughtlessly on the flood victims of Thailand

JYJ's Jaejoong to Face Off Against Song Seung Hun in "Time Slip Doctor Jin"

JYJ’s Jaejoong is confirmed for the upcoming drama “Time Slip Doctor Jin.” He will play the role of Kim Kyung Tak, who is a type of military officer in the Joseon period. Jaejoong’s character Kim Kyung Tak is skilled in martial arts, very competitive, and also prideful

Kim Jaejoong joins Time Slip Dr. Jin

Because apparently that’s not something you can learn after 1860Jin starring Song Seung-heon, in what will be the singer-actor’s first sageuk role to dateBut… how will we know he’s a TV doctor if he’s not wearing the shiny white labcoat and model-strutting down the hall with two rows of interns at his sides? Jaejoong will be playing Kim Kyung-tak, the descendant to a long line of master swordsmen, and the best warrior of his generationHe’s competitive and prideful, but he also has a softer, innocent side: his character has a single-minded devotion to his first loveJin, though I’m wondering how literal that could beFourth dimension’s a tricky thing, boys

JYPE responds to Nichkhun’s controversial Thai CF

Some controversy has sparked up around a CF that 2PM‘s Nichkhun filmed for a Thai beverage company, the CF has received some negative remarks online. The controversy in the advertisement is during a segment where Nichkhun appears to be dancing in front of a ‘Rising Sun’ Imperial Japanese war flag

Kim Jae Joong of JYJ to Appear in Historical Drama ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’

Kim Jae Joong of the star Hallyu group JYJ will appear in the drama “Time Slip Dr. Jin.” The PR company 3HW said on February 21 that Kim Jae Joong will challenge himself with his first appearance in the historical drama by playing a competitive military officer with strong self-esteem in the Joseon Dynasty named Kim Kyung Tak

Block B sends a video message to apologize to its Thai fans

The “idol” group Block B, composed of seven members, recently uploaded a video asking for forgiveness of what they had said in a Thai interview. On February 23, Block B uploaded a video which is about a minute and thirty seconds long on YouTube to send a message of apology

B1A4′s CF for Thai Cosmetic company ‘Wuttisak Clinic’ revealed

The boys of Super Junior have been endorsing Thai cosmetic company 12 Plus for quite some time now and now it seems another Thai cosmetic company has recruited a K-Pop boy group to endorse their products

CNBLUE holds concert in Bangkok, Thailand; donates to Thai Red Cross Society

  CNBLUE performed at Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand on February 25th for their ‘BLUESTORM‘ Asia tour. The group was originally scheduled to hold their solo concert in Thailand on November 19th of last year, but the event was postponed due to the massive floods in Thailand

Army of Thai fans say goodbye to Super Junior

Super Junior has left Thailand amidst an army of support! From March 16th to the 18th, Super Junior held three concerts for a total of 40,000 audience members – the first for an international artist – at the Impact Arena in Bangkok

NELL releases MV teaser for “Slip Away”

Indie rock band NELL released a MV teaser for their new song “Slip Away“, including footage of the members preparing for their new album. The teaser was released via Naver Music on March 22nd, and it reveals the members preparing for their April comeback, going back and forth between Korea and New York