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Teen Top Unleashes Dance Version Music Video for "Going Crazy"

Following up to the release of their music video last week and having their comeback performances, Teen Top's dance version music video for "Going Crazy" was released today on LOEN's YouTube channel. Their second mini album “It’s" contains six tracks and was worked on composer/producer Brave Brothers

Teen Top Addresses Swearing Allegations

Teen Top members have addressed the recent swearing allegations that accused the group of using abusive language in their latest single, “Going Crazy.” On January 10, L. Joe tweeted, “I think there are a lot of people shocked by my rap

Teen Top's Single "Going Crazy" Contains Foul Language?

It seems that Teen Top’s latest single “Going Crazy” has been stirring up some controversy.  The group finished up their first week of live performances for their recently released album “It’s

Teen Top's Agency Flooded with Calls from Parents

The “Crazy” group Teen Top’s agency is being flooded with calls from parents. After the group released their song “Crazy” on January 5, the agency has been getting calls from parents asking questions

Teen Top Performs "Going Crazy" on Music Core

Check out Teen Top's performance of "Going Crazy" on Music Core. After releasing their music video on January 5, they also made their comeback performances last week on the various music shows. They have continued to be in the news this week as they received criticism for swearing in the song and also had their agency flooded with calls from parents for another reason

Teen Top Performs "Going Crazy" on Inkigayo

Check out Teen Top's performance of "Going Crazy" today on Inkigayo. After releasing their music video on January 5, they also made their comeback performances last week onthe various music shows. They have continued to be in the news this weekas they received criticism for swearing in the song and also had their agency flooded with calls from parents for another reason

Teen Top in Brazilian Entertainment News

On January 10, Brazilian public broadcasting company Rede TV's entertainment news program "Leitura Dinamica" introduced Teen Top's newest song "Going Crazy."   "Leitura Dinamica" gives comprehensive coverage of the entertainment industry around the world

TEEN TOP performs “Going Crazy” and “Girlfriend” on Younha’s Starry Night radio

On January 10th, TEEN TOP appeared as a guest on ‘Younha’s Starry Night‘ radio, where they performed performed “Going Crazy” and “Girlfriend” from their second mini-album, ‘It’s‘

TEEN TOP members clear up the controversy surrounding the lyrics for “Going Crazy”

Boy group TEEN TOP has made a successful comeback with their new song “Going Crazy“, but the lyrics to the song have recently been swept up in controversy. L.Joe‘s rap lyrics are facing controversy because a few words when spoken quickly can be mistaken for profanity

TEEN TOP’s C.A.P. & Ricky snooze stylishly in shades

It seems that TEEN TOP have been so busy promoting their latest single, “Going Crazy“, that they are sleeping in their stage outfits. On January 12th, TEEN TOP’s Changjo posted a picture on me2day, saying, “C

Teen Top's Sexist Comment: "I Would Hit Her and Keep Her Locked Up"

Teen Top’s rapper C.A.P has been criticized for his recent comments made during a TV interview. C.A.P along with Teen Top have been under fire lately. Not too long ago, Teen Top was criticized for L

Teen Top's C.A.P Apologizes for Sexist Comment

As we reported previously, Teen Top’s leader C.A.P received criticism for his statement regarding how he would raise his daughter on Mnet’s “Wide Entertainment News.” There C.A.P said, “When I’m 30 I want to become a father

TEEN TOP’s Niel, C.A.P. and Chunji cover Big Bang’s ‘Sunset Glow’ on 1000 Songs Challenge

On the January 29th episode of SBS’s ‘1000 Songs Challenge‘, TEEN TOP surprised the audience by perfectly singing Big Bang‘s “Sunset Glow“. As if they prepared in advance, the boys confidently sang, rapped and danced to the song, but failed to advance to the next level

TEEN TOP’s pretty boys pose for a picture

Earlier this week, TEEN TOP was chosen as one of the top four idol groups who looked great in hanboks. As if to prove their ‘pretty boy’ reputation, TEEN TOP members Chunji and L.Joe shared a selca that boasted of their handsome looks

Wonder Girls reveal behind-the-scenes interview for Teen Nick movie

  In anticipation for their Teen Nick movie release which is only a few days away, the Wonder Girls have just released a new interview with Fanlala, a popular American teen news site, taking the viewers behind the scenes for an exclusive inside look at the set

Soshicast Fo’ Teen (#14)

Hey kids, we’re back with the longest podcast ever ’cause there’s just SOOO MUCH to talk about and SOOOO MANY staffers this time around.. [PIC]  [PIC] [PIC] Take the journey with us as we breakdown the NYC SMTown concert with our own personal staff accounts, our opinions on the album release, recaps on the Running Man shows (spoilers) and all that jazz

TEEN TOP’s Chunji goes on a date with ulzzang Kang Hye Yeon for Mnet show

TEEN TOP‘s Chunji was recently spotted on a date with famous internet ulzzang Kang Hye Yeon. But don’t worry Angels, it’s only for Mnet‘s TV program, ‘Hidden Track Romance‘

TEEN TOP members choose Wonder Girls’ Sohee over Girls’ Generation Yoona

The TEEN TOP members who recently released their new song “Going Crazy” proved that their teamwork carried over off stage as well. The boys recently guest featured on SBS Power FM ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time‘

Teen Top: "We prefer Sohee over SNSD's Yoona"

teen top, Yoona, SNSD, Wondergirl, Sohee Teen Top which recently gained popular status was interviewed in radio talk show. The talk host, Choi Hwajung, asked many questions including "Do you prefer SNSD's YoonA or Wondergirl's Sohee?" Teen Top, known for their unity, unanimously answered together at once, "Sohee!"  The issue was put on spotlight as all 6 members decided together

[Exclusive] IU, T-ara, Davichi, Dal Shabet, Brian Joo, and Teen Top Send Video Messages for “Music Island”

To celebrate the launch of SBS MTV’s new live music show, “Music Island,” some the top K-Pop artists have sent us special video messages! You can check out the message from IU, T-ara, Davichi, Brian Joo, and Teen Top in the following videos