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Actress Yoo In Na With Huge White Teddy Bear

Yoo In Na updated fans how she's doing. Yoo posted a photo on her me2day with a comment saying "It's raining. Are you sad by any chance? Think of it as a gift from the heaven like me. You will feel better

LYn returns with "Teddy Bear" on Music Bank

Following the success of her previous ballad "Back In Time", which became popular being the OST for the MBC hit drama "The Moon That Embraces The Sun", singer LYn returned and released her 7th full-length album "Love Fiction

T-ara reveals their teddy bear and beverage lines

T-ara's teddy bears are getting a hot reaction from fans. Recently, T-ara opened up their own line of teddy bears, which has the teddy bears wearing t-shirts each with a face of one of the T-ara members

Fans was shocked with Dara’s ‘Teddy Bear’ pants designed by Jeremy Scott

Member Dara of girl group 2NE1 recently wore a shocking pair of pants fully covered with teddy bears! “OH DARA I LOVE U!” designer Jeremy Scott tweeted on August 24th with a photo showing Dara in a pink jacket and pants covered with teddy bears

Hwang Kwang-hee and Seon-hwa in couple teddy bear shirts

Secret's Han Seon-hwa and husband Hwang Kwang-hee were seen in a picture recently. This picture was posted on Han Seon-hwa's Twitter on the 17th. They shoulder to shoulder in the picture and smiling towards the camera

Rainbow Jaekyung Makes her own Teddy Bear, 'Hello, I Am Kimsigner'

Rainbow, Jaekyung Rainbow Jaekyung Makes her own Teddy Bear, 'Hello, I Am Kimsigner' Group Rainbow member Jaekyung revealed the process of making her own teddy bear. Today, Jaekyung posted on her twitter, "What is Kimsigner making this time~?" along with pictures of the process of making a teddy bear

Rainbow’s Jae Kyung poses with her handmade Teddy bear

On December 6th, Rainbow‘s Jae Kyung shared several photos of herself posing with her handmade Teddy bear on her me2day with the message, “What could Designer Kim be making today? Stitch by stitch, the craftswoman runs the needle through the fabric and flips in inside-out

Rainbow Jung Yoonhye, Turns Into a Cute Teddy Bear "Yoon Teddy!"

jung yoon hye, rainbow jung yoonhye teddy bear Girl group Rainbow's Jung Yoonhye turned into a cute teddy bear. Today, Jung Yoonhye posted on her Twitter, "Everyone thought the snow teddy bear was cute so Yoon Teddy this time" along with a picture of herself

After School’s Uee poses with a cute teddy bear

Earlier today, After School’s Uee updated her me2day account with a photo of herself posing with a gifted teddy bear and shared, “Today is the day Jeon Woo Chi will air. I received a teddy bear as a gift

INFINITE’s L tweets a series of pictures with his teddy bear

In a show of incredible adorable-ness (if that’s not a word, it is now), INFINITE‘s L tweeted a series of pictures depicting his teddy bear responding to his own tweets. In each photo he posted earlier today, the stuffed animal is holding up a sign as a response to L’s tweets

Five Dolls Hyoyoung Pulls off Cute Teddy Bear Hood, 'Like a Child'

Five Dolls, Hyoyoung Five Dolls Hyoyoung Pulls off Cute Teddy Bear Hood, 'Like a Child' Girl group Five Dolls' member Hyoyoung revealed a cute self-camera photo in a teddy bear cloak. Today, Hyoyoung posted on her Twitter, "'Boom's Young Street' airing tomorrow

Lee Hi brings in a giant teddy bear for her upcoming MV for “It’s Over”

Even after the release of tracklist and album release dates, Lee Hi isn’t done teasing yet, as she has just shared a photo taken from the set of her upcoming MV! As you know, her first title track being released on March 7th is titled “It’s Over“, and there will be a music video to accompany this song

YG Headquarters Hangs Teddy Bear Balloon on Roof to Promote Lee Hi's New Album

Lee Hi, YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk, It's Over YG Headquarters Hangs Teddy Bear Balloon on Roof to Promote Lee Hi's New Album Singer Lee Hi's teddy bear balloon has been revealed. YG Entertainment revealed today on their official blog a picture of Lee Hi's teddy bear balloon on the roof of YG headquarters

Lee Hi’s huge teddy bear balloon floats over YG Entertainment Building

Remember the gigantic teddy bear that’s going to be in Lee Hi‘s upcoming music video? Well, she must be done filming with it, because now it’s floating on top of the YG Entertainment building! The balloon went live on the 6th, and features the words ‘I♥HI‘ on the bears’ shirt

Lee Hi dances with blue teddy bear in her choreography practice video for “It’s Over”

Lee Hi has never been without the blue bear – as it can be seen in her music video, on her stages, and even floating above the YG Entertainment building. The bear joined her again in her dance practice video for “It’s Over“

Kim Tae Woo becomes a teddy bear on ‘Radio Star’?

Considering Kim Tae Woo has been nicknamed the ‘bear’ because of his large stature, it’s hard to imagine that anyone can make him look tiny. Usually, he’s the one towering over everyone else and making others look small, but he had a whole new experience on the latest ‘Radio Star‘

Korea's Teddy Bear Obsession

Jeju Teddy Bear Museum Korea has a peculiar fascination with Teddy Bear Museums. There are two on Jeju Island, one in Seoul, and two in Gyeongju. I have been fortunate to visit three of the Teddy Bear Museums during my stay and each has its own unique charm to amuse and marvel visitors with the creative ingenuity of the artists

Suzy Asks Fans to Buy a Teddy Bear for a Good Cause

On July 8, miss A’s Suzy uploaded a photo of herself on Twitter along with the message, “They say the heart bears’ hearts start to beat when you hug them. The entire proceeds will be donated to help children with heart disease in and outside Korea

Big Bang’s Seungri shares teddy bear shot with Daesung

Big Bang’s Seungri shares teddy bear shot with Daesung Seungri shared a short message that stated “2014 Bigbang +A concert in Seoul with Daesung” on his Instagram on January 25th.In the photo the two members can be seen showing off their natural charisma in black and white outfits holding two teddy bears

TVXQ's Yunho likes to tell his secrets and concerns to his teddy bear

One section on a recent episode of KBS 2TV"s "Hello" discussed people"s attachment to stuffed animals. When an MC asked the show members if they liked stuffed animals, special guest TVXQ"s Yunho admitted to having purchased a stuffed animal as a companion