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T-ara’s Hyomin and Dani transform into warriors #tara

Girl group T-ara recently released a picture, which was taken on the set for shooting their music video. T-ara, who will release their new album Day By Day on July 3, released a picture of them shooting a music video

Tara Cry Cry MV & pics

T-ara’s Cry Cry music video and concept photos.The first (original) MV is 15 minutes long; there’s a second MV below, a ballad version that’s just over 3 minutes (without the drama). Credit: LOENENT@YT & Tarakorean

Tara Jiyeon Fans Gave Buffet Meal to Dream High 2 Crews

Park Jiyeon of pop girl group TARA was sending greetings to fans who sent the hot buffet meal as a gift. On the afternoon of February 16th, 2012, Jiyeon tweeted, “Our fans you’re great!!! It’s really delicious! Really appreciate it

Monkey 3's Most Popular Song is Tara's Roly Poly

  Which artists and songs of 2011 dominated the music market? According to the music site Monkey3’s Top 40 rankings for 2011 showed that girl groups, IU, MBC’s I am a Singer, Infinitiy Challenge, Mnet Superstar K3 dominated this years charts

Tara’s Boram “Please look forward to our show “Tara’s Flowerboys”

    On Decemeber 11 at 6:30 pm the SBS  E! “Tara’s Flowerboys” filming set was revealed located at a Hongdae Club mansion “Tara’s  Flowerboys” is a program where the members of Tara (Hyomin, Boram, Eunjung, Jiyeon, Seoyeon, Qri, and Hwayoung), who have not been able to date after their debut , to find flowerboys in different fields that are perfect for each member

Lee Seung Gi and Tara Rushton

Remember Bong Goo's gf? When I first saw her I thought she was so gorgeous. Hope to see her around. Src: daum

Photos of T-ara's 9th member, Dani, revealed

The ninth member of the originally seven-member girl group T-ara has been revealed to be a cute middle school student named Dani. On May 23rd, Star News managed to get hold of exclusive photos of Dani, who has been confirmed as the ninth member of T-ara

T-ARA's Ninth Member, Dani Photo Revealed, Join the Group in December

t-ara, dani, core contents media T-ARA’s Agency, Core Content Media, unveiled the face of ninth member Dani for the first time on May 30. Dani is 14 years old and has been raised in the states since she was 4 years old

Additional pictures of T-ara’s Dani, “She has long slim legs”

Dani, the 9th member of girl group T-ara, recently released additional pictures of herself. T-ara’s agency, Core Contents Media, released official profile pictures of Dani, which she took for her debut as a singer, on May 30 and 31

T-ara’s Dani is already receiving love calls

Although T-ara‘s new member was revealed just recently, Dani has already been receiving love calls for advertisements before her official debut. On May 31st, T-ara’s agency revealed, “T-ara’s new member Dani has been receiving love calls from cosmetics companies that amount to an enormous sum of about 200 million won (around $170,000 USD)

T-ara unveils new member Dani

T-ara has unveiled a new 14-year-old member Dani, who will be joining the group officially by end of the year.Core Contents Media has announced earlier that they’ll be adding two new members to the group

T-ara’s Dani shows off her innocent, lively look on the street

T-ara’s ninth member Dani recently appeared in Kangnam, Seoul. On June 3, Dani went to a movie theater in COEX. Dani appeared with a headset around her neck and sunglasses on her head. In a white T-shirt with some English words printed and pants, she showed off her innocent look

Paparazzi Photos of T-ara’s 9th Member Dani Revealed

T-ara’s 9th member Dani was spotted on the streets of Gangnam! On June 4, three photos of the newest T-ara member were released through local media Star News. The photos taken on June 3 show the 14 year old member casually walk the streets of Gangnam, one of the most crowded areas in Seoul, holding an ice cream in one hand and red headsets around her neck

T-ara’s Dani starts a new life in Korea

T-ara‘s Dani has concluded her life in the States so she can focus on her future activities in Korea as a member of T-ara. On June 4th, a representative of Core Contents Media stated, “T-ara’s new member, Dani, grew up in the United States ever since she was four years old

T-ARA's New Member Dani, Moves From US to Korea to Join T-ARA

t-ara, dani, core contents media T-ARA's New Member Dani, Moves From US to Korea to Join T-ARA T-ARA's New Member Dani, Moves From US to Korea to Join T-ARA Girl group T-ARA's new member Dani is packing up her things in the US in order to come to Korea

A middle-aged man brings tears to T-ara’s Ji Yeon #tara

T-ara’s Ji Yeon recently shed tears at her father. An online community posted several pictures with the caption, “Ji Yeon’s father appeared at T-ara’s autograph signing.” The pictures were captured from the May 29 episode of OBS’s Unique Entertainment News

Who Wore it Best? JJ Project’s JB, 2NE1′s Park Bom, or T-ara’s Dani?

Merchandise produced by Jeremy Scott under the Adidas label has been one of the trends in K-pop fashion. The designer’s clothing has been spotted on a lot of idol stars. The $200 Jeremy Scott Leopard Football Jersey pictured was found to be one of the hottest fashion must-have items for idols

T-ara’s Hyomin says, “Let’s have some time for commemorating” #tara

A prudent remark T-ara Hyomin’s is in the limelight. On the Memorial Day, June 6, Hyomin tweeted “Today is Memorial Day. It’s not just a national holiday we can have a day off. It’s a day for commemorating worriers who died while in military service, during the Korean War and other significant wars or battles

Core Contents Media reveals how T-ara’s Dani was discovered

Ever since the news broke that popular girl group T-ara would be adding an eighth member, Dani, to their ranks, it has been a hot topic of discussion among both fans and the general public. Core Contents Media, T-ara’s parent company, recently revealed how the young American became the newest member of the group

IU congratulates T-ara’s Ji Yeon’s birthday: “Happy birthdaisy!” #tara #dreamhigh #iu

Recently, IU left a happy birthday message to T-ara’s Ji Yeon, revealing their close relationship. On June 6, IU posted a picture on Twitter with the comment “When we were abroad together, you knocked on my door loudly and woke me up, but I only found you sleeping soundly… Well, I hear no reply from you, and I suppose you have fallen asleep like this? Happy birthdaisy(ji)yeon~ from IU~” In the picture, Ji Yeon seems to be deeply asleep