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2NE1 & Taeyang to return in November, YG Entertainment’s upcoming girl group to be revealed in January 2013

YG Entertainment will be signing with their new girl group in January 2013. CEO Yang Hyun Suk stated, “YG Entertainment’s new girl group will debut into the music scene in January of next year. G-Dragon is in charge of the overall production of their debut album

Taeyang at the Paris Fashion Week 2013

  Paris is one of the most important cities for the fashion world. Every year many fashion designers create unique collections to be shown at the fashion shows around the world. Last year G-Dragon were in Paris for the Fashion Week but this year, at the Paris Men’s (26th-30th June) and Haute Couture (1st-4th July) Fashion Week 2013, Taeyang was present and showed amazing outifts

Choi Siwon, Taecyeon, Taeyang, and More Make the List of The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2013

For the first time ever, the Independent Critics released the list for the 100 Most Handsome Faces, which include several Korean stars. On January 12, the list was revealed, ranking Super Junior’s Choi Siwon the 7th most handsome face in a group of 100 dashing men

Big Bang Taeyang Performs at Japan 'FamilyMart Presents MUSIC FOR ALL, ALL FOR ON 2013' Festival

Big Bang Taeyang attended the Japan 'FamilyMart Presents MUSIC FOR ALL, ALL FOR ON 2013' festival and received an overwhelming response from fans. This was the 3rd year they held this Christmas festival and is known to invite many famous celebrities to the stage

Chaos Park Taeyang Is Close with Other Celebrities

Rookie boy band Chaos’ Park Taeyang has already been under the spotlight for having the same name as Big Bang’s Taeyang. This time around, he has aroused netizens’ interests by showing off his close relationship with celebrities via photos on Chaos’ official Facebook page

Chaos' Park Taeyang Bewitched by HyunA's Presence?

Rookie group Chaos' member Park Taeyang was under the spell of HyunA's beauty on January 5's episode of JTBC music show "Music on Top." On this episode which was broadcast live, HyunA and Hyunseung's "Troublemaker" snatched the first place award

Chaos Has a Member Named Park Taeyang: Big Bang Fans Are Infuriated

A new boy band duo named “Chaos” that will be debuting soon is causing a lot of Big Bang fans to have beef. One of the members is named Park Taeyang and because of that their agency (Winning Insight) is receiving complaint calls from Big Bang fans

CHAOS member Park Taeyang is well connected for a rookie

Photos of CHAOS member Park Taeyang with various senior artists have caught the attention of netizens. On the official Facebook page of CHAOS, a photo of Park Taeyang and Trouble Maker duo Hyunseung and HyunA posing for the camera was revealed

Tablo and Taeyang meet ‘Columbo’ at YG Family Concert in Osaka

The YG Family are working hard to deliver the best performances for their ‘15th Anniversary YG Family Concerts‘ in Japan, but they’re also making sure to have some fun along the way

Chaos Member Park Taeyang Misses His Teacher, Actor Choi Min Soo

Park Taeyang of new boy band Chaos recently revealed that he misses his teacher, actor Choi Min Soo. Park Taeyang first met Choi Min Soo on KBS 2TV’s “Happy Sunday: Zero Member” in 2006. “Zero Member” was a show that helped misbehaving high school students get on the right path in life

Se7en makes his comeback in Japan with Taeyang’s help

With the help of fellow artist, Big Bang‘s Taeyang, Se7en made his comeback in Japan after 4 long years. Collaborating with YG‘s star producer Teddy, Taeyang helped produce and write Se7en’s new single, ‘Somebody Else‘ – lending Se7en a hand for his recent come back

Two Months member Do Dae Yoon apologizes to IU and Taeyang fans

Two Months’ member Do Dae Yoon apologized via Twitter for his comments pertaining to singer IU and Big Bang member Taeyang. The Superstar K3 contestant tweeted on the 17th stating, “I’m not that good looking, what do you think of me, IU? Will you even see this?” The tweet was in response to IU’s previous statement on a talk show where she stated that she preferred men who are not good looking

Big Bang’s Taeyang brings “Mr. Teydaddy” out to play

Big Bang‘s Taeyang brought his goofy side out to play while working on a photoshoot recently. The idol donned a giant bear head on set and convinced someone to take his photos while he posed with it on

Taeyang meets lookalike gagman

It looks like Big Bang‘s Taeyang has a gagman as a doppelganger! On January 27th, gagman Yoon Suk Joo uploaded a photo on his me2day, writing, “Picture with my close same-age friend, Taeyang”

Big Bang's Taeyang Is Jealous of SBS K-Pop Star's Michelle Lee?

On January 29, SBS K-Pop star briefly showed the training procedures for each of the different agencies. When it was time for the YG Entertainment “contestants” to get checked up, the contestants were surprised to see CL and Park Bom from 2NE1, Taeyang and Daesung from Big Bang

Big Bang, Taeyang & G-Dragon’s picture from the past

Big Bang members Taeyang and G-Dragon‘s picture from the past is drawing a lot of attention. On January 23rd Taeyang simply tweeted “Double dragon” along with a picture. In the picture, Taeyang and G-Dragon appear to be a pair of adorable young men rather than the charismatic artists they are today

Big Bang’s Taeyang in a brotherly picture with Tablo

Big Bang member Taeyang showed off his friendship with Tablo. On January 22nd, Taeyang tweeted, “Me and blo hyung and.. our superstar” along with two pictures. In the picture above, Taeyang and Tablo have their arms locked with an acquaintance

Do Dae Yoon apologizes to Taeyang and IU’s fans?

2 Months member Do Dae Yoon apologized to the fans of Big Bang member Taeyang and singer IU and also announced will not tweet for a while. Do Dae Yoon tweeted on January 17th, “Things got out of hand

CHAOS member Park Taeyang can hardly take his eyes off Hyuna

JTBC’s ‘Music on TOP’ was aired live on the 5th at the JTBC Hoam Art Hall. Trouble Maker had won the #1 spot on the day and members Hyuna and Jang Hyun Seung were about to give their ‘thank you’ speech

Se7en & Taeyang absorbed in a game against each other at the arcade

Some pictures of singer Se7en and Big Bang member Taeyang at the arcades have been revealed drawing attention. On January 4th, 2 pictures have been posted on an online community board tagged, ‘Taeyang and Se7en, at the arcades’