Taecyeon Nose Job

2PM"s Taecyeon takes on the rugged outdoors in Vancouver for "Elle"


2PM Taecyeon”s latest photo shoot for “Elle Korea” took place at the pier and woods of Vancouver, Canada, perfectly matching his “beast-dol” image.

In the photo shoot, Taecyeon shows off his masculine charm as he takes his shirt off by the pier, revealing his chocolate abs. He looks cool in shades in other photos and also takes a leisurely walk on an empty road by the woods. . ... Read more

2PM"s Taecyeon is a happy gardener in his "Three Meals a Day" individual poster


2PM“s Taecyeon is looking adorable like a simple farmer in his individual poster for popular variety show “Three Meals A Day“.

tvN uploaded the above poster on their official Facebook on May 20 with the caption, “The owner of a gummy smile who makes your heart beat faster, the one who is addicted to hearts, pretty Ok-Bingsu.” . ... Read more

Taecyeon falls for Park Shin Hye in "Three Meals a Day"s preview for the next episode

Taecyeon falls for Park Shin Hye in

tvN“s “Three Meals a Day” revealed on May 15 who would be appearing as a guest on the next episode! The guest turned out to be none other than beautiful actress, Park Shin Hye, and Taecyeon, a regular member, has understandably fallen head over heels. . ... Read more

Nichkhun sings for his Thai movie "Touch the Sky (Cha Lui)" with help from Taecyeon

Nichkhun sings for his Thai movie

Nichkhun lent his lovely voice for “Wan Nun Wan Nee Wan Nhai,” a song included in the OST for his Thai movie, “Touch the Sky (Cha Lui)“!

The song also features his 2PM group mate, Taecyeon, who does some of the English rapping on the track. The song is sweet and uplifting while the MV shows shots from the movie as well as footage of Nichkhun in the recording studio. . ... Read more

Funny previews for "Three Meals a Day" Season 2 with Taecyeon, Lee Seo Jin, & Kim Kwang Kyu revealed

Funny previews for

2PM“s Taecyeon and actor Lee Seo Jin are back for the second season of “Three Meals a Day“!

The first season was extended a few episodes because of its popularity, and now there”ll be even more episodes to feast your eyes on with a brand new season. This season also brings in Kim Kwang Kyu as a regular. . ... Read more

f(x)’s Amber, 2PM’s Taecyeon, and more appeared to have blasted at TMZ over Racist footage

f(x)’s Amber, 2PM’s Taecyeon,  and  more  appeared  to  have  blasted  at  TMZ  over  Racist  footage


With TMZ’s tasteless video mocking EXID Jung Hwa’s English, fellow K-pop artists have publicly put TMZ’s actions on blast.

On May 3, f(x)’s Amber wrote on her Twitter, “I was gunna stay quiet but I cant. Seriously, @tmz not cool man. All Americans face palm at your rude and childish actions.” . ... Read more

Hyungsik doesn"t notice his nose bleeding as he dives for the first time

Hyungsik doesn

SBS” “Laws of the Jungle in Indochina” aired a new episode on May 1, showing ZE:A Hyungsik”s very first diving experience after a lesson from Kim Byung Man.  

He said, “It was my first time.  While I was equalizing, my left ear would not get unblocked, so it hurt.  Later, I didn”t know, but I must have been grabbing [my nose] too hard. When I took off the goggles, I was bleeding.  My nose had bled.” . ... Read more

2PM Taecyeon is the global model for SK-II

2PM Taecyeon is the global model for SK-II

2PM Taecyeon is chosen to be the global ambassador for cosmetic brand SK-II, which is the prestige line of skin care products by Procter & Gamble.

Taecyeon is going to be the face of SK-II”s product Pitera Mist. The 2PM member is selected as the new global face for his healthy and attractive looks despite his busy schedules. His self-management impresses the brand.. ... Read more

2PM"s Taecyeon chosen as the endorsement model for cosmetics brand SK-II


It looks like 2PM”s “beast-dol” Taecyeon has yet another endorsement deal under his belt!

Taecyeon has been chosen as cosmetics brand SK-II“s newest model for their “Pitera Mist”.. ... Read more

Son Ho Joon has a "runny nose mukbang" on "Laws of the Jungle"

Son Ho Joon has a

For an entertaining mukbang (eating broadcast), a person might eat very messily or eat a ridiculously large amount, but actor Son Ho Joon took it one step further by pigging out with a runny nose! . ... Read more