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2PM members are jealous of Ok Taec Yeon for hugging Kim Tae Hee

2pm 2PM members showed their jealousy to Ok Taec Yeon who hugged Kim Tae Hee. On the 4th KBS 'Entertainment News' broadcasted an interview with 2PM. On this day the reporter complimented 2PM for their acting skills

2PM’s Taec Yeon apologizing to K-pop fans in Thailand. Why?

Recently, 2PM’s Taec Yeon has apologized to some fans in Thailand for Block B’s thoughtless remark. On February 19, Taec Yeon tweeted, “Thank you for ur love n support. I promise u we’ll be back with a better concert! Thailand, thank you for everything and sorry for everything

B2ST Son Dong Woon "I was in a group with NichKhun and Ok Taec Yeon but Wondergirls won"

B2ST Son Dong Woon revealed almost debuting as a six member group with 2PM Ok Taec Yeon and NickKhun under JYP. On the 21st broacast of KBS 'Win Win' B2ST members who were JYP trainees revealed their personal stories

2PM’s Taec Yeon unveils his fabulous abs

2PM’s Taec Yeon recently showed off his perfectly sexy abs for a men’s health magazine.. Men’s Health, an international men’s lifestyle magazine, is well known for choosing stars with perfect figures, as their cover models

2PM Woo Young and Taec Yeon's provocative 'Bad Boy' photoshoot

'Super Model Korea Season 2' model Song Hae Na posed with 2PM Woo Young and Taec Yeon. In the revealed photo are 'Evisu' 2012 S/S collection. New model Song Hae Na is posing with the previous models Woo Young and Taec Yeon

"Harry Potter's" Emma Watson Picks a Korean Film Among Her Favorites

"Harry Potter” actress Emma Watson recently named a 2008 Korean film as one of her favorite movies. According to reports from local news agencies, the actress best known for playing Hermione Granger in the “Harry Potter” films picked “Breathless” as one of her favorites in an interview with “Vogue Magazine

Big Bang, Avril Lavigne, Emma, One Direction and Alessandra Amoroso to Compete for 2012 MTV TRL Awards

Big Bang has been named as one of the final nominees for the "2012 MTV TRL Awards." On March 23, MTV TRL revealed the top five nominees for the “Best Fan” category, which includes Big Bang, Avril Lavigne, Emma, One Direction, and Alessandra Amoroso

2PM’s Taec Yeon, Jun Ho and Chan Sung show up at SHINHWA’s concert

At the SHINHWA’s concert, 2012 SHINHWA Grand Tour In Seoul – The Return, held at 5:00 p.m. on March 25 in the Olympic Park, 2PM’s Taec Yeon, Jun Ho and Chan Sung showed up in the seats for the audience

2PM’s Taec Yeon injures his left arm in Japan

Recently, 2PM’s Tae Yeon has fractured his left humerus and is put under medical treatment. On May 15 after finishing a performance in Japan, the star arm wrestled other members of his group and got injured

Broken humerus can’t keep 2PM’s Taec Yeon from performing

2PM’s Ok Taec Yeon, who recently broke his humerus, will perform in Japan. A spokesperson for Ok says, “He had an operation for the attachment of his broken humerus and he is currently wearing a cast

How is 2PM’s Taec Yeon doing after the surgery?

Recently, 2PM’s Taec Yeon greeted his fans on Twitter after getting a surgery. On May 22, the star tweeted, “The surgery was successful and I’m leaving the hospital in just five days. A lot of things happened in the meantime like JJ’s new song came out and Woo Young talked about his soloist debut

2PM’s Taec Yeon: “I’ll try not to be misunderstood” #2pm #infinite #gna

2PM’s Taec Yeon recently said sorry to Infinite’s fans. On June 9, Taec Yeon tweeted, “It seems like you guys misunderstood me. I think it’s important to remove misunderstandings like this

Emma Stone, "I love Korea"

Emma Stone Emma Stone showed her Korean skill at the press conference for her movie 'Amazing Spider-Man'She said "Hello, I love Korea" in Korean. She also said "We all had very unique experience in Seoul and it was fun

2PM’s Ok Taec Yeon sends his own written song to JYP, “Please select my song.”

2PM’s Ok Taec Yeon revealed that he recently sent a demo version of his own written song to a company. On June 25, Taec Yeon posted on his Twitter, “I sent a demo of my song to the company for the first time

2PM Taec Yeon Shows Up in front of Fans for the First Time after His Big Injury

2pm, taecyeon 2pm 2PM Taecyeon got his cast removed. On the 26th, Taecyeon showed up at the Seoul 'Touch Korea' press conference without his cast. He had came to attend the event where he would visit the hot spots in Korea with international fans

2PMs Taec Yeon in front of a haunted house: Who wants to protect me?

2PM’s Ok Taec Yeon recently released a picture that he took in front of a haunted house. On August 14, Ok tweeted a picture with the comment, “Horror Maze for this year! Fail! I’m too scared

2PMs Taec Yeon: IU and I are good friends, please dont blame her

2PM’s Taec Yeon recently talked about his friends. On September 28, Taec Yeon tweeted, “I met actors from Dream High yesterday after a long time. Each of them are good friends and colleagues who have made the series great together