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So Ji Sub Invited to "Hua Hin International Film Festival" in Thailand

Actor So Ji Sub has been officially invited to attend Thailand's "Hua Hin International Film Festival" and will be at the opening ceremony. So Ji Sub's latest film, "Only You," has been invited to screen at the festival to represent Korean films

Thailand, prepare for a Soshi incoming!

Sawadee krap Thai SONEs. 2011 may just be your year, as SNSD will not only be making one but TWO appearances in your country. First up, Yuri, Yoona, and Sooyoung together with other K-pop idols, will be at the Royal Cliff Hotel in Pattaya, on the 17th, 18th and 19th of January

2NE1 @ motor show in Thailand

2NE1 at a motor show in Thailand, promoting Yamaha Fiore I guess.They previously released a music video, Don’t Stop The Music, for the motorbike brand. Credits: Pingbook, Letsplay2ne1

Wonder Girls – OK! Magazine Thailand

Wonder Girls on OK! Magazine Thailand Issue 135, December 24. Credits: yummy_swg@soompi

KARA’s fairy tale in Thailand

The members of KARA were in Thailand in October to participate in a photo shoot project.The theme was characters from a fairy tale going on an excursion, for which they were able to dress up in various costumes

Kim Bum Visits Thailand

Starting from February 9 to 13 Kim Bum had visited Thailand for promotions and also filming commercials. At Thailand Kim Bum was able to witness first hand his popularity in a foreign country and Hallyu

Block B's Controversial Behaviour in Thailand Outrages 2PM Members

Recently Block B had an interview on a television show in Thailand. In the interview, Block B showed a careless attitude during the interval of questions, in which you can see the members playing and goofing around and even laying down over the table during the televisive interview

Block B’s Apology for Thailand Interview Controversy

Block B gave their official apology regarding their controversial interview in Thailand. All 7 members of Block B posted up their apology and remarks on February 20 (local time) early morning through their fan café

Block B makes a public apology for their interview regarding Thailand

Group Block B apologized for their attitude during the interview regarding the natural disaster in Thailand. On the morning of 20th, Block B left a post on their fan club page. P.O. posted "We crossed the line between being free and having morals

Block B apologizes for their Thailand interview incident

Earlier, we reported that rookie group Block B had gotten themselves involved in a bit of a scandal concerning their controversial manners and attitude during an interview in Thailand. You can read more about the matter and watch the interview yourself here

2PM's Thailand Concert a Success

2PM wrapped up a successful Thailand concert. First 2PM left for Thailand on February 16. On February 17 2PM held a “High Five” event with nearly 3000 fans. Also, on the same day during a press conference 2PM stated that they would be donating some of the proceeds from the concert towards “Red Cross Thailand

2PM’s Nickhun advises Block B as they put Thailand down

2PM’s Nickhun asked people to stop posting malicious comments to Block B. Block B has recently caused controversy because of their impolite behaviors and words at the interview with RYT9, an online news source in Thailand

2PM excite nearly 9,000 fans at their concert in Thailand

2PM have successfully finished their concert in Thailand. Visiting Thailand on February 16 for their first concert in Thailand, 2PM successfully finished their high-touch event with a hearty welcome from their fans that numbered around 3,000 and local reporters

Block B’s Zico shaves his head in response to the Thailand interview controversy

Recently, we reported about Block B‘s controversial interview in Thailand and their individual apologies. Block B’s leader Zico is taking further action to show the group’s remorse. Earlier on Block B’s official site, Block B left a note of apology that read: “We are sorry for stirring public criticism

2PM Rocks in Thailand With 9,000 Fans

2PM performed successfully wrapping up their concert in Thailand on February 18. Before the concert 2PM held a “High Five” event with nearly 3,000 fans and during a press conference on the same day 2PM announced their donation of some of the proceeds from the concert towards “Red Cross Thailand

2PM’s Taec Yeon apologizing to K-pop fans in Thailand. Why?

Recently, 2PM’s Taec Yeon has apologized to some fans in Thailand for Block B’s thoughtless remark. On February 19, Taec Yeon tweeted, “Thank you for ur love n support. I promise u we’ll be back with a better concert! Thailand, thank you for everything and sorry for everything

2PM's First Concert in Thailand Attracts 9,000 Audience Members

The idol group 2PM successfully finished their Asian concert tour entitled "Hands Up" in Thailand, their agency JYP Entertainment said on February 20. According to JYP, 2PM held their first solo concert in Thailand at Impact Arena on February 18, and around 9,000 audience members came to their concert

Block B’s Thailand incident – were they the only ones at fault?

As countless articles in the Korean media have reported already, Block B‘s interview in Thailand hasn’t gone over well in their home country. Various outlets reported that the idol group’s actions have stained the country’s reputation, and will ultimately lead to the collapse of Hallyu in Thailand

Block B Apologizes to Thailand through Video

Block B publicly aplogized to Thailand through video. On 23rd, Block B posted up a video of their aplogy on Youtube, saying sorry to Thai fans. It was subtitled in Korean, English, and Thai. Block B, bowing 90 degrees, said "Sorry for all of our actions that we showed in Tahiland

Taecyeon’s muscular body in Thailand impresses netizens

2PM‘s Ok Taecyeon‘s muscular body has recently drawn the praise of netizens. On February 22nd, an online community board post titled, “Casual shot of Taecyeon that looks like a professional photoshoot” surfaced along with the picture above