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Why is B.A.P’s Jongup being called the “YMCA bully”?

A childhood photo of B.A.P.‘s Jongup has surfaced online. What’s causing talk is how adorable and rebellious the young Jongup looks. Shared during a interview, Jongup’s photo from his younger days has netizens jokingly calling him the “YMCA bully”

T-ARA Hyomin was a Bully in the Past?

T-ARA, Hyomin, Hwayoung hyomin bully Evidence of T-ARA Hyomin's past as a bully raises issues.  On July 30th a post found on an online forum identified Hyomin as a past bully. The witness revealed that he or she had transferred schools due to Hyomin's bullying

Girl Idols, The Bully and the Bullied

T-Ara, Soyeon, Bully, Idol Quiz T-ARA Soyeon The issue of bullying is being talked about widely in contemporary society and Korean idol groups seem to be no exception.  On JTBC's "Idol Quiz Show," T-ARA Soyeon drew attention by honestly recounting some of her experiences on the program

Elementary Students Play Popular "T-ara's Bully Game"

Following the issue with T-ara‘s member Hwayoung supposedly being bullied by the members and the speculation that followed with alleged testimonies and video captures,  elementary students came up with “T-ara’s Bully Game,” where they choose a target to bully among fellow students

Child actress Kim Yoo Jung: “I’m not a bully!”

Child actress Kim Yoo Jung appeared as one of the guests on the October 9th episode of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘. During the show, she has clarified all rumors of her being a bully. Kim Yoo Jung began her story by mentioning Big Bang‘s T

T-ARA Eunjung Confesses, "We Weren't Given a Chance to Talk About the Hwayoung 'Bully' Rumors"

T-ARA, Eunjung, T-ARA N4, Hwayoung T-ARA Eunjung Confesses, "We Weren't Given a Chance to Talk About the Hwayoung 'Bully' Rumors" T-ARA unit group T-ARA N4 expressed that they were sad and distraught that they were not given a chance to talk about the 'Hwayoung crisis' from last year

C-Clown Opens Phone Line to Offer Advice and Comfort for School Bully Victims

Recently returned boy group C-Clown has set forth on offering advice to bully victims in school. C-Clown recently came back with a new single titled “Justice.” The intro of “Justice” contains a phone number “010-8810-8615,” which is part of their new event that will try to help out students who are suffering because of school violence

Kim Yoo Jung Will Play A Bully

Kim Yoo Jung Kim Yoo Jung   With her sweet soulful eyes and innocent expression, it's hard toimagine child actress Kim Yoo Jung as a bully, but that's just what shewill play in a new film called "Elegant Lies

Controversy Surrounds "K-Pop Star 3" Contestant for Being a School Bully

The newly kicked-off “K-Pop Star 3” is already facing hardships as a controversy has started to surround a particular contestant. After “K-Pop Star 3″ premiered on November 24, the official “K-Pop Star” viewer’s forum as well as many online community sites have been pouring with requests to have a certain contestant, “A,” get put off the show