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Synopsis summary for Ghost Ep 1 Preview

Woo Hyun and Kang Mi find a way to track the location connected with Hades. In the strategy of rushing to arrest, they will witnesses the suicide of Shin Hyo Jung. after which you can they receive the announcement that Shin Hyo Jung just isn't suicide, but homicide

Bridal Mask Episode 4 Synopsis Summary Preview

preview taro and the men pack up their money. one of them says Gaksital’s goal is for sure the five of us. taro tells the men to protect their lives someone asks if she really plans to kill K so D says we can do it

JYJ Park Yoochun to Appear on SBS Drama Rooftop Prince?

Currently JYJ’s Park Yoochun is considering whether to appear in the new SBS drama “Rooftop Prince” that will broadcast on March 2012. A representative of Park Yoochun stated, “Currently Park Yoochun has received an offer from ‘Rooftop Prince,’ to appear in the drama

JYJ’s Yoochun cast for SBS’s upcoming drama, ‘Rooftop Prince’

JYJ‘s Yoochun has announced that he’ll be making his small screen comeback through SBS‘s ‘Rooftop Prince‘! On January 10th, SBS revealed, “We’ve decided on Park Yoochun as the leading male role for ‘Rooftop Prince’

Actress Moon Chae Won Declines Role in Drama "Rooftop Prince"

Actress Moon Chae Won has decided not to be cast in SBS TV’s upcoming drama, “Rooftop Prince.” On January 16, Moon’s agency revealed through a TV report, “We’ve been reviewing the script for drama ‘Rooftop Prince,’ but have made the final decision not to cast in it

Lee Min Ho Joins Park Yoochun on “Rooftop Prince”

Lee Min Ho is jumping straight from the “Moon that Embraces the Sun” to “Rooftop Prince.” Lee Min Ho earned a lot of praise playing the childhood version of Jung Il Woo’s Prince Yang Myung in “Moon that Embraces the Sun” but he is now moving on to an adult role on “Rooftop Prince

Jung Suk Won to Join Yoochun and Lee Min Ho for “Rooftop Prince”

Jung Suk Won has joined the cast of upcoming SBS drama, “Rooftop Prince,” it was announced today. He will play the role of Woo Yong Sool, a big yet soft-hearted “macho” character. With the addition of Jung Suk Won, “Rooftop Prince” will have a quite powerful casting crew, including JYJ’s Yoochun, Lee Min Ho, and Han Ji Min

Park Yoochun's "Rooftop Prince" Holds First Script Reading and Camera Test

The cast and crew of SBS’s upcoming romantic comedy drama “Rooftop Prince” gathered at the Ilsan Production Center late last night, February 1, for the drama’s first script reading. Actors JYJ’s Yoochun ("Miss Ripley"), Han Ji Min ("Padam Padam"), Jung Yumi ("A Thousand Days' Promise"), Lee Tae Sung ("Hooray for Love"), Lee Min Ho ("The Moon that Embraces the Sun"), Jung Suk Won ("Ojakgyo Brothers") and the rest of the cast met each other for the first time

The Rooftop posse assembles for a test shoot

Here’s a look at the men of the upcoming fantasy-sageuk-time-traveler drama Rooftop Prince. Yoochun stars as the Joseon-era crown prince and should, in my opinion, always be in sageuks; he just looks so much better in my eyes in that dignified sageuk-wear

Jung Seok-won turns into Rooftop warrior

Here’s another addition to the Rooftop Prince crew: Jung Seok-won (Ojakkyo Brothers, Dr. Champ) has joined the cast as a “soonjung macho” character (tough on the outside, pure on the inside)

Lee Min-ho goes from MoonSun to Rooftop

Okay, so this, I’m excited about. One of the standout actors from the childhood/teenage era of the hit drama The Moon That Embraces the Sun — Lee Min-ho (not to be confused with Lee Min-ho, natch) — has joined the cast of upcoming SBS drama Rooftop Prince, starring Park Yoochun and Han Ji-min

Jung Yumi fills out the Rooftop love triangle

Time-jumping fantasy romance drama Rooftop Prince now has its first love triangle with the casting of Jung Yumi, who recently wrapped up the melo weepfest Thousand Day Promise. Ha, I guess that makes her the first actress to act with both Park brothers, what with Yoo-hwan in Promise and now Yoochun as the Joseon-era prince-out-of-water who finds himself in modern Korea

Han Ji-min to play princess to Yoochun’s Rooftop Prince

So: Moon Chae-won is out, and Han Ji-min is in for Yoochun‘s new fantasy-sageuk-contemporary fusion drama Rooftop Prince.Interesting choice, but one I can get behind; I can see Han Ji-min easily fitting into a fusion sageuk romance (see: Capital Scandal)

Moon Chae-won turns down Yoochun’s Rooftop

There’s been some chatter about Moon Chae-won (The Princess’s Man) possibly being up for the lead role opposite Park Yoochun in his new drama Rooftop Prince, but she has now officially declined the role

MyName Performs Acoustic Version of 'Message' with Rooftop Moonlight

Posted: January 9, 2012 11:54 AM EST MyName showcased their acoustic rendition of ‘Message.’ The group debut their song recently on KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank.’ The rookie group attempted to try a completely different genre of music

Rooftop Pursuit reveals music video for “All I Need”

From time to time we like to keep you updated on talented Asian artists across the globe. Here’s one to add to this list. Rooftop Pursuit is a talented three man Asian American indie band which began its journey back in July of 2010

Take Care of Us, Captain (Please, Captain) Episode 13 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis Summary for Episode 13 of Take Care of Us, Captain (Please, Captain) Da Jin is angry with the confusing heart of Yoon Sung, but Yoon Sung is confirming his heart by hugging Da Jin. Crews who learned of Ji Won past begin to turn around to support

The Moon that Embraces the Sun Episode 13 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis Summary for Episode 13 of The Moon Embracing the Sun (The Moon that Embraces the Sun / The Sun and the Moon) Title: Witch Hunt Hwon who is about to consummate with Bo Kyung is hit with unidentified curse, and collapsed, the place is in an emergency

The Moon Embracing the Sun Episode 14 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis Summary for Episode 14 of The Moon Embracing the Sun (The Moon that Embraces the Sun / The Sun and the Moon) Title:In order to save the life of Wol, Hwon endures humiliation to visit Queen Dowager and plea

Wild Romance Episode 13 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis Summary for Episode 13 of Wild Romance Title: Breathtaking Tag Up Soo Young receives a ominous letter that secretly inserted through under the door and wrote with “someone.” Dong Soo senses the fact that Mu Yeol is liking Eun Jae, and suggests to Mu Yeol to hurriedly settle the relationship with Jong Hee and Eun Jae