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Suzy & Uee ‘Newcomer Award’ at KBS Drama Awards

Miss A member Bae Suzy and After School member Uee received the ‘Newcomer Award’. The ’2011 KBS Drama Awards’ took place on December 31st at 9:05pm at the KBS Hall in Seoul. Suzy and Uee were the recipients of the ‘Female Newcomer Awards’

miss A's Suzy Considering the Drama "Big" by the "Hong Sisters"

miss A’s Suzy is considering the drama “Big.” (Temporary Title) The drama will be released in June. “Big” will be written by the “Hong Sisters” (Korean Romanization: Hong Ja Mae). The “Hong Sisters” are famous sisters that are a drama writing team

miss A's Suzy considering role in Hong Sisters' next drama

It has been released through Star News that miss A's Suzy has received a casting offer to appear in the newest Hong Sisters drama.The Hong Sisters are known for hit dramas such as "You're Beautiful," "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho," last year's "The Greatest Love," and "My Girl

Gong Yoo, Lee Min Jung, and miss A’s Suzy confirmed for drama, ‘Big’

Gong Yoo, Lee Min Jung, and miss A‘s Suzy have been confirmed as the leads for the upcoming drama, ‘Big‘. The drama ‘Big’ is written by the Hong sisters, who have written previous hit dramas like ‘The Greatest Love‘, ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho‘, and ‘You’re Beautiful‘

miss A's Suzy offered a role for upcoming drama "Big"

After receiving positive reviews for her acting in the film "Introduction to Architecture", miss A's Suzy has been offered to star in the upcoming KBS TV series "Big". AQ Entertainment revealed that Suzy is currently reviewing the offer

miss A Suzy to Appear on Upcoming Drama "Big"

Around March, we reported that miss A’s Suzy is considering appearing on the drama “Big” written by the “Hong Sisters.” Well it looks like she will be appearing on the drama! (The “Hong Sisters” are famous sisters that are a drama writing team

Gong Yoo, Lee Minjung, and miss A's Suzy confirmed for drama "Big"

Acting stars Gong Yoo and Lee Minjung, as well as miss A's Suzy, have been confirmed for the upcoming drama "Big". "Big" is the latest work from the Hong Sisters writing team, who previously wrote "You're Beautiful", "My Girl", "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho", and last year's hit, "The Greatest Love"

miss A’s Suzy Becomes First Korean Celebrity to Win Best Rookie Award in Music, Drama, and Film

miss A’s Suzy became the first Korean celebrity to win the Rookie of the Year award in three different categories, including music, TV dramas, and movies. On April 26, Suzy was named the Best Rookie Actress at the "48th Baeksang Arts Award" for her role in “Architecture 101

Kong Yoo, Lee Min Jung, and Miss A’s Suzy in a new drama series Big

KBS 2’s new drama series Big (written by Hong Jung Eun, Hong Mi Ran, directed by Ji Byung Hyun, Kim Sung Yoon) is once again building viewers’ expectations with its handsome cast that “pleases their eyes”: Kong Yoo, Lee Min Jung, and Miss A’s Suzy

Suzy, Reviewing for Drama 'Ancient Medical Book' With Lee Seung Gi

Suzy, MBC, Ancient Medical Book, Lee Seung Gi miss A Suzy miss A's Suzy is in talks to be cast in an upcoming drama titled, "Ancient Medical Book." Suzy was known to be reviewing her options for the MBC drama "Ancient Medical Book," which could become her next project after the KBS drama "Big

Lee Seung Gi and Suzy take part in ‘Guga Medical Book’ drama

After returning in October, Lee Seung Gi and miss A‘s Suzy are scheduled to prepare for the smallscreen next year with their new historical drama, ‘Guga Medical Book‘. Broadcast officials stated that MBC has recently released ‘Guga Medical Book’ for their Monday/Tuesday time slot replacing ‘The Horse Doctor‘

Lee Seung Gi and Suzy’s new drama ‘Book of the House of Gu’ to air after the conclusion of ‘The Horse Healer’

It seems we’ll be seeing singer-turned-actors Lee Seung Gi and miss A‘s Suzy back on the small screen soon enough as MBC, who picked up the drama not too long ago and now they’ve unveiled the details on when we can expect to see the new show! Fans of both should be excited to hear that MBC has announced that ‘Book of the House of Gu‘ (title previously translated as ‘Guga Medical Book‘) should take the air with the conclusion of the ongoing drama, ‘The Horse Healer‘

Lee Seung Gi and Suzy to Star in New Drama, "Book of the House of Gu"

Stars Lee Seung Gi and hot female singer Suzy will gear up for their new MBC drama “Book of the House of Gu.” An MBC agency spokesman announced that the upcoming drama will be aired after “Horse Doctor

Lee Seung-gi and Suzy to star in drama

Singer Lee Seung-gi and Miss A's Suzy are set to work together on a new drama.The two will star in the MBC drama tentatively titled "Medical Novel"The show will air around April and it will be the first time that the two will take on a period piece

Suzy Talks About Her Role in Upcoming Drama "Gu Family Book"

miss A’s Suzy had an interview with MBC’s PR team on March 27 where she talked about her role in the upcoming MBC drama “Gu Family Book.” Suzy will be playing the character named “Dam Yeo Wool” who is a martial arts instructor

Kim Soohyun and Suzy in music drama

Kim Soohyun and Suzy in music drama Actor Kim Soohyun and Miss A’s Suzy have recently filmed a ‘music drama’ for Bean Pole Outdoor. Bean Pole Outdoor, a Korean fashion brand for outdoor wear, announced on March 6th that Kim Soohyun and Suzy will be in a music drama together, in which the two are a couple

'Gu Family Book' miss A Suzy Reveals Photos from Drama Filming

miss A, Suzy, MBC, Gu Family Book 'Gu Family Book' miss A Suzy Reveals Photos from Drama Filming Girl group miss A's member Suzy filming for her drama was revealed through pictures. Recently in an online community forum, several pictures were posted under 'Suzy filming for Medical Novel

Suzy sings “Don’t Forget Me” for the drama series The Gu Family Book

Suzy, who plays the heroine on the MBC series The Gu Family Book, has recorded a song for the sound track In spite of the great pressure of acting in a historical drama for the first time. Suzy is enjoying acting with Lee Seung Ki in the role of Dam Yeo Wool,bit she also shows off her singing talent with the song “Don’t Forget Me” for the series

miss A Suzy to Sing OST for MBC Drama, 'Gu Family Book'

miss A, Suzy, OST, MBC, Gu Family Book miss A Suzy to Sing OST for MBC Drama, 'Gu Family Book' miss A Suzy, who is playing a role in the MBC drama, "Gu Family Book," will also be singing an OST for the drama

miss A Suzy and Lee Seung Gi Share A Steamy Kiss In Drama 'Gu Family Book' [SPOILER]

miss A, Suzy, Lee Seung Gi, Gu Family Book miss A's Suzy and Lee Seung Gi share a kiss in drama 'Gu Family Book' On Monday's episode of "Gu Family Book," miss A's Suzy and Lee Seung Gi finally share a long, steamy kiss on screen