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Miss A Suzy & Min selca

Twitter pics from Suzy alongside fellow Miss A member Min. Credit: Suzy’s Twitter (Korean)

Suzy, a dreamy black and white selca

Miss A‘s younger member Suzy transformed into a leading lady in a black and white film. Suzy tweeted on December 2nd, ‘Blink blink blink blink blink tight tight tight tight tickle tickle’ along with a picture

Suzy shares a cute selca just before stepping on the red carpet

Group Miss A’s Suzy updates the fans from the Golden Disk awards. Suzy tweeted a short message along with a selca on the 12th, “Before stepping on the Red carpet!!!!!!!=3=”. In the photo, Suzy is seen fashioning a chic and simple all black outfit

Suzy reveals a ‘ppooing ppooing’ selca as she turns 19

Miss A‘s youngest member Suzy is a year older. Suzy tweeted on the 3rd, “I’m 19 now” and she revealed the photo above. (Suzy’s birthday is October 10th, but in Korea you automatically turn a year older as the calendar year advances and that is because in Korea you are 1 year old as soon as you are born) Suzy can be seen wearing a very formal looking black suit

miss A Suzy snaps a selca during her transformation

miss A‘s Suzy snapped a selca of herself while waiting to be dolled up at the hair shop. Earlier today, Suzy tweeted, “At the salon, transforming” with the above picture. The picture showed tired Suzy with her eyes closed and head resting on her hands

Suzy’s aegyo selca with a cute puppy

miss A‘s Suzy revealed a cute selca featuring a puppy in a recent selca she posted online. Earlier today, Suzy tweeted “NO ONE LIkes TO BE ALONE,” along with the above picture. The picture showed Suzy barefoot in comfortable clothes and tightly hugging a puppy

2AM's Jo Kwon Responds to miss A's Suzy's Closet Selca

2AM’s Jo Kwon responds after miss A’s Suzy attracts attention for disclosing her secret space. Jo Kwon made a post to his Twitter account soon after Suzy uploaded her photo. In his update Jo Kwon wrote, "My secret space is cozy and good

Bora and Suzy take a selca at ‘M! Countdown Hello Japan’

SISTAR‘s Bora and miss A‘s Suzy took a friendly selca together. The photo was uploaded onto SISTAR’s official Google+ page on April 25th with the message, “Where are we? Japan!!! First Japanese concert in a while! Hello!” Bora and Suzy left for Japan on April 25th for Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown Hello Japan – M! Countdown One Asia Tour 2012’ that is to be held in Saitama Super Arena

miss A's Suzy Shares New Selca with her Fans

Earlier today, miss A’s Suzy updated her fans with a new selca on her Twitter. The singer-actress tweeted, “I changed my profile pic!” In the photo, Suzy pouts for the camera while wearing a white tube top dress

Suzy’s angelic selca from Guang Zhou

miss A‘s Suzy updated her Twitter on 26th August, “Guang zhou Are u guys ready???? We’re ready ” and attached the above selca. The uploaded photo displayed her angelic-sexy side while wearing a leather dress

miss A's Suzy Shares Another Gorgeous Selca

miss A’s Suzy shared another photo of herself, showing off her innocent beauty, On September 3, the singer-actress tweeted a cute emoticon, “*-*,” and attached an equally cute and beautiful selca

miss A's Suzy Shares New Sexy Selca

miss A’s Suzy showed off her beautiful curves in a latest selca yesterday night. On September 17, the singer-actress tweeted, “To celebrate the heavy rain. A random Suzy photo. It’s from the JYP Nation concert,” and attached a photo of herself

miss A Suzy's Pretty Baseball Selca

miss A, Suzy, K-Pop Today in Korea's sports world, Suzy had the honor of throwing the first pitch for the Doosan Bears. After her pitch, she posted a photo on her twitter saying how much of an honor it is to throw the first pitch

Happy Birthday Suzy! Check Out Suzy's Adorable Selca Parade!

Soompi_News_Leaderboard_ATF Mobile_Soompi_Ldrbrd_ATF Soompi_Mini_Ad_Main Soompi Search Main menu Skip to content Home News Gallery Videos Forums Shop NEED A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE? Français Español Happy Birthday Suzy! Check Out Suzy’s Adorable Selca Parade! by hotshotlover30 October 10, 2012 <>1 of 19 If you’re a fan of miss A’s Suzy, you’ll know that this adorable singer-actress loves taking pictures

miss A’s Jia reveals a past selca to wish Suzy a happy birthday

miss A‘s Jia wished her fellow member Suzy a happy birthday. On the morning of October 10th, Jia uploaded the above picture as she tweeted, “Although it’s an old picture~ Maknae Suzy who’s becoming so much more mature now~ Happy Birthday!~~~~~ You look cute with bangs!” Suzy commented, “Wow I’m right next to you but when was this, haha so funny

Suzy becomes a cute Cat in recent selca

miss A’s Suzy uploaded the below photo of herself on her Twitter on December 11th under title, “A picture that reminds you of a cup of warm Solomon’s seal tea.” The selca showed Suzy looking at the camera with her pretty smile and her hair braided while dressing in a blouse matched with a skirt

Suzy turns gothic for a new selca

Suzy greets Chinese fans with a new selca.On April 7th, she wrote on her Weibo,"I love you! Fighting!" and attached along a new photo. She was wearing a white shirt with black strips and having her long straight hair fall on her shoulder

Suzy Thanks Her Fans with Her Kiss Selca

On her Twitter on February 16, group miss A’s Suzy uploaded a photo of herself along with a message, “Thank you so much Singapore fans. I was so touched by you guys.” In the picture is Suzy with her eyes closed and her lips in a cute pout trying to give her fans a big kiss

Red Lipstick Suits Suzy Very Well in Recent Selca

Girl group Miss A’s Suzy showed off her pretty face through a selca that she posted on her Twitter on March 12. Alongside the photo, the singer also wrote, “First time in a long time.” Opposite to the pure and innocent looking Suzy we are all used to, this selca of her gives off a sexier vibe, especially with those red lips that seem to suit her very well

Suzy updates fans with a sexy selca

miss A‘s Suzy recently updated fans with a sexy selca on Twitter.On March 12, the idol shared her photo along with the short message, “It”s been a while.”The uploaded photo showed Suzy in a sleeveless crop shirt, catching attention with her bright red lipstick and more mature look