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Younha opens teaser site for upcoming 4th Korean studio album, "Supersonic"

Korean solo female singer Younha is preparing for a full-scale comeback in her home country. On June 21st, Younha opened the teaser site for her 4th Korean studio album, "Supersonic." The teaser site includes a countdown and a short audio teaser of one of her new tracks on the album

Younha’s 'Supersonic' Teaser Crashes As Soon As It Opens

younha, Supersonic Younha Younha's teaser crashed as soon as it opened. On June 21, Younha released her teaser video before her 4th official album, Supersonic releases on July 3. Younha's teaser crashed due to massive traffic

Younha's 4th studio album, "Supersonic," to feature Tiger JK and Jay Park

Korean singer Younha is preparing for her full-scale comeback after being on hiatus for a year and 6 months. In celebration of her 4th studio album release, Younha will be holding a concert on July 28th at the AX Hall in Gwangjang-dong, Seoul

Younha releases second teaser for comeback album “SUPERSONIC”

Solo artist Younha is ready to come back strong after years away from the music scene, and her teaser website ( has been updated to provide her fans with yet another look at her upcoming fourth album, “SUPERSONIC“

Younha releases MV teaser for comeback album ‘SUPERSONIC’

It’s been a long wait, but fans of solo artist Younha will finally be able to see her return to the music scene with her fourth album, ‘SUPERSONIC’, slated to drop next month. After setting up an official comeback homepage (http://wealive

Younha releases 1st MV teaser for upcoming 4th album, "Supersonic"

Fans are on the edge of their seats as the date of Younha's "Supersonic" album release date comes near. The album, which is set for release on July 3rd, is highly anticipated not only because it is Younha's 1st album release since a year and 6 months ago, but also because Tiger JK and Jay Park are expected to feature in her album

Younha Releases Teaser for Upcoming Album "Supersonic"

After 1 year and 6 months, Younha will finally be making her long awaited comeback with her fourth album “Supersonic.” In the teaser, we see Younha in a white dress as the camera zooms in closer to her face

Younha Releases Audio Teasers for Upcoming Album "Supersonic"

With the release of Younha‘s new album “Supersonic” being released in four days, two brief audio teasers were revealed today. Yesterday, a video teaser for the album was released

Younha?s ?Supersonic? Flies High

Considering that Younha was the original “young, pretty and talented” singer, way before IU and Juniel became the darlings of Korea, it seems pretty unfortunate that she appeared to have fallen by the wayside over the past two years

[Review] Younha’s ‘Supersonic’

After a year and six months, the once spunky rock star Younha has made her long-awaited comeback with her 4th album, ‘SUPERSONIC‘ and her new single, “Run“. As one of the more underrated vocalists in the industry, Younha acted as a puppet for seven long years releasing incomplete albums under her former agency, Lion Media, due to financial issues

[AUDIO] Younha releases 4th studio album ‘SUPERSONIC’

After one year and six months, solo singer Younha has finally returned with her fourth album ‘SUPERSONIC’. In addition to her music video for title track “Run”, Younha released the full tracks of her album

Supersonic 2013 rocks on with Cho Yong-pil

K-pop legend Cho Yong-pil had his first chance to meet his music fans. At dawn on August 6, Cho recorded his hit song "Let's Go On a Trip" with young musicians scheduled to play Supersonic 2013. K-pop legend Cho Yong-pil sings his hit song "Lets Go On a Trip" with young musicians for the first time in his 45-year-long music career (photo courtesy of Infinite)