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Korean drama "Superman Flies"

Added the Korean drama "Superman Flies"'s page to HanCinema database"Superman Flies" (2012)Network : KBSWith Jeong Seon-kyeong, Park Geon-tae, Kim Hyeon-gi-I, Kim Hyeong-gyoo,...Fri 14:40SynopsisA drama about the school life of Seung-cheol with brain lesions from an accident and Gyoo-wan who is a classmate as well as a helper

[Live: SMTOWN Live 2012 in LA] SMTOWN Concert Sencd Group Performance by Super Junior: ‘Superman,' and 'DON'T DON'

smtown, snsd, girls generation, super junior, tvxq, SHINee, f(x), exo SMTOWN Concert Sencd Group Performance by Super Junior: ‘Superman,' and 'DON'T DON' Super Junior was the second group to appear on stage to perform for ‘SMTOWN Live 2012 World Tour

JYP Looks like Superman in "5 Million Dollar Man" Poster

Park Jin Young, who is a singer and JYP Entertainment’s CEO, has now transformed in to a movie actor. On May 25, CJ Entertainment revealed a poster of “5 Million Dollar Man,” which has Park Jin Young’s figure on it

Lee Joon Gi transforms into a Superman to avoid the sun

Actor Lee Joon Gi recently captured the female fans by taking a cute picture. On August 5, Lee tweeted a picture with the short comment, “Eun Oh Magistrate.” Lee plays the role of a magistrate named Eun Oh in MBC’s series Arang and the Magistrate

Superman costume of INFINITE’s L looks fashionable ?

Netizens has revealed a photo of INFINITE‘s L in an unexpected outfit. It shows off, in their variety show, ’INFINITE’s Ranking King‘, the idol group member was forced to wear his hilarious costume

INFINITE L Transforms Into Superman?!

INFINITE, L, Ranking King infinite l INFINITE's L has made a surprising transformation into Superman! Today, still cuts of INFINITE's L wearing a Superman costume were seen and it has been revealed that it was for TV Mnet's 'INFINITE's Ranking King

Jang Hyun Sung talks about his filming for ‘Superman is Back’

Jang Hyun Sung revealed it took some time to adjust to being on the variety show “Superman is Back”.On the April 3rd broadcast of SBS Power FM“s “Gong Hyung Jin”s Cinetown“, Jang Hyun Sung recalled how it took him a while to get used to being on a variety show, sharing, “The outfit that I”m wearing now is what my wife calls a uniform

“Superman Returns”: Choo Sa Rang falls for Girls’ Generation’s members

 “Superman Returns” Choo Sa Rang met the members of the girl group SNSD (Girls” Generation).In the most recent episode of the KBS 2 TV entertainment program “Happy Sunday – Superman Returns,” which aired on March 30, 2014, Choo Sung Hoon”s daughter Choo Sa Rang met the members of the girl group SNSD and kissed one of the Girls” Generation members, Yoona

Sarang gets along well with Girls’ Generation on “Superman Is Back”

Choo Sung Hoon“s daughter Sarang spent some quality time with the “Girls” Generation moms” on the latest episode of “Superman Is Back“!Although the ladies finally got the shy Sarang to open up to them after hours of playing, the new moms were disappointed when she refused to kiss them on the cheek

Haru shows her warm heart in preview cuts for ‘Superman is Back’

Fans know that Tablo”s daughter Haru has a warm heart underneath her chic exterior, and she continued to show herself to be a total sweetheart in preview cuts for this week”s “Superman is Back”!The ‘superman’ families went to Jeju Island for Lee Hwi Jae‘s twins’ first birthday party and upon entering a restaurant for lunch, Haru showed her consideration for others by becoming a handy helper

‘Superman is Back’: Choo Sung Hoon family visits Jeju Island

The cast of “Superman is Back” went on a joint-family vacation to Jeju Island as shown in preview cuts!On the upcoming broadcast, Lee Hwi Jae got the “superman” families together for his twins” first birthday in Jeju Island

Yano Shiho Shows She Has A Big Appetite On 'Superman Is Back'

Now we know the saying "Like mother like daughter" as Choo Sarang takes after her mother Yano Shiho when it comes to "eating broadcast" on the latest installment of "Superman is Back"!Another sneak peek at what"s going to happen on the show; Yano Shiho flew to be with Choo Sung Hoon and Choo Sarang in Jeju Island for a family bonding

“Superman Returns”: Choo Sa Rang draws attention with her rock hairstyle

The KBS 2TV‘s reality show “Happy Sunday – Superman Returns” aired its latest episode on April 6, 2014.On this broadcast, the Choo Sung Hoon family visited the beautiful Jae Ju island.Upon arriving the island, the family came to a restaurant to eat black pork

New “Superman Returns” Family as Actor Kim Jung Tae Joins Cast

KBS‘ popular variety show,”Superman Returns” had provided viewers with cute family moments between celebrities and their children, as well as a rise to stardom for some of the child casts. From Chu Sarang to Haru, the children have taken the spotlight from their celebrity parents through their innocent and lovable actions

Kim Jung Tae and his son to join “Superman is Back”

Actor Kim Jung Tae will be appearing on the KBS 2TV popular show ”Superman is Back” along with his cute son Jihoo, who has the nickname “Yakkungi”.On April 2nd, the show’s PD Kang Bong Kyu said to Joy News 24, “Four-year-old boy “Yakkungi” Jihoo will be different from the original featured children and we anticipate Kim Jung Tae showing his image as a newly added father… Also, his house is not in Seoul but in Busan so that also adds interest

“Superman Returns”: Choo Sa Rang shows her interest in Girls’ Generation’s Yoona

 The KBS 2TV‘s reality show “Happy Sunday – Superman Returns” aired its latest episode on March 30, 2014.On this episode, Choo Sung Hoon‘s adorable daughter Choo Sa Rang showed her love to Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona as she kissed Yoona in front of the camera

Choo Sarang Sends Lovely Video Message to SNSD on ‘Superman is Back’

Getting all the love from the girls, Choo Sarang sent a lovely video message to the Girls’ Generation (SNSD) members.The March 30 broadcast of KBS2’s Superman is Back is going to feature the rare occasion of Choo Sarang showing off her aegyo

“Superman is Back” reveals next week’s preview featuring Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation, who are topping various music charts with “Mr. Mr.“, will be appearing on the upcoming episode of variety show “Superman is Back.”The girls will have a chance to meet up with Choo Sung Hoon and his family, including his adorable daughter Sarang

Girls' Generation to appear on The Return of Superman

Girls' Generation will make a special appearance in the upcoming episode of The Return of Superman.Wonder how will Sarang react to their appearance?Check out the preview below while waiting for this episode to air

Super Junior Member Kyuhyun’s Older Sister Appears on “Superman Returns”

KBS 2TV’s “Superman Returns,” which aired on March 23, showed Tablo’s daughter, Haru learning how to play the violin. The violin teacher who visited Haru’s house grabbed interest with her stunning beauty