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Sungha Jung and Preston Reed live in Singapore!

Just close your eyes and imagine two renowned guitarists performing live right before you, can you feel the heat and excitement? Well, dream no more! Brought to you by Sprout Entertainment, Sungha Jung and Preston Reed will have a live concert in Singapore on 26th May 2012

M2FW 2012 Singapore Gala Opening Features 8eight, Sungha Jung and Megan Lee

Bringing more and more influence from the land of the morning calm, M2FW 2012, Mens and Music Fashion Week 2012 held at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore oversees stunning line-up and appearances from our favorite stars from Korea! The Opening Night coming 18 April 2012 will present two spectacular shows: one from the internationally-acclaimed Korean designer, SONGZIO and three Korean acts featuring Sungha Jung and Megan Lee will kick off the evening

Se7en, 8eight, Lee Soo Hyuk and Sungha Jung Grace the "Men's Fashion Week" in Singapore

The "Men's Fashion Week 2012" held in Singapore from April 18 to 22 has seen participation by some of the industry's top labels and models. The event has also for the first time, weaved pop music into its fashion nights by performances from Se7en, 8eight and YouTube phenomena Sungha Jung and Megan Lee

[EXCLUSIVE] Sungha Jung, more than just a talented guitartist

Sungha Jung is more than just a talented guitartist, but also an inspriation and a role model. On 26th May, Sungha Jung was back in Singapore again for a concert in collaboration with Preston Reed. Korea

2NE1 meets popular guitarist Jung Sungha

2NE1's Dara posted a spoiler on her me2day on July 14th (KST) revealing a picture of the group with guitarist Jung Sungha. Sungha, with over 812,000 subscriptions and 502,000,000 video views on YouTube, is becoming more and more popular

Guitar genius Jung Sungha to collaborate with 2NE1?

Guitar genius Jung Sungha recently posted this image on his Twitter, along with the tweet below, indicating that something is going on with 2NE1. Spoiler~~!! — Sungha Jung (@jungsungha) July 15, 2012 In addition, 2NE1′s Dara also posted the image below to her me2day, with the following: Last spoiler~! 2NE1 meets guitar genius Jung Sungha!!! We were extremely impressed by his Lonely guitar cover last year~ and now we get to see him in person!!! It’s even nicer to see him in better! So touched~What will he show us this time…!?! Jung Sungha + 2NE1

2NE1 and Jung Sungha reveal collaboration performances of "I Love You" and "Lonely" through "YG On Air"

A few weeks ago, Dara revealed through her me2day that 2NE1 met up with popular guitarist Jung Sungha for a possible collaboration. On midnight (KST) of August 1st, YG Entertainment revealed their performance through YG On Air, a program that brought fans many live performances in the past

2NE1 and 'Guitar Genius' Sungha Jung Reveal Collab Video!

2NE1, Lonely, Sungha Jung 2NE1 and 'Guitar Genius' Sungha Jung Reveal Collab Video! Girl group 2NE1 and YouTube sensation Sungha Jung have revealed their collaboration video online

Sungha Jung releases his rendition of 2NE1&

Sungha Jung, a popular guitarist widely known for his fingerstyle rendition of different popular songs as posted in Youtube, recently released his fingerstyle rendition of 2NE1‘s “I Love You”

Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Jung Sungha give a collaboration performance of “That XX” on Inkigayo

G-Dragon, the leader of Big Bang (composed of Taeyang, G-Dragon, Seungri, T.O.P, and Daesung), is to give the first performance of his new song “That XX” on TV. According to YG Entertainment on September 21, G-Dragon is to perform his new song “That XX” with guitarist Jung Sungha in the episode of SBS’s music program Inkigayo on September 23

G-Dragon to collaborate with Jung Sungha for "Inkigayo" performance

Set to make his second comeback performance on SBS "Inkigayo" this Sunday, G-Dragon is reported to be teaming up with professional guitarist Jung Sunha. YG Entertainment confirmed today that G-Dragon and Jung Sungha will be collaborating for the "That XX" performance on September 23rd

G-Dragon to Perform "That XX" on Inkigayo with Sungha Jung

Big Bang, G-Dragon, YG Entertainment, That XX G-Dragon to Perform "That XX" on Inkigayo with Sungha Jung Big Bang member G-Dragon will be performing his song, "That XX" for the first time on TV

G-Dragon to Perform "That XX" with Sungha Jung on Inkigayo

G-Dragon, Sungha Jung, Big Bang, K-Pop, Inkigayo On September 23rd (KST), G-Dragon tweeted that he will be performing "그 XX (That XX)" with Sungha Jung today on Inkigayo. Along with the tweet is an attached instagram photo of the two giving off a close friendly vibe

G-Dragon Performs "That XX" Feat. Sungha Jung on Inkigayo

Today on Inkigayo, G-Dragon performed “That XX” featuring popular Korean guitarist Sungha Jung. Last week he made his first comeback performances on Inkigayo with “One of a Kind” feat

Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Jung Sungha finally give a collaborative performance of “That XX”

Recently, singer G-Dragon revealed his close relationship with the genius guitarist, Jung Sungha, before giving a collaborative performance on SBS’s Inkigayo. On September 23, Jung Sungha tweeted a picture with the comment “I had a great time with Jiyong hyung

G Dragon & Sungha Jung performed “That XX” on ‘Inkigayo’!

The guitar genius and YouTuber, Jung Sung Ha, has recently collaborated with leader of boy group idol Big Bang, popular artist G-Dragon to perform a special live of “That XX” on ‘Inkigayo‘! Known for his exceptional guitar and ukulele skills, Jung Sung Ha is a famous YouTube star

G-Dragon, Picture with Sungha Jung.. Collaboration for 'That XX'

g-dragon, sungha jung, inkigayo g-dragon picture with sungha jung Big Bang's G-Dragon revealed a picture taken with the 'guitar genius' Sungha Jung. Today, G-Dragon posted on his Twitter, "Today at Inkigayo 'That XX' with Sungha Jung!" along with a picture

Sungha Jung serenades Seoul

Korea’s very own international YouTube sensation Sungha Jung serenades selected cultural hubs in Seoul through the event “OK Cashbag 1000 Point Festival.” The guitar prodigy filled Korea’s theater district, Daehangro and the home of indie artists, Hongdae with a romantic and dreamy ambiance last October 19th and 20th

Roy Kim and Sungha Jung join Jason Mraz for his exclusive concert ‘JASON MRAZ with Friends – Unplugged Eco Live’

Singer Roy Kim and guitarist Sungha Jung were the ‘lucky’ ones to perform with Jason Mraz in an exclusive concert. Jason Mraz held an exclusive concert at a cafe in Hongdae on May 16 entitled, ‘JASON MRAZ with Friends – Unplugged Eco Live‘

Sungha Jung says, Hello Philippines!

Sungha Jung is a fingerstyle guitarist that has been famous through his Youtube videos. He has covered a lot of songs (K-POP and Western songs) and has been featured in performances by popular artists like Big Bang’s G-Dragon and recently he performed on stage with Jason Mraz