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1N2D new casts likely to include Kim Seung Woo, Lee Juk, and Sung Si Kyung

Actor Kim Seung Woo along with singers Lee Juk and Sung Si Kyung are in active discussions on joining the new ’1 Night 2 Days’ cast. Several sources inside KBS have confirmed that the three stars are currently in the talks with the ’1 Night 2 Days’ production team about the possibilities of them signing up for the second season

Sung Si Kyung tells SNSD Yuri on the air, “You are so pretty”

Singer Sung Si Kyung openly proposes to SNSD member Yuri. A preview of ‘SNSD’s Christmas Fairy Tale’ was aired at the end of MBC’s ‘Joo Byung Jin’s Talk Concert’ on the 22nd

IU goes to concerts with Sung Si Kyung & Yoon Sang, male fans only wish…

Singer IU named Sung Si Kyung and Yoon Sang as the closest sunbae artists.(Sunbae = senior colleague) IU appeared on SBS PowerFM’s ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time’ on the 8th for an adorable and honest talk

Sung Si-Kyung Has A Twin Brother?

Sung Si-Kyung, doppelganger, Playful Kiss, Hong Jiao Nang Netizens may have found Sung Si-Kyung's doppelganger. A picture titled "Sung Si-Kyung secretly debuts in Taiwan?" was a recent online sensation

Sung Shi Kyung Before First Filming of "1N2D" Season 2

It is reported that Sung Shi Kyung, who has been chosen as a new cast member for the new season of "1N2D," is busy working out to make some muscles. Sources from "1N2D" say, "After Sung Shi Kyung was confirmed as a new cast member, he is putting in a lot of strength into preparing

Sung Si Kyung is hitting the gym in preparation for his first ’1N2D’ shoot

  Singer Sung Si Kyung has joined the lineup for ’1N2D‘ season two, and he’s hitting the gym in preparation for his first shoot. A representative from ’1N2D’ remarked, “Once we confirmed Sung Si Kyung as a new member of ’1N2D’, he began to thoroughly prepare for his first shoot

Park Kyung Lim purposely put on numerous NG’s during a kiss scene with Jo In Sung

Park Kyung Lim must have been a huge fangirl of handsome actor Jo In Sung back in the day. During the episode of ‘Strong Heart‘ that aired on March 6th, Park Kyung Lim made a hilarious statement saying, “Although I’m a bit shy for saying this myself, Jo In Sung and Hyun Bin were all mine back then

MV/HD TRUE 1080p Sung Si Kyung - Even Now

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Sung Si Kyung to feature debut process of idol stars through ‘Mydol’

Singer Sung Si Kyung is involved in a new project program on Mnet called ‘Mydol‘, which will feature the intense behind-the-scenes debut process of idol stars. On March 28th, a person associated with Sung Si Kyung stated that he saw the idol group that actress Kim Yoo Jung appeared for and said, “They are trainees with a variety of talents and stunning visuals, but seeing them debut according to the votes of viewers showed me just how intense it is now compared to when I debuted

Sung Si Kyung’s doppelganger found in Taiwanese drama

It appears Sung Si Kyung‘s doppelganger has  been found. Recently, on an online community board a picture was uploaded with the caption, “Sung Si Kyung secretly filmed a drama in Taiwan

Sung Si Kyung to hold a special concert for couples titled ‘The Wedding Banquet’

Singer Sung Si Kyung has revealed that he will be opening a concert specifically for couples! Sung Si Kyung is known as one of the most romantic ballad singers in the country. His songs are often used for proposals and romantic situations, so it’s no wonder fans are already lining up to be able to hear his songs live

Davichi Kang Min Kyung Shows Off Glamorous Body for Cho Shin Sung MV "Stupid Love"

Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung once again showed off her sexy body! An online community board posted the photo with the title, “Kang Min Kyung’s body which causes a mental breakdown.” In the picture, Kang Min Kyung is wearing a blue dress that reminds one of lingerie

VIXX’s Ken and Leo receive praise from Sung Shi Kyung and Park Hyo Shin

Upcoming rookie group VIXX received praises from legendary singers Sung Shi Kyung and Park Hyo Shin. It’s not often those two give praises to anyone, so netizens were surprised to hear that they were impressed with main vocalists, Leo and Ken, from a rookie boy group

"1N2D" Sung Shi Kyung Shows Off His Fluent English Skills "Big Bang Is..."

sung shi kyung fasd Singer Sung Shi Kyung showed off his fluent English skills. On KBS "1 Night 2 Days" aired today, the special trip held with immigrants from foreign countries was broadcasted

Sung Si Kyung Talks About BoA's Lip Synce Performance

Sung Si Kyung, BoA, Only One On the 3rd, on MBC FM4U "FM Music City It's Sung Si Kyung," Sung Si Kyung said that "People have been complaining about BoA's lip sync. BoA is not a robot. Depending on the performance, to show all the choreography, you might have to lip sync

Song Hye-gyo and Jo In-sung in talks for Noh Hee-kyung drama

As per usual, lots of big star names have been tossed about for writer Noh Hee-kyung’s newest project, a drama entitled That Winter, The Wind Blows, but it looks like she’s zeroing in on Song Hye-gyo and Jo In-sung to play the leads

Sung Si Kyung & Popera Singer Kai Join to Perform in 2012 DMZ Peace Concert

Kai, Sung Si Kyung, DMZ Peace Concert KAI & Si Kyung During the MBC 2012 DMZ Peace Concert which is dated to be held on August 14th-15th at PyungHwa Nuri Park in Imjingak, Sung Si Kyung and Kai will stand on stage together to perform a duet song

Judo athlete Jang Mi Ran says she has received a fan letter from singer Sung Shi Kyung

Judo athlete Jang Mi Ran recently fessed up that she has received a fan letter from singer Sung Shi Kyung. On the episode of Kim Seung Woo’s Win Win on KBS2 that aired on September 4, Jang Mi Ran was featured following the last week’s episode

Tickets for Sung Si Kyung’s ‘One Day’ concert to be sold out within 2 minutes

Singer Sung Si Kyung has made his status stronger as a “concert singer”. Tickets for his small theater concert ‘One Day‘ continued its sales on the 27th on Interpark and Yes24. It is reported that all 6,000 seats have been sold out within 2 minutes

’1 Night 2 Days’: Sung Shi Kyung impresses everyone with his bowling skills

On the latest broadcast of  ‘1 Night 2 Days‘, artist Sung Shi Kyung impressed the whole crew by showing off his smooth bowling skills. For the Chuseok special of the travel-variety program, all cast members dressed in beautiful traditional hanboks and participated in a series of games that focused on the enormous variety of food products that come from fall season in South Korea