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B2ST is stronger with ballads?

B2ST’s release of their brand new ballad “I Knew It” was met with yet another explosive response, reminiscent of their success with their previous ballad hit “On Rainy Days”. While the songs’ musical composition as well as the boys’ vocal talents are without a doubt credible for the ballads’ magic, analysts have pondered why B2ST’s ballads chart significantly higher than their title tracks

YG "Big Bang Is Stronger Now"

Big Bang will release their fifth mini album on February 29. It has been nearly a year since their comeback. Also, the comeback is more significant because of G-Dragon and Daesung’s incidents last year

2PM’s Tack Yeon shows stronger sex appeal than David Beckham?

2PM’s Tack Yeon, one of the most favored ‘idol’ singer in Korea with a masculine body, and big-name soccer player Beckham became the cover guys of the Koean and British March issue of Men’s Health respectively

720p Bizniz ft Go In Hee - I Will Be Stronger (ganghaejilgeoya) (강해질거야)

720p Bizniz ft Go In Hee - I Will Be Stronger (ganghaejilgeoya) (강해질거야) This is the PV of the song I Will Be Stronger / I'll Become Stronger / I'll Be Strong by Bizniz featuring Go In Hee of MAC

Se7en talks about how his relationship with Park Han Byul became stronger after going public

Singer Se7en explained that the leaked photos of himself and girlfriend Park Han Byul actually saved their relationship. On the April 3rd episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘, Se7en talked about his 10-year relationship with girlfriend, actress Park Han Byul

East Sea has stronger legitimacy than Sea of Japan

College students take part in a campaign at Gwanghwamun Square in central Seoul early this month to promote the East Sea ahead of the International Hydrographic Organization's general meeting in Monaco April 23-27

Girl Group is Stronger in Music Chart while Boy Groups Dominate Album Chart

K-Pop, Super Junior, Sexy Free Single, Big Bang, Alive, Still Alive, f(x), Electric Shock, SISTAR, T-ARA, Girls Generation, 2NE1 The top 10 artist in the music site for real-time and daily chart on July 12 showed the majority to be occupied by girl groups as there are 4 group mentioned while boy groups are nowhere to be seen

Controversy Separate, Popularity Separate, 'Female Singers have Become Stronger'

T-ARA, Core Contents Media, Hwayoung Controversy Separate, Popularity Separate, 'Female Singers have Become Stronger' Out of male and female scandals, females seem to be the most fatal? Regardless of the scandal that is sweeping the country of Korea, their songs still seem to be in the top 10 on music charts

HyunA’s interview with Yonhap News: “There were painful experiences in the past, but it helped me to be stronger.”

Yonhap News recently conducted an interview with 4minute‘s Hyuna at KBS’s “Music Bank” dressing room. Take a look at a short extract from her interview below: # “I Fell A Lot and Got Back Up Too” It’s already been 6 years since her debut in the entertainment industry

TVXQ"s U-know Yunho Likes Women Stronger Than Him

Who knew U-know Yunho would like women who want to go to theme parks at midnight?On the December 17 broadcast of Mnet′s The Beatles Code 2, TVXQ′s (DBSK) U-know Yunho and Max Changmin made appearances and opened up about their love lives and ideal types

Shinhwa debate about women who are stronger than they are on ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’

On the January 20th broadcast of JTBC‘s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast‘, speech instructor Kim Mi Kyung made a guest appearance and checked out Shinhwa's members on their speech skills. The members splitted into 3 teams to discuss the topic of “Do you like a woman who is stronger than you? Yes or no?” One member said, “If the woman is stronger than me, my strength would be a waste,”

Kang Min Kyung Opens Up About Sexual Issue 'I Learned A Lot... I Will Become Stronger'

Daviahi, Kang Min Kyung kang min kyung opens up about sexual issue Girl group Davichi's Kang Min Kyung opened up about the sexual issue regarding men's razor commercial she recently filmed. On the 21st, Kang Min Kyung posted on her fan website, "Everyone is doing well, right? I came here with a heavy heart

Orange Caramel’s Raina: “We Feel the Pressure Nowadays for a Stronger Concept”

Concept after concept, Orange Caramel has charmed the public with their unique comebacks, but seems coming up with fresh ideas is not as easy as it might look. The three members were guests on KBS CoolFM’s “Jo Jung Chi and Hareem’s Two O’Clock” on March 24 to discuss the positive and negative sides of being a singer, and a Orange Caramel member in particular

“Beyond the Clouds”: Han Ji Hye becomes stronger!

On the recent broadcast of “Beyond the Clouds“, Han Ji Hye  portrayed a stronger character as she captured viewers with her amazing acting skills.On this episode, Young Won (played Han Ji Hye) decided to leave the house and fight against her father Tae Oh (played by Kim Young Chul) who sent his men to beat Jung Se Ro (played by Yoon Kye Sang) up

Review of “Melody in Love” Ep 95: Da Som and Baek Sung Hyun’s love becomes stronger

The love of Gong Deul Im (played by Da Som) and Park Hyun Woo (played by Baek Sung Hyun) became stronger on the 95th episode of “Melody in Love”.Park Bum Jin(played by Sun Woo Jae Duk) was strongly against this love

B.A.P Says Members Got Stronger with ‘One Shot’s Push-Up Dance

Embarking on its 2013 B.A.P Live on Earth Pacific Tour, B.A.P headed off to Los Angeles, where the members met up with Danny, the former 1tym member and host of Mnet America’s Danny from LA. Danny met up with some of the excited fans, waiting out of the concert hall before heading to the backroom to meet with B

SISTAR Returns Stronger, 'Music Chart Domination'

SISTAR ‘Music Chart Domination’ SISTAR Returns Stronger SISTAR came back stronger than ever. On June 11, SISTAR's "Give It To Me" stood at the top of music charts for two days in a row upon its release

KARA gets stronger and edgier in “Damaged Lady” MV

After much teasing, KARA is back with an upgraded image in latest music video for comeback title track “Damaged Lady”! “Damaged Lady” is the title track to KARA’s fourth full-length album ‘Full Bloom’ which was released on September 2

Park Ji Yoon Goes for a Stronger Look in Second Teaser

On October 15, Park Ji Yoon‘s agency MYSTIC89 unveiled the second teaser for her upcoming single album “Mr.” increasing the anticipation from fans. The title track is of the same name and is composed by Primary

HyunA-Hyunseung Trouble Maker Come Back Stronger and Sexier?

Trouble Maker, 4minute, hyuna, Jang Hyunseung, b2st trouble maker comeback Trouble Maker's comeback is catching much attention. 4minute's HyunA and B2ST Jang Hyunseung's joint group Trouble Maker is a unit group that shook the industry in 2011 with their song 'Trouble Maker