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‘Strong Heart’ staff apologizes to Norazo’s Jobin for identity mixup

Norazo’s Jobin expressed his disappointment in the staff of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘, who made an on-air mistake with his identity. On January 10th’s episode of ‘Strong Heart’, comedian Jung Sun Hee talked about a music video that she and gagman Kim Hyo Jin had released in 2006 called “Love Hunter“

SNSD’s Strong Heart for Chicken (Alternate video link to the said episode) Last night, four SNSD members guested on Strong Heart. As seen in the clip above, YoonYul and TaeNy go head to head in a talk battle: Yoona and Yuri’s story reveals the not-so-shocking truth about SNSD’s demanding eating habits and using SNSD’s name for fast chicken delivery, while Taeyeon and Tiffany share an anecdote about Sooyoung and Tiffany making on-flight announcements, the latter really not being funny when doing so

Let’s Talk About Love – Strong Heart Spoilers

Hyoyeon, Seohyun, and Sunny recently appeared on the popular SBS variety show Strong Heart and shared some surprising remarks about their love lives. *SPOILER WARNING* It all began when Hyoyeon touched on a story that she had talked about on a previous episode of the show (Episode 29)

Lee Seung Gi wins the ‘Strong Heart’ self-awarded ‘Extemporaneous Award’

MC Lee Seung Gi wins a much deserved award. On the episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart’ aired on the 27th, Lee Seung Gi won the self-produced and self-awarded award by the ‘Strong Heart’ production team, for the ’2011 Strong Heart Extemporaneous Award’

Strong Heart, Jun Jin says, “Kim Nam Gil and I were the traffic tickets team”

Group Shinhwa member Jun Jin revealed his history with Kim Nam Gil when they worked together as public service personnel. On the December 6th episode of SBS’s ‘Strong Heart’, Jun Jin said, “When I was working as a public service personnel, I got membership at the cultural center and worked on many things including a lot of paperwork

Moon/Sun: Behind the scenes and on Strong Heart

It’s always fun to peek behind the curtains — or scenes, I should say — of drama productions, particularly with a show that’s been capturing as much of the public’s attention as current sageuk sensation The Moon That Embraces the Sun

Lee Min Ho Talks About Dating on SBS ‘Strong Heart’

February 7, 2012 8:01 PM EST lee min ho Lee Min Ho shared about his past relationships on SBS ‘Strong Heart’ broadcast on February 7. He discussed about his difficulties being an actor as a teenager, when it wasn’t a path he chose

Lee Seung Gi reveals the initials of his first love on ‘Strong Heart’

Singer Lee Seung Gi recently opened up about his first love. On the February 7th episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘, guest Moon Hee Oak asked MC Lee Sung Gi to sing her hit song, “Last Name Kim“

Big Bang Is To Release 'Blue' Music Video On 'Strong Heart'

  Big Bang, who is awaiting their comeback on the 29th, has revealed that their music video for title song 'Blue' is to be released through SBS 'Strong Heart.' It has been announced through a phone interview with OSEN that the music video's first airtime will happen during SBS 'Strong Heart

Big Bang’s new MV to be revealed on ‘Strong Heart’?

Along with their new single “Blue” dropping on February 22nd, it looks like Big Bang‘s new MV will be revealed on the 21st. SBS ‘Strong Heart‘ PD Park Sang Hyuk recently wrote via his official Twitter page, “Big Bang’s first comeback MV will be unveiled for the first time tomorrow, at the end of the February 21st episode of ‘Strong Heart’

Lee Seung Gi to Leave “Strong Heart”

Multi-entertainer Lee Seung Gi will step down as MC of SBS’s “Strong Heart.” According to a representative of SBS, “Lee Seung Gi will film his last show mid-March. Currently, the production team of ‘Strong Heart’ is looking for a new MC

Lee Seung Gi to drop out of Strong Heart?

Rumors have been swirling over Lee Seung Gi‘s possible departure from SBS‘s popular show, ‘Strong Heart‘. According to an SBS staff member, “Lee Seung Gi will record his last episode around mid-March

Lee Seung Gi Quits SBS ‘Strong Heart’ In March

Actor and singer Lee Seung Gi announced that he will resign from his position as MC on SBS 'Strong Heart' as of March. Park Sang Hyuk, the producer in charge of 'Strong Heart', announced that "Lee Seung Gi will resign from 'Strong Heart' by sometime March, but the exact date has not been decided for sure as of now

Lee SeungGi, Stepping Down From 'Strong Heart' In March

Lee SeungGi is planning to step down from SBS 'Strong Heart'. A worker from SBS said, "Lee SeungGi will be filming for the last time in March. 'Strong Heart' is currently looking for someone who will take over SeungGi's position

Rainbow’s Jisook opens up about her mother’s passing on ‘Strong Heart’

Rainbow‘s Jisook shed some emotional tears talking about her mother who passed away last year. On the February 21st episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘, Jisook began tearing when she saw Kim Boosun display her love for daughter Lee Miso who guest-featured on the program with her

Kang Ho Dong to make a comeback through SBS ‘Strong Heart’?

MC Kang Ho Dong (42) is rumored to be making a comeback soon through SBS TV‘s ‘Strong Heart‘. According to Newsis, a broadcasting representative remarked on February 21st, “Recently the ‘Strong Heart’ staff and Kang Ho Dong began discussing the right time for his comeback

Kang Ho Dong Will Not Replace Lee Seung Gi on "Strong Heart"

Rumors have been going around that Kang Ho Dong will return to “Strong Heart” as the replacement for Lee Seung Gi. (Lee Seung Gi had stated that he would drop out of Strong Heart because of Drama filming and scheduling conflicts) One news source even reported this rumor on February 22

Lee Seung-gi drops Strong Heart, Kang Ho-dong to return?

I’m actually mad at the dramaverse right now, for stealing away my weekly doses of Seung-gi, left and rightAt this point, Ho-dong is the only one who can swoop in and save this soon-to-be-captain-less ship, otherwise I’ll be turning the channel elsewhere, and I don’t think I’ll be the only oneHis last episode of Strong Heart has yet to be decided, but it looks like it’ll be mid-March, to coincide with the premiere of his dramaRight on the heels of the initial rumors that Seung-gi would drop Strong Heart was the news that Kang Ho-dong might returnAt this point, Ho-dong is the only one who can swoop in and save this soon-to-be-captain-less ship, otherwise I’ll be turning the channel elsewhere, and I don’t think I’ll be the only one

Lee Seung Gi's Departure from "Strong Heart" Confirmed and Last Recording Date Announced

Earlier this week, we reported that multi-entertainer Lee Seung Gi will leave SBS’s “Strong Heart.” He will record his last episode on March 15. According to the show’s producer Park Sang Hyuk, “Lee Seung Gi’s last recording will be on March 15, and his last episode will air April 3

‘Strong Heart’ confirms MC Lee Seung Gi will be leaving his post

It looks like the rumors surrounding MC Lee Seung Gi‘s exit from SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘ were true, as the show has just confirmed that the MC will be leaving the show in March. Lee Seung Gi has been with the show since its inception last October with Kang Ho Dong, who took a leave of absence from the industry after his tax evasion scandal