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CNBLUE?s Jung Yonghwa is a playboy on ?Star King??

On the April 14th broadcast of SBS‘s ‘Star King‘, 13 natural beauties who claimed they did not undergo any plastic surgery guested on the show and participated in a special contest. During the broadcast, the show featured a small parody corner of SBS’s ‘Match‘ which is currently one of Korea’s most popular adult reality TV shows that features a group of men and women seducing each other and coupling up

CNBLUE’s Yonghwa becomes the 2nd idol to win on ‘Idol Star King’

On the January 19th episode of SBS‘ ‘Star King‘, Yonghwa of CNBLUE has become the second idol to win on the ‘Idol Star King’ segment. During the episode, the members went up against each other for the title of “Master Swordsman of Chopsticks” by hitting beer cans with metal chopsticks

CNBLUE’s Yonghwa & Jungshin display their Bartending skills on ‘Star King’

The February 16 episode of SBS ‘Star King‘ featured two CNBLUE members showing off their Bartending skills.If you can recall, the CNBLUE members were endorsement models for T.G.I Friday‘s where they transformed into Bartenders & Waiters for the restaurant chain

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk is a speedy chef on ‘Star King’

It seems as though these days, you need to be lightning fast to survive in this competitive world. And to show just how quick you need to be to remain the the game, some of Korea’s most skilled and speedy chefs guest-starred on the most recent episode of ‘Star King‘

‘Korean Zombie’ Jung Chan Sung spars Fedor Emelianenko on ‘Star King’

Famous MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter ‘Korean Zombie’ Jung Chan Sung had a sparring session with famous Russian MMA heavyweight fighter, Fedor Emelianenko. On the most recent episode of SBS ‘Star King‘, heavyweight mixed martial artist Fedor Emelianenko stopped by to teach his Korean fans ‘Sambo’, a Russian martial art technique with roots from Japanese ‘Judo’

Kim Jong Gook's real older brother on Star King

kim jong gook Kim Jong Gook's plastic surgeon brother made an appearance on Star King. On the 28th broadcast of SBS 'Star King' Kim Jong Myung talked about reading people's features as a plastic surgeon

Yuri’s Pants & More Star King

If you’ve been watching Invincible Youth, which I know you have because it’s OMGamazinglolz, then you know that Hyunah’s leggings were only worth a block of tofu. An interesting picture has recently appeared on the internet, showing what is apparently “Yuri’s” pants for only 5000 won (~$5 USD): Note: Sign says Yuri’s Pants

‘Star King’ to hold ‘Gag King’ competition to discover the next big comedian

SBS‘s ’Star King‘, the program that’s discovered a number of talented people from all over the world, is now holding a ‘Gag King’ competition. This is a survival program based on the search to find the next big comedian

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon almost had a ‘yoga-kiss’ on ‘Star King’

SBS’s ‘Star King‘ held a ‘Gag King’ contest on its recent episode.  ’Gag King’ contestant Yoo Han Kyul chose MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon to demonstrate a few “couple yoga” positions

King And The Clown star Lee Jun Ki returns from the military

On February 16, King And The Clown star completed his two-year military service and came back to us. Lee started fulfilling his military service after being designated to the Public Relations of Ministry of Defense following his enlistment in Nonsna, Chungchungnam-do, on May 3, 2010

Multi-talented star Lee Seung Ki says watching Song Joong Ki or Kim Su Hyun’s acting as a king doesn’t help him at all

The multi-talented star, who was recently cast as a new age king, says watching Song Joong Ki or Kim Su Hyun’s acting as a king doesn’t help him at all. Lee Seung Gi had an interview on the episode of MBC’s Section TV Entertainment News that aired on February 19

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon shows off his Tae Kwon Do-Jump rope skills on ‘Star King’

MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon attempted to jump rope on the most recent episode of SBS ‘Star King‘. After a young child began jump roping with one leg behind their ear like figure-skater Kim Yuna, Lee Joon confidently challenged to do the same

Leeteuk shows off his arm strength on ‘Star King’

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk put his bicep muscles to work. On the March 3rd episode of SBS ‘Star King‘, the program revealed a long horizontal rope that can be climbed by using only your arm strength

MBLAQ’s Mir gets his back problems cured on ‘Star King’

  MBLAQ‘s Mir was able to finally cure his back problems. On the most recent episode of SBS ‘Star King‘, a guest by the name of Lim Hyun Suk revealed his one-minute self-cure exercise for a healthy and happy life

TEEN TOP’s Niel goes inside a huge balloon on ‘Star King’

On the March 10th episode of SBS’s “Surprising Competition” special of ‘Star King‘, TEEN TOP‘s Niel learned firsthand what it felt like to be inside a balloon. Mr. Joplin, a man who performed in Japan for 13 years, displayed a variety of surprising balloon tricks, which included sticking his head inside a balloon and even going inside the balloon himself

Rain’s English tutor Lee Yoon Jin makes an appearance on ‘Star King’

Lee Bum Soo‘s wife Lee Yoon Jin made an appearance on the March 17th episode of SBS‘ ‘Star King‘. ‘Star King’ has put on a number of competitions in the past including ‘Gag King’, but for this episode they prepared a special ‘Iron Will English King’ segment for those viewers who were intimidated by learning English

MBLAQ’s Mir receives ‘miracle’ cure on ‘Star King’

MBLAQ member Mir continues to see some health improvement on SBS‘s ‘Star King‘! Mir became one of the most search people on Korean portal sites after being on last week’s episode of ‘Star King’, and he continued to show drastic health improvements on the most recent airing

‘Star King’ participant Lim Hyun Suk once again surprises viewers with his miracle cure

Stars that guested on the latest broadcast of SBS‘s ‘Star King‘ were once again met with miracle improvements with the help of Lim Hyun Suk‘s one-minute self-cure exercise. The March 31st episode was a continuation of last week’s one-minute self-cure exercise by guest Lim Hyun Suk

Filipina star Charice appears on Star King

Filipina star Charice Pempengco made her fourth appearance on the April 7th edition of Star King. Charice is most well known for her role in the FOX TV series Glee as Sunshine Corazon. Before her rise to fame, her videos were featured on YouTube and she was invited to Star King back in 2007

2AM’s Changmin and Jo Kwon experience the power of the “Gravity Man” on Star King

  2AM‘s Changmin and Jo Kwon recently experienced the mysterious talent of the “Gravity Man”. On the April 7th broadcast of ‘Star King‘, it featured a special X-files episode that brought out the world’s mysteriously talented people