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KARA members have a Twitter conversation while on standby

KARA‘s Goo Hara, Park Gyuri and Kang Jiyoung amused fans with their short Twitter conversation on February 4th. The girls were waiting to board a plane in Fukuoka, Japan, and decided to have some fun by tweeting each other

Im Siwan Casted For Sitcom 'Standby'

  ZE:A member Im Siwan's popularity is continuously growing after his role in MBC drama 'The Moon that Embraces the Sun' as the childhood actor for Huyeom.  He is currently under review as the main actor in the upcoming sitcom 'Stanby'

Ryu Jin ruins his image for for sitcom Standby

Naturally this is a source of stress, so he resolves to make his breakthrough before he gets any older, starting a skincare regimen and writing glowing praise about himself (posing as regular ol netizens, of course) on the broadcaster’s homepageHe sounds like a hootVia Review Star Via Review Star Standby will air daily and premieres in April

Jung So-min returns to TV with Standby

Standby premieres in AprilSo-min (the character) is a little behind the fashions and tends to say weird things that puzzle people, but she’s got a warm heart and a generous personalityGlug glugThen again, a year and a half is a pretty long time to stay out of the public eye for a rising It Girl in the very beginning of her careerIt feels like ages since Jung’s last project but turns out to be only a year and a half since she wrapped up Playful Kiss, where she was winning and adorable playing a sometimes-frustrating (okay, oftentimes-frustrating) characterStandby is a workplace comedy that takes place at a fictional broadcast station, where our series lead Ryu Jin finds himself stuck in a career slump (can it be a slump if it never took off?) amidst dreams of anchoring the nightly news

ZE:A’s Siwan confirmed for ‘Standby’ sitcom

ZE:A‘s Siwan has been confirmed as a cast member of MBC‘s new daily sitcom, ‘Standby‘! ‘Standby’ is just the tentative title for the drama, and the full line-up of actors and actresses have just completed their first script reading together

MBC sitcom Standby adds to its cast

Another supporting cast member who’s recently come onboard is Park Joon-geum, who was recently in Ojakkyo Brothers but is still largely known as “Hyun Bin’s mother” for her role in Secret Garden as the socialite mom throwing verbal stones at Hyun Bin’s literal glass house, and fiercely opposing Ha Ji-won for being — horrors! — poorStandby follows High Kick 3 and premieres next month on MBC Im will be playing a high schooler whose character shares his own nameAt least we know she’s got that one in the bagRyu Jin and Jung So-min were announced first, but there’s no indication yet that they’ll be a romantic pairing; keep in mind that sitcom casts are large, and there are a number of roles left to be filled

Lee Ki-woo joins Standby to romance Jung So-min

” Aww, I can’t wait Via My DailyStandby premieres in April (When actors are cast as siblings in sitcoms, they’ll often keep their first names and then just adjust the family name to match the elder actor, like Seo Ji-seok did in High Kick 3Sweet!As the latest addition to the MBC sitcom set in a television station, Lee Ki-woo plays a character named Ryu Ki-woo, which means he’s going to be playing Ryu Jin’s younger brother

Simon D to make acting debut through sitcom ‘Standby’

Supreme Team‘s Simon D will be making his acting debut through MBC‘s upcoming daily sitcom, ‘Standby‘! Simon D will be playing the role of a young man from Busan named ‘Simon D’ who dreams of being discovered by a talent agent and pursuing his dream of becoming a rapper

Simon D to Debut as an Actor in Sitcom "Standby"

Rapper Simon D of hip-hop duo Supreme Team is set to make his acting debut. Local news agencies report that he joins the sitcom “Standby,” which already has Ryu Jin, Jung So Min and ZE:A’s Im Siwan, among others in the cast

ZE:A Si Wan confirmed for "Standby"

We previously reported that ZE:A Si Wan, who left a strong impression on viewers with his acting debut on MBC "The Sun and The Moon", has been offered to play the male lead in the upcoming sitcom "Standby"

Ha Suk-jin cast as rival in sitcom Standby

Via SBSThat means his confident, forthright character (who’ll be named Suk-jin as well) will be the foil for Ryu Jin, the guy who makes bumbling mistakes on-air and watches everyone pass him by on the career ladder Via SBS Via SBSHa’s one of those actors I’ve always thought would have become a bigger star by now; he hasn’t necessarily shown serious-actor skills, but he does well with his charm and camera presence Via SBS

Ryu Jin dorks out for Standby

Ryu’s character is named Ryu Jin-haeng (the other stars retain their real names for their characters) and marks a big departure from his prior images, showing us quirky and funny rather than cool, urbane, or sharpHopefully the show doesn’t disappoint my ever-rising expectations… Or, I suppose I could just lower those expectationsWith Lee Ki-woo playing his joking younger brother (and coming off such a random and quirky character in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop), can’t you just see the two brothers off on their own plane of 4-D ridiculousness? Plus there’s Ha Suk-jin,the younger, successful TV announcer who will probably make Jin-haeng stew at his own lack of upward mobility Via Osen It’s amazing what a pair of creamsicle-colored trousers can do, though

An introduction to Standby’s TV broadcast family

She may not be the most perceptive and she’s not the flirty, coy type (thank you, drama), but she does tend to get shy in front of her crush, despite being so proficient at her job Via Star NewsHe plays little bro to variety PD Soo-hyun who’s also known as Idiot 1 out of the Idiot TrioIn any case, he plays Ryu Jin-haeng, who is determined to become a top news anchor despite — as the stills show us — not being very good at itIn the other scene, he’s out in the field and accidentally hits his subject in the face with his microphone In the studio scene, he’s taken down by a case of wanting it too badly, because Jin-haeng stays up all night practicing for his on-camera performance, oversleeps, and screws up

Standby on standby for weeklong High Kick 3 specials

)That means Standby will premiere next Monday, April 9Not that it’s a bad thing to spend a few more moments with the High Kick family — I just don’t think it had the buzz or momentum to merit a whole week of broadcasts on its ownI wouldn’t call it an overlooked show, but it’s had an understated run(High Kick has had a steady audience, but the ratings have been a bit lower this season than in years pastI wouldn’t call it an overlooked show, but it’s had an understated run

Added posters for the upcoming Korean drama "Standby"

Added posters for the upcoming Korean drama "Standby" (2012)Directed by Jeon Jin-sooWritten by Ki Seung-tae, Kim Yoon-heui, Lee Eun-yeong, Park Jae-hyeon, Park Min-jeong, Yang Seo-yoonNetwork : MBCWith Ryoo Jin, Jeong So-min, Si Wan, Park Joon-geum, Kim Yeon-woo, Lee Ki-woo,

More lovelines and flashbacks in Standby

I had faith in this project because of the combination of Jeon Jin-soo PD and writer Park Min-jung, who did sitcoms I enjoyed watching like Three Men, Three Women and the Nonstop series He said of his first sitcom project, “Sitcoms have changed a lot and compared to the past, there is less of a burden on comic acting Via E News 24, TV DailyAnd thus begins their lovelineAnd thus begins their loveline ”Then there’s Ha Suk-jin, who is described as a cool, competent, and perfect announcer at the broadcast station, thereby making him the rival to his bumbling colleague Ryu Jin

Jung So Min appears on “Standby” with ZE:A’s Lim Si Wan

Actress Jung So Min recently talked about how she was doing after she finished shooting the series Playful Kiss. On April 6, Jung attended a press conference for MBC’s new daily sitcom Standby and said, “I went to school for the past one year

Jewelry’s Yewon compliments co-star ZE:A’s Siwan at ‘Standby’ press conference

Jewelry‘s Yewon made some interesting comments about fellow idol Siwan of ZE:A. During the press conference for MBC‘s new sitcom ‘Standby‘ on April 6th KST, Yewon said of her co-star Siwan, “I thought he would get famous because he’s been good looking since his trainee days

Added teaser and new images for the upcoming Korean sitcom "Standby"

Added teaser and new images for the upcoming Korean sitcom "Standby" "Standby" (2012)Directed by Jeon Jin-sooWritten by Ki Seung-tae, Kim Yoon-heui, Lee Eun-yeong, Park Jae-hyeon, Park Min-jeong, Yang Seo-yoonNetwork : MBCWith Ryoo Jin, Jeong So-min, Si Wan, Park Joon-geum, Kim Yeon-woo, Lee Ki-woo,

Lim Si Wan Shows Success in His First Sitcom "Standby"

ZE:A Lim Si Wan's first attempt at sitcom acting has ended successfully. On April 9, the first episode of the new MBC daily sitcom, "Standby" had aired. Lim Si Wan appeared as a popular high school student, who is talented in studying, sports and music