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T-ara's Soyeon and Hyomin Have First Performance for Musical "Roly Poly"

T-ara's Soyeon and Hyomin finished their first performance for the musical "Roly Poly." On January 15, they performed at the opera house at the Sung Nam Art Center. When asked about their first experience, they said, "Since it's our first time performing in a musical, we were really nervous but after seeing our parents laugh, we felt good

T-ara’s Soyeon reveals she was involved in a cycle of bullying

T-ara‘s Soyeon has revealed that she was bullied in the past. Soyeon participated in a recent recording for jTBC‘s ‘Quiz Show Idol Premiere‘, where she revealed, “There was a time when I bullied others, and when I [in turn] was bullied

T-ara’s Soyeon looks cute like a puppy

Group T-ara‘s leader Soyeon celebrates second win on ‘Music Bank’. Soyeon tweeted a short message along with the photo above on the 28th, “Tada~ I’m finally back to tweeting

WGM, T-ara Soyeon & Jiyeon give Lee Jang Woo tips on when Eunjung is mad…

Girl group T-ara members Soyeon and Jiyeon drew attention giving Eunjung‘s ‘husband’ Lee Jang Woo some tips on what to do when Eunjung gets mad. Soyeon and Jiyeon appeared on the January 21st episode of MBC’s ‘We Got Married’ and helped Lee Jang Woo with what to do when his ‘wife’ and their band mate Eunjung is mad

T-ara, Soyeon and Boram looking affectionate ‘like a couple’?

Soyeon revealed a picture taken affectionately with Boram. T-ara member Soyeon tweeted on December 28th, “Now!” along with a picture. In the picture, Soyeon looks beautiful with her beautiful eyes almost drawing you in and Boram is leaning on Soyeon as if listening to her heart with her eyes peacefully closed

T-ara Soyeon cutest dongahn selca “looking sideways”

Girl group T-ara member Soyeon revealed the cutest selca looking sideways. Soyeon tweeted on December 16th, “Looking sideways”, along with a picture. In the picture, Soyeon is wearing a white sweater, making a cute face

T-ara leader Hyomin passing the baton to Soyeon

T-ara leader Hyomin passed the baton of leadership to Soyeon. Hyomin passed along the first mission as the leader of T-ara to Soyeon at the editing room of the music video for ‘Lovey-Dovey’ Soyeon will be the leader of T-ara starting with their promotions for ‘Lovey-Dovey’ and she will be in charge of things that only the leader can participate in, such as music video editing, music mixing, costume concept meeting, meeting with composers, and schedule organization

T-ara’s Soyeon reveals her unlady-like habit

The members of T-ara guest-featured on a recent episode of MBC Everyone‘s ‘Weekly Idol‘, where member Soyeon admitted that she has an unlady-like habit. The idol confessed that she liked to sit comfortably without her legs put neatly together, then went on to share a funny story

Hyomin and Soyeon pose in front of Eiffel Tower

T-ara‘s Hyomin and Soyeon showed off a photoshoot-like selca of themselves. Just recently, Hyomin posted the photos above on Twitter and wrote, “In front of the Eiffel Tower. Really excited

Why did T-ara’s Soyeon thank the French press in Japanese?

The ladies of T-ara recently traveled to Paris for KBS 2TV‘s ‘Music Bank in Paris‘ special. But ahead of the show, the girls attended a press conference where all the artists participated in a photo op with the local media and had their photos taken by professional photographers

T-ara's Soyeon Shares a Picture With Her Mom

On March 30, T-ara's Soyeon unveiled her beautiful mother. She wrote on her twitter with a picture attached, "I love you, my yeosanim (honorific title for addressing women in Korea). Let's do a healthy diet together

T-ara’s Soyeon reveals a picture of her baby-faced mother

T-ara‘s Soyeon revealed a picture of her mother, who fans are saying looks like an older version of the idol. Soyeon posted the above photo on Twitter March 30th with the words, “I love you, Mom

Yangpa to release a duet with T-ara’s Soyeon and SPEED’s Shin Jongkook

Yangpa and T-ara’s Soyeon will be working together for a new duet. On May 1st, Yangpa will release her new album, ‘Together’, and ahead of its release, she has already released her collaboration track with Davichi‘s Haeri

T-ara’s Soyeon passes the time with some aegyo for fans

T-ara‘s Soyeon showed some mild aegyo for fans in a recent selca. Soyeon tweeted, “Waiting… Waiting time… Oooooh, it’ll pass, right?” revealing the fact that she might’ve grown a bit bored while waiting

T-ara's Soyeon looking Much skinnier: Back from Europe

She appears to have lost a lot of Weight, and i find her looking much prettier somehow! Is it the break they enjoyed for only 8days? Aww..She must have really needed it to look this refreshed in such a short time ><

T-ara’s Soyeon updates fans with photos from Switzerland

T-ara member Soyeon posted on Twitter April 17th, ”Finished transforming into a Swiss snow girl! Ah, it’s cold. Everything is really clean and clear.” In the photos, Soyeon poses next to a reindeer curtain wearing a faux fur vest and blue top, exuding a winter glow

HyunA’s Doppelganger is…T-ara’s Soyeon?

4minute’s HyunA may have found her doppelganger in the same K-Pop industry. Recently, selca photos of both HyunA and T-ara’s Soyeon have become a hot topic online for the two female stars’ strikingly similar facial features

T-ara Kyuri VS Soyeon: The Battle of the Prettiest

Soyeon seems to be catching up beauty wise on the representive Beauty icon of T-ara Kyuri! She's getting prettier by the day!

Yangpa’s “I Know” MV ft. Seeya’s Lee Boram & T-ara’s Soyeon released

Yangpa has been unveiling several music videos for the tracks included in her latest album, ‘Together‘. To add to the list, she has just unveiled the music video for the title track “I Know“

T-ara’s Soyeon winks on the bed

T-ara’s Soyeon recently released a picture of herself on the bed. On May 27, Soyeon uploaded the picture on her Twitter account with the comment, “Good morning! I’m going to bed now although I have to get up very soon