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Song JiHyo In Her 20s: Passed the Audtion '3000:1'

Actress Song JiHyo's past picture is catching a lot of attention. Recent online community board contained a picture of Song JiHyo's audition dressed like a high schooler. It was the audition for 'Wishing Stairs', a horror movie released in 2003

'Running Man' Song JiHyo, Nap With Mouth Wide Open

Actress Song JiHyo fell asleep during the filming for 'Running Man'. In the SBS 'Running Man' episode aired on the 26th, the race of going from Busan's fish market, bookstore alley, and other famous places of Busan

Song Jihyo and Kim Jaejoong to star in upcoming film, "Jackal Comes"

Actress Song Jihyo and singer/actor Kim Jaejoong are both working on a new film titled “Jackal Comes.” The film will be produced by Nomad Films, and representatives from their company, C-JeS Entertainment, stated that the first readings for the film will be completed soon

Song Jihyo and Jaejoong's upcoming film "Jackal Comes" releases official poster

The official poster for the film "Jackal Comes" has been revealed! Starring Song Jihyo and JYJ member Jaejoong, "Jackal Comes" is a comedy about a female killer (played by Song Jihyo) who tries to kidnap and murder a famous singer (played by Kim Jaejoong)

Singles Magazine unveils winter pictorial ft. Song Jihyo

Singles Magazine unveils exclusive photos from their recent shoot with Korean actress Song Jihyo. On November 26th, the magazine released the photos taken from their winter pictorial, featuring Song Jihyo's chic and bohemian charm

"The Jackal Is Coming" ft. Song Jihyo and Jaejoong confirmed for Japan release in May 2013

It has been confirmed that the Korean-comedy film, "The Jackal Is Coming/Code Name: Jackal" starring actress Song Jihyo and singer/actor Jaejoong of JYJ, will be officially released in Japan on May 3, 2013

Song Jihyo joins Lee Kwangsoo for the animated film "Maritime Police Marco"

Song Jihyo joins fellow "Running Man" cast member Lee Kwangsoo as one of the dubbing cast for the animated film "Maritime Police Marco." Last month, it was revealed that Lee Kwangsoo will make his animated film debut by lending his voice to the film and will now be joined by actress Song Jihyo in the project

'Running Man' Gary, Asks Song Jihyo, "Do You Want To Date Me?"

gary, song ji hyo, running man, sbs, ji suk jin gary song ji hyo running man date Gary asked Song Ji Hyo a direct question. In SBS "Running Man" aired today, the Monday couple Gary and Song Ji Hyo were shown

Song Jihyo is a fairy-tale princess for Mr. Pizza CF

Actress Song Jihyo has transformed into a fairy-tale princess for her latest CF project. Song Jihyo was recently chosen as the advertising model for MPK Group's Mr. Pizza. Stills of the commercial shoot was released, unveiling Song Jihyo dressed like a fairy-tale princess

Lee Jongseok and Song Jihyo as a Secret Couple

Lee Jongseok and Song Jihyo as a Secret Couple If Mr. Gae sees this, we’re sure he’s going to be mad. On SBS’s “Running Man”, actor Lee Jongseok and Song Jihyo were given a mission to behave like a secret couple on set

Lee Jongseok and Song Jihyo as a Monday Couple

Lee Jongseok and Song Jihyo as a Monday Couple If Mr. Gae sees this, we’re sure he’s going to be mad. On SBS’s “Running Man”, actor Lee Jongseok and Song Jihyo were given a mission to behave like a secret couple on set

Song JiHyo: Garys kiss was good

  The scene in Runningman episode 163 when Kang Gary kissed Song JiHyo has become a hot topic since then. The so called “Monday Couple” of Runningman finally boldly showed their intimacy after three years of the show

Brown Eyed Girls' Jea to Appear in "Immortal Song 2" Lunar New Year Special

Brown Eyed Girls leader Jea is set to take the stage on “Immortal Song 2” for the show’s upcoming Lunar New Year special, according to reports from local news agencies. Jea, a noted vocalist, is the latest in the list of remarkable singers to participate in the show

Song Hye Kyo Covers All Costs for New Korean Brochures at MoMA

Song Hye Kyo has covered all costs involved in printing new Korean brochures at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. MoMA has provided Korean information brochures and audio services since 2007, but they completely renewed the design of the booklets this month

Actor Song Seung Hun Donated $50,000 to the National Fund for Vietnamese Children

Song Seung Hun visited Vietnam on January 6 for the drama “My Princess” and joined a charity while he was there. He was a part of the “National Fund for Vietnamese Children” ( charity that was held on January 7

Song Ji Hyo Receives Attention for Her Past Picture

Actress Song Ji Hyo is receiving attention for her past picture. An online community website recently uploaded the picture with the caption: “Plump Song Ji Hyo Nine Years Ago, Where is Her Jawline?” on January 6

Song Ji Hyo is a Lady in Red for Bazaar Korea

Multifaceted actress Song Ji Hyo who skillfully juggles between her career as an actress and as an entertainer on variety show Running Man has showed off yet another side of herself through this pictorial

Sunny Hill Releases “The Grasshopper Song” Music Video

After teasing us with a hilarious teaser video featuring Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha yesterday, Sunny Hill has finally unleashed the full music video for “The Grasshopper Song.” Unfortunately, Narsha doesn’t appear in the full MV, but the addicting beats and unique lyrics make this a fun video to watch! The fable-like design comes from the song’s overall concept based off one of the Aesop’s Fables, “The Ant and the Grasshopper

Secret Song Ji Eun Reveals Teaser for "I Am Cold"

SECRET’s Song Ji Eun Released the teaser for the song “I Am Cold” which is a part of the OST for the “Take Care of Us, Captain” drama. The song will be released on January 18.   “Take Care of Us, Captain” revolves around the lives of people in the airline industry

Kim Won Joon's Second Proposal Song Announced

Singer Kim Won Joon has announced his second proposal song. Kim Won Joon’s new single, “Love Call,” was announced last Christmas Eve as his first proposal song “Who Do You Think You Are.” The singer composed and wrote the lyrics for the album