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SNSD's YoonA and IU Resembles...

Recently, several photos of SNSD’s YoonA and IU, titled “Time Travelers YoonA and IU,” have been spreading like wildfire across various internet community sites. The photos were of veteran actresses who shared a striking resemblance to YoonA and IU

SNSD's YoonA & Yuri Appear in Japanese SAT

SNSD members Yuri and YoonA's names were featured on the Japanese SAT. The Japanese SAT exam similar to America and Korea's, the aptitude test which evaluates students and determines their college attendance was held in Japan on January 14

Who Wore It Better: SNSD's YoonA vs. Han Hyo Joo

SNSD’s YoonA and actress Han Hyo Joo were seen wearing the same dress from Pronovias, the premier wedding dress designer based in Barcelona. Pronovias opened its first flagship store in Seoul last December, and many Korean celebrities were seen donning its gorgeous dresses at many of the year-end red carpet events

Teen Top: "We prefer Sohee over SNSD's Yoona"

teen top, Yoona, SNSD, Wondergirl, Sohee Teen Top which recently gained popular status was interviewed in radio talk show. The talk host, Choi Hwajung, asked many questions including "Do you prefer SNSD's YoonA or Wondergirl's Sohee?" Teen Top, known for their unity, unanimously answered together at once, "Sohee!"  The issue was put on spotlight as all 6 members decided together

SNSD Yoona filming Love Rain

SNSD member Yoona has begun filming his latest drama series, Love Rain, which she will star in a double roll, as a young woman in the 1970′s and as her daughter in present time. Credits: ForDoubleG (Korean) & Snsdpics

We Got Married, SNSD Yoona & Tiffany thank Kang So Ra?

SNSD made a surprise appearance on ‘We Got Married’ and thanked Leeteuk‘s ‘wife’ Kang So Ra. On the December 3rd episode of MBC‘s ‘We got Married’, Leeteuk showed the video that he had worked on while he was in New York for a concert

SNSD Yoona shows off impossibly clear complexion

SNSD member Yoona draws the eyes of the netizens with her flawless complexion. Yoona’s image showing off her bright complexion at a tangerine farm is all the buzz online. The image is from the CF for a new product from Innisfree, Eco Science White C Double Serum

SNSD Yoona looks exhausted

Group SNSD has come back from Japan after attending the ’26th Golden Disk Award’ ceremony. They made their way out through the Incheon International Airport on the 13th. Yoona is seen noticeably exhausted from the trip

SNSD Sunny threatened Yoona "I'm going to push you off the stairs", why??

snsd SNSD Yoona revealed that Sunny has threatened her in the past. During JTBC 'SNSD and dangerous boys' there was a trial for Kim Hweh Hoon and Park Kyung Gyu with conflicts they had in the dorm. At this time Yoona came out as a witness and revealed what Sunny had said to her before

SNSD's YoonA's Beauty Shines in New York

SNSD made headlines with their performances on “The Late Show with David Letterman” and “Live! With Kelly” in New York last week. Earlier today, photos of SNSD’s YoonA enjoying her time right before a fan signing event were uploaded to various internet communities

City Hunter Lee Min Ho and SNSD YoonA for Eider

The outdoor brand “Eider” released the 2012 SS season photoshoot pictures of City Hunter’s Lee Min Ho and SNSD’s YoonA. Lee Min Ho showed off a more charismatic and chic look than the 2011 FW season

Photos of SNSD Yoona In New York

Photos of SNSD Yoona spending a couple of days in New York were posted on online community.  

SNSD's YoonA Looking Relaxed on the Streets of San Francisco

Girl group SNSD’s YoonA, is garnering attention for her recent San Francisco pictures. SNSD’s official Facebook page posted three pictures along with the caption: “YoonA sent selca pictures from San Francisco herself” on February 7

SNSD Yoona sweeps San Francisco away with her beauty

Photos of Yoona in San Francisco have become the talk of the town. On the 7th, three pictures of Yoona were posted on the official SNSD facebook page under the title "Self camera pictures of Yoona in San Francisco!" The singer is roaming around the streets of San Francisco sporting a beige trench coat and black skinny jeans

SNSD Yoona and Sunny get into a catfight?!

The two SNSD members got feisty in the boxing ring. In the JTBC show "SNSD and the Dangerous Boys", the two led a game where participants were asked to relieve stress on the sandbag. During the process, Yoona and Sunny 'fought over' the sandbag, and Yoona whined to Sunny "It's not fair that you always pick on me!" This caused them to leave the sandbag and 'throw punches' at each other instead, putting on a feisty little cat fight

SNSD’s Yoona has sexy abs

Pictures of SNSD’s Yoona showing off her fabulous abs were recently released. On February 14, an online community posted pictures with the caption, “Yoona in Thailand holding concert. She is like a goddess and she has great abs

SNSD Yoona’s Sexy Abs

SNSD member Yoona's perfect abs have been caught on camera. Through an online community, pictures of Yoona during the Thailand concert were revealed. In the picture, Yoona's perfect abs are revealed. Unlike her innocent appearance, Yoona reveals the sexy side of herself

SNSD Yoona’s bony thighs captured in New York

A picture of SNSD Yoona’s bony thighs attracts attention. On February 7, a picture titled ‘Yoona also popular in New York, wow’ was uploaded at an online community board. This picture was taken when Yoona went shopping after the autograph session that was held in New York

A Photoshopped picture of SNSD Yoona Without Pretarsal fullness, muscle below eyes

A photo of SNSD Yoona without her Ae Kyo Sal, the muscle below eyes is drawing attention online. It's a photoshopped photo by a netizen clearly shows Yoona with different look. Netizens commented "Wow, the power of Ae Kyo Sal", "I love Yoona, anyway"

How would SNSD’s Yoona and actress Han Ga In look without the beauty lines under their eyes?

Doctored pictures of actress Han Ga In and SNSD’s Yoona have been revealed. Recently on an online community board, a picture titled ‘How would Han Ga In and Yoona look like without the beauty lines under their eyes?’ was uploaded