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SM Entertainment will take legal measures against fake pictures of SNSD

First Jang Yoon Jung and now SNSD. SNSD and their agency, SM Entertainment is determined to find the person responsible for circulating fake nude pictures of the girls on the internet. A representative from SM Entertainment confirmed that "the affair has been reported to the police by our legal department

SNSD sues over nude pictures

SM Entertainment said that they will take legal action over photoshopped nude pictures of girl group SNSD. A similar incident previously happened to singer Jang Yoon Jung. On February 16, a spokesperson for SM Entertainment said, “We already asked police to investigate the case

A 50-year-old man who superimposed SNSD’s faces on nude pictures is caught

A 50-year-old man who superimposed SNSD members’ faces on nude pictures has been caught. On February 22, Gangnam Police Station said A(53) was caught on February 21 on charges of spreading nude pictures, on which SNSD members’ faces were superimposed

SNSD members scribble on each others’ poster pictures

  The members of Hallyu super group Girl’s Generation, known for their sisterly love, have recently drawn attention for their playful jabs at each other. Recently, an online discussion board post titled, “Yuri and Tiffany defeats Seohyun in a scribbling war“, surfaced with the above picture

Pictures of SNSD’s Taeyeon in the past and the present

Two years old picture of SNSD’s Taeyeon is getting a lot of attention. An online community posted pictures with the caption, “Taeyeon compared to two years ago.” The pictures are featuring Taeyeon from the past and the present

Old pictures of SNSD, “They look different”

Old pictures of girl group SNSD are getting a lot of attention. An online community posted several pictures with the caption, “Old pictures of SNSD.” The pictures are featuring SNSD members when they were trainees in SM Entertainment 7 years ago

'KakaoTalk' Profile Pictures of miss A, IU, SNSD!

kakaotalk, girls generation, suzy, miss a, iu, yoona, tiffany, taeyeon, yuri, krystal, snsd 'KakaoTalk' is an app that has been popular among smartphone users. 'KakaoTalk' is used by many as a messenger

SNSD’s Jessica updates her default pictures on UFO Town

SNSD’s Jessica has recently attracted eyes with some selca photos. On October 26, a posting titled, “Jessica has changed her default pictures on UFO Town. She’s got many different faces,” was posted on an online community board

Additional Pictures of the SNSD Members Supporting Hyoyeon Revealed

More evidence of the SNSD members supporting Hyoyeon on her competition in this season’s Dancing With the Stars 2 has been revealed. Ahead of the July 13 broadcast of the dance competition show which was cheered on at the studio by Taeyeon, Tiffany and Yuri Tiffany’s support for Hyoyeon is continuing to attract interest

SNSD’s Yuri and Sooyoung Turn into Twins and Other Fake Idol Twins

Spring appears to be taking its sweet time in gracing us with its presence this year, but Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Yuri and Sooyoung have already transformed into spring goddesses. The girls recently posed for tabloid magazine The Star, and from their soft waves, rosy cheeks and bright lips, Yuri and Sooyoung could easily pass for twins

Kara & SNSD: Who Will Reach One Million Sales First?

Kara and SNSD are competing to see who takes home the title of one million Japanese album sales first.Kara's second Japanese album "Super Girl" has recorded sales of 586,400 albums up until January 9 (Oricon standard), while SNSD's first album "Girls' Generation" has 734,800 albums sold, showing a difference of 148,400 in total

What Makes Military Men Go Wild? SNSD

A couple of weeks ago, SNSD brought down a house full of soldiers with a surprise performance. The girls gave a very special Christmas gift to servicemen who couldn’t go back home for the holidays. They performed an exclusive concert for the military as part of their “SNSD’s Christmas Fairytale,” which aired Christmas Eve on MBC

SNSD's Tiffany and TRAX's Jungmo’s False Kissing Rumors?

Over the past weekend, a photo of SNSD’s Tiffany and TRAX’s Jungmo thought to be kissing during the musical, “Fame,” has surfaced online. It was posted on an online community board under the title, “Tiffany’s musical kissing scene photo,” and many believed it was indeed a photo of the two kissing, snapped during the musical starring both stars

Dal Shabet 1 Year Anniversary and BTS Pictures of Music Video Set

The girl group Dal Shabet talked about their aspirations now that it has been a year since their debut. Dal Shabet held a press conference where they revealed their music video set on January 6. Dal Shabet stated, “Today is our one year anniversary

SNSD's Goddess-Like Body Proportions Were Just Illusions?

Recently, photos of SNSD, looking more or less human with average-looking body proportions, have gone viral in Korea, attracting netizens' attentions. The photos titled “SNSD’s Average Appearance

Super Junior's Choi Si Won Gives Up his Seat for SNSD's Taeyeon

Recently, several screen captures titled “Kim Min Jong’s Manners Humiliate Choi Si Won” were uploaded to several internet communities. The photos were taken from a broadcast of the press conference for the “Dramatic Live Athena Concert” last Thursday, January 5

2NE1, SNSD, and Wonder Girls at Forefront of U.S. K-Pop Invasion

K-Pop girl group’s representing the top three entertainment agencies in Korea (JYP, SM, and YG Entertainment) plan to release their albums one after another in the United States beginning this January

SNSD’s Past Photoshoot Shocks Netizens

Earlier today, past photos of SNSD have surprised netizens for their shockingly awkward appearances. The photos were screen captures from a TV program on cable channel Y-Star that gave viewers a peek inside SNSD’s photoshoot several years ago

Airport Fashion: SNSD, MBLAQ, BEAST, Kara and Other Idol Stars Heading to the Golden Disk Awards in Japan

Airports in Korea and Japan have been hustling and bustling for the past two days due to the major outflux and influx of top idol stars traveling to the 26th Golden Disk Awards in Osaka, Japan. For two straight days, January 11-12, the 26th Golden Disk Awards will be held