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SNSD Jessica And f(x) Crystal Photo From The Past Lovely Sisterhood

Girls Generation, SNSD, f(x), Jessica, Crystal, Sisterhood, Past A photo that went public recently showed SNSD Jessica and f(x) Crystal from years back. People in the online community melted away as they saw the picture of the two sisters

Old Photo of SNSD Jessica and f(x) Krysal Sparks Netizens’ Interest

Recently, an old photo of SNSD’s Jessica and f(x)’s Krystal, titled “Photo of Jung Sisters When They Were Younger,” was uploaded to various online communities, sparking netizens’ interests. In the photo, the two sisters look 180 degrees different than they do now

SNSD beauty mesmerizes Japan! First photo book in Japan #1

Girl group SNSD‘s first photo book in Japan is showing high sales figures. According to the Oricon‘s weekly ranking reported on December 8th, SNSD’s first official photo book in Japan ‘Holiday’, which was released on November 30th, has sold 17,000 copies in the first week ranking #1 for photo books

SNSD Sunny Embarrassing Photo with SISTAR BoRa

SNSD, Girls Generation, Sunny, SISTAR, BoRa On the 4th, a reality TV show was aired. Appearances made by SNSD Sunny, HyoYeon, Miss A Suzi, SISTAR BoRa, f(x) Amber, Rainbow WooRi, Jewelry YeWon, and KARA Kang Ji Young

SNSD Seo Yeon and Yoon Gun's couple photo and duet

Yoon Gun and Seo Yeon posted a couple photo of themselves. On the 11th Yoon Gun posted on his Twitter "With miss Seo Yeon YoonSeo duet self-camera". In the photo, the two are sitting with they faces close to one another, their big eyes stand out the most

SNSD Jessica's old photo becoming a hot issue

Girl group SNSD member Jessica's old photo is becoming a hot topic. On the 31st photo was posted on a online community titled "Jessica's past photo", a capture of a program that featured SNSD members in the past

SM Entertainment will take legal measures against fake pictures of SNSD

First Jang Yoon Jung and now SNSD. SNSD and their agency, SM Entertainment is determined to find the person responsible for circulating fake nude pictures of the girls on the internet. A representative from SM Entertainment confirmed that "the affair has been reported to the police by our legal department

SNSD Yoon Ah, Seo Hyun, f(x) Sully, SM Photo Shoot! [Video]

The photo shop for the fashion brand "Carven" took place on the 19th of January. SNSD Yoon Ah and Seo Hyun, f(x) Sully and Crystal, SHINee Jong Hyun and Tae Min, and EXO fashionistas were involved which brought in a lot of attention

SNSD Yoon Ah VOGUE Photo Shoot

Yoon Ah of Girls' Generation has been photographed for Vogue Girl Korea. On the 21st of February, Yoon Ah arrived in Incheon International Airport after attending the 2012 F/W Burberry Prorsum Women's Collection Fashion Show

SNSD, SHINee, f(x), EXO release Behind The Scene Videos from W Magazine Photo Shoot

SM Entertainment and W Korea Magazine got together and collaborated for a live stream of the photo shoot involving SNSD's Yoona and Seohyun, SHINee's Jonghyun and Taemin, f(x)'s Sullie and Krystal, and EXO's Kai, Lu Han, and Se Hun

SNSD for ‘W Korea’ High Fashion Photo-Shoot

Titled “What a Girl Wants” and having a caption calling SNSD shining high-fashion muses, W Korea has released the pictures from SNSD’s photoshoot a small while ago. Posted here for your viewing pleasure

Lee Jong Suk-Hyoyeon (SNSD) Past Photo Causes Envy Once Again

lee jong suk, girls generation, hyoyeon, snsd, girls generation Lee Jong Suk-Hyoyeon (SNSD) Past Photo Causes Envy Once Again Lee Jong Suk and popular girl group Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon close friendship is once again causing a lot of attention

SNSD’s Sooyoung and Kim Soo Ro Photo Like Siblings

sooyoung, snsd, girls generation, kim soo ro, twitter SNSD’s Sooyoung and Kim Soo Ro Photo Like Siblings Actor Kim Soo Ro revealed a photo taken with girl group Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung

[Updated]Promotional Photo For ‘GiRL’ Fragrance – SNSD~

-Updated-With Yoona’s promotional photo With 7 Days to go until ‘GiRL’ is released, 10-Corso-Como provides today’s Individual promotional photo featuring 6 members. It may be an old photo that is used in the promotion, but it shows their beauty as always

Promotional Photo For ‘GiRL’ Fragrance – SNSD~

It’s D-3 for 10-Corso-Como’s SNSD ‘GiRL’ fragrance to be released and above is today’s photo! Meanwhile, global perfume brand 10-Corso-Como, will be having a collaboration launching party with SNSD

Check out a photo of SNSD’s Sooyoung and the leads of SBS’s A Gentleman’s Dignity—dazzling! #snsd

SNSD’s Sooyoung recently took a picture with the leads of SBS’s A Gentleman’s Dignity, which is written by Kim Eun Suk and produced by Sho Woo Chul and Gwon Hyuk Chan. On the afternoon of June 4, Kim Soo Ro tweeted the photo with the comment, “This is the prologue of the fifth episode of A Gentleman’s Dignity

Promotional Photo For ‘GiRL’ Fragrance – SNSD & Tiffany~

With only one day left for the release of SNSD’s Personal perfume, 10-Coros-Como’s ‘GiRL’, the perfect photo of all our 9 angels has been released, appearing beautifully in front of the camera with their pretty white dresses and of course with the green background, it really brings out their naturalness

SNSD’s Sunny and Park Kwang Hyun “Before Going to Bed” Photo

Girls Generation, snsd, Sunny, Park Kwang Hyun SNSD’s Sunny and Park Kwang Hyun “Before Going to Bed” Photo Park Kwang Hyun revealed an adorable photo taken with Girls’ Generation member Sunny

Girls' Generation (SNSD) Photo Shoot, 'The Sweet Aroma of Goddesses'

girls generation, SNSD, high cut, yoona, sooyoung, yuri, Jessica high cut girls generation Girls' Generation's members turned into goddesses of the forest in dresses. On June 21, star style magazine, High Cut, released images of the 9 girls superior beauty

Preview Photo of 'Mnet 20's Choice' Reveals 'TaeTiSeo(SNSD) Enjoying Their Private Hotel Party'

taetiseo, SNSD, Girls' Generation, Mnet snsd seo mnet Twinkling girl group SNSD TaeTiSeo revealed the scene of their private party. TaeTiSeo, who recently received 'Mcountdown' triple crown with their song 'Twinkle', will attend the Mnet '20s Choice' which will take place in an outdoors pool on the 28th