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SISTAR releases ?Alone? video teaser featuring Soyu!

SISTAR has just released their third video teaser featuring member Soyu for their upcoming first mini album “Alone” scheduled to be released on April 12th! Much like the first two teasers featuring Bora and Hyorin , the teaser video features various shots of Las Vegas and Soyu looking very seductive and attractive while inside a club / bar

SISTAR Unveils Soyu's Teaser for "Alone"

SISTAR continues to unveil teasers for their new track, “Alone.” After the release of Bora and Hyorin’s teasers a few days ago, the next video reveals one from member, Soyu. Similar to Bora’s teaser, Soyu is seen in a club and on the dance floor

SISTAR’s Soyu surprises fans with her unexpected voluptuous body

Turns out Hyorin isn’t the only SISTAR member with serious curves. On May 31st, the above photo of member Soyu surfaced on an online community site with the title, “Soyu has been overshadowed by Hyorin

SISTAR's Soyu Makes Harsh Remarks to Jung Hyung Don and Defconn

Jung Hyung Don and Defconn was humiliated by SISTAR’s Soyu. On May 30, Haha and two SISTAR members were the special MCs for the corner called, “This Week’s Idol,” on cable channel MBC Everyone “Weekly Idol

SISTAR's Soyu Is Just As Voluptuous As Hyorin

Pictures of SISTAR’s Soyu were posted online, showing her voluptuous body. Soyu, who may have been overshadowed by fellow member Hyorin’s glamorous body, proved that her figure is just as voluptuous and sexy

SISTAR’S Hoyrin and Soyu walk around the house half-naked? #sistar

      On June 13 episode of MBC’s Golden Fishery- Radio Star featuring three generations of divas, SISTAR’s Hyorin opened up about rumors concerning her nudity in the privacy of her own home.  When asked if the rumor is true that she walks around the house half-naked, she was quick to respond, saying, “I can’t sleep in anything other than underwear

SISTAR members Hyorin and Soyu prefer to sleep naked

SISTAR‘s Hyorin revealed that she and fellow member Soyu prefer to sleep in the buff. Hyorin made a guest appearance on the latest ‘Korean Diva’ episode of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘, along with talented 1st and 2nd generation singers, Kim Wan Sun and S

SISTAR releases ?LOVING U? teaser photos for Soyu

SISTAR is back and ready to heat up the summer with their summer special album, ‘LOVING U‘! Starship Entertainment announced the  news of the girls comeback and released the teaser photo of power vocalist Hyorin along with maknae Dasom

SISTAR releases 3rd comeback image teaser featuring Soyu

After revealing teasers for Hyorin and Dasom, SISTAR has released Soyu’s image teasers. SISTAR seems to be getting ready for a hot and exciting comeback, with a big change from their previous concept

SISTAR’s Soyu can see ghosts?

On the July 2nd episode of KBS‘s talk show, ‘Hello‘, SISTAR‘s Soyu shared a story about a time when she saw a ghost. The show featured a security guard who explained that he had so many fears, it was hard for him to perform his duties at night

SISTAR’s Soyu looks cute and sexy in selca update

According to Starship Entertainment, after finishing a loaded schedule, SISTAR‘s Soyu took advantage of her break time to relax and update fans with a pair of cute, sexy selcas. In the pictures shown above, Soyu is seen wearing big-framed glasses and a white, sleeveless shirt

SISTAR’s Soyu wears a summer look for CeCi

SISTAR‘s Soyu participated in CeCi‘s latest fashion magazine spread and is receiving attention for her beautiful figure. Soyu looks like she’s ready for the summer in her colorful yet simple fashion

SISTAR Soyu Shows off her Great Legs on the Cover of "CeCi"

sistar, soyu SISTAR Soyu on the Cover of "CeCi," 'Best Leg Line of Idol Girls' SISTAR Soyu's cover photos for CeCi magazine is drawing much attention online. In the fashion magazine CeCi, Soyu sported a stylish summer vacation look, tranforming into a 'summer girl'

SISTAR's Soyu Shows Off Killer Waist and Legs for "CeCi" Photo Shoot

Possibly one of the hottest girl groups at the moment, SISTAR member Soyu has revealed her model-esque body through a recent pictorial. Soyu recently posed for “CeCi” magazine, showing off a summer vacation concept with her natural and at the same time, trendy looks

SISTAR Soyu Can't Dance Properly Because of Her Revealing Outfit

soyu, SISTAR, Loving U, Music Core SISTAR Soyu Can't Dance Properly Because of Her Revealing Outfit On MBC "Music Core" that aired on July 21, SISTAR Soyu performed on stage with their song, "Loving U

SISTAR Hyorin and Soyu Tan a Little Too Much?

SISTAR, Soyu, Hyorin, Loving U hyorin soyu tanning SISTAR Hyorin and Soyu look darker than ever.  On the 26th on an online forum, a photo with the title, "Hyorin and Soyu at the Tanning Salon," was posted

MC Boom is injured accidentally by SISTAR’s Soyu through the first recording of ‘All the K-Pop’

Some behind-the-scenes stories of MBC Music‘s new TV show ‘All the K-Pop‘ first filming has been unveiled ! With SISTAR as the special guests, the first recording took place on July 31st

SISTAR's Soyu Injures Boom During Show Recording

Entertainer Boom has taken an injury to his forehead because of SISTAR‘s Soyu. On July 31, filming for the first episode of MBC Music‘s “All The K-Pop” took place. Boom was hosting the show when guest star Soyu accidentally threw a magnet at him, which caused him to bleed

SISTAR Soyu in a Tanktop, Voluminous Body That Cannot Be Hidden

sistar, soyu sistar soyoo voluminous body Girl group SISTAR's member Soyu revealed her body line through a tanktop. On the 14th, Soyu posted on SISTAR's Twitter, "Ah! It's tomorrow. SISTAR's concert is tomorrow

SISTAR's Soyu Flaunts Her Beauty in a Hanbok

On September 20, SISTAR‘s Soyu posted a picture of herself on SISTAR’s official twitter and commented, “My last name is Hong and first name Shi~ I look like Hong Shi (ripe persimmon)! I am filming a KBS lunar thanksgiving special show with Bora right now