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SISTAR’s Dasom & Boyfriend’s Hyunsung to postpone college for the time being

  SISTAR member Dasom and Boyfriend‘s Hyunsung will be enrolling in college next year. Although both idols took their college entrance exams last year for the 2012 school year, they have decided to postpone college in order to pursue their entertainment careers

T-ara Hwa Young and Sistar Dasom “À Paris”

Close friends T-ara Hwa Young and Sistar Dasom revealed a picture of themselves, without make-up, in Paris. Hwa Young posted the picture on her twitter on the 11th, under the title "At Paris with Dasom"

T-ara's Hwayoung and SISTAR's Dasom Take No Makeup Selca Picture

Girl group T-ara member, Hwayoung, and SISTAR member, Dasom, revealed a no makeup selca picture taken together. Hwayoung uploaded a picture on her Twitter with the caption: “With Dasom, at Paris.” In the reavealed selca picture, Hwayoung is smiling widely while winking

SISTAR prepares a cake to celebrate Dasom’s high school graduation

SISTAR‘s Dasom recently graduated from high school, but unfortunately was unable to attend her graduation ceremony due to her busy schedule. On the February 15th episode of SBS ‘Midnight TV Entertainment‘, Dasom remarked, “Because of our performance in Paris, I was unable to attend my high school graduation

Senior pictures of IU, T-ara’s Jiyeon, KARA’s Kang Jiyoung, and SISTAR’s Dasom: “Beautiful!”

Who is the most beautiful idol star in high school senior pictures? In the episode of SBS TV’s Midnight’s TV Entertainment that aired on February 15, idol stars’ high school senior pictures were shown, attracting viewers’ attention

SISTAR releases “Alone” teaser featuring maknae Dasom

SISTAR has just released their fourth video teaser featuring member Dasom for their upcoming first mini album “Alone” scheduled to be released on April 12th! Much like the other teasers featuring Bora, Hyorin, and Soyu, the teaser video features various shots of Las Vegas and Dasom looking very seductive and attractive while inside a club / bar

SISTAR Reveals Final Teaser for "Alone" Featuring Dasom

SISTAR has finally revealed the final teaser for their brand new track, “Alone.” The last video teaser features the fourth member of the group, Dasom. Dasom’s teaser reveals more footage from the city of Las Vegas alongside clips of her in front of a mirror looking glamorous

SISTAR's Dasom reveals that she has lost 7kg

It has been revealed that the current weight of SISTAR's Dasom is 47kg. On April 12th during SISTAR's new album showcase for "Alone" held in Apgujung, Seoul, Dasom announced, "I lost 7kg up to this day

SISTAR: Dasom Lost 7KG and...Voila~

Vavavooom~ make way to the new Hottie of the group! 7 kilos is a big deal, but it shows on her body!! Just look at the comparison photos! Drastic change!

Sistar’s Dasom reveals her diet, which allowed her to lose a whopping 7kg

Sistar’s Dasom recently shared some pictures releasing her diet. Dasom revealed that she had lost 7kg (about 15.4Ib) at a recent showcase, and since then, she said, people had been asking her to reveal her diet

SISTAR’s Dasom reveals her diet meal plan

SISTAR‘s Dasom previously revealed that she had dropped a whopping 7 kg for the group’s “Alone” comeback. Netizens have been wondering what the secret to her slim new look was, but wonder no more, as she’s revealed her meal plan through her Twitter! On April 16th, Dasom wrote on SISTAR’s official Twitter, “There were a lot of people that were curious ^^ I’m revealing my diet menu here

SISTAR’s Dasom feels inferior to her fellow members

SISTAR‘s Dasom admitted that she feels inferior to her fellow members. During a recent recording for KBS 2TV‘s ‘Story Show Do Dream‘, Dasom shared her current struggles. “This is a concern I’ve had for the last two years,” she began

SISTAR’s Dasom and Bora snap a photo on their way to ‘Music Bank’

SISTAR‘s Dasom took to SISTAR’s official Twitter page to upload the following photo with fellow member Bora. On May 4th, the idol tweeted, “The weather looks good, and I’m in a good mood too! Dasom is excited!!! Keke

SISTAR’s Dasom celebrates her birthday with ‘Inkigayo’ victory

May 6th was a very special date for SISTAR, which not only won the mutizen award on the May 6th broadcast of SBS‘s ‘Inkigayo‘ but also celebrated the birthday of its very own member, Dasom! Entering a new decade as she reached the big 2-0, Dasom left a brief message via SISTAR’s official Twitter account saying, “[Dasom] Time spent together with STAR1

SISTAR's Dasom, "Debut 2nd Anniversary, Stay With Me Always..."

sistar, dasom SISTAR Dasom, "Debut 2nd Anniversary, Stay With Me Always..." SISTAR youngest member Dasom revealed her feelings about celebrating their 2nd anniversary of debut. Dasom shared on the SISTAR website on June 4, "I'm the last, right? It's already been two years

SISTAR’s Dasom cast in upcoming sitcom ‘Shut Up Family’

SISTAR‘s Dasom has been cast for KBS‘s new daily sitcom, ‘Shut Up Family‘! On June 11th, PD Jo Jun Hee confirmed, “Dasom has been confirmed for a character in ‘Shut Up Family’

SISTAR's Dasom set to debut in a new sitcom

SISTAR's Dasom is set to make her acting debut in an upcoming sitcom. Starship Entertainment confirmed the news today by saying that Dasom has been offered to play the role of a high school student in the sitcom "Shut Up Family" which will be aired on KBS

SISTAR’s Bora-Dasom Enjoys Shooting for The Last Episode of ‘Top Great Korea 2’

SISTAR, bora, dasom Girl group SISTAR member Bora and Dasom made an appearance on the last episode of ‘Top Gear Korea 2.’ XTM’s ‘Top Gear Korea 2’ invited SISTAR’s member Bora and Dasom for the last episode of the second season which aired on June 17

SISTAR Dasom's Ceremonial Baseball Pitch

On June 20 SISTAR’s Dasom threw the ceremonial pitch for the Doosan Bears vs. Nexen Heroes game. When the news was first announced, Dasom had stated, “Thank you for inviting me as the ceremonial pitcher for such a significant game

SISTAR releases ‘LOVING U’ teaser photos for Dasom

SISTAR is back and ready to heat up the summer with their summer special album, ‘LOVING U‘! Starship Entertainment announced the  news of the girls comeback and released the teaser photo of power vocalist Hyorin