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Fortune Teller Sees Dim Future for G-Dragon in 2012?

"Even after the album comes out, it is going to be difficult to see huge success." These are the words of one fortune teller regarding Big Bang's G-Dragon this coming year. (Coincidentally, it is the year of the dragon according to the zodiac this year

SM Entertainment’s future plans to expand their enterprise

Hallyu’s leading enterprise SM Entertainment will be aiming to add value to their company by not only producing albums, but distributing them all over Asia. They will be officially making their breakthrough in China with their new Chinese boy group EXO-M

Sohee Wants to Be Called “Fresh Sohee” and Wants “Future-Husband Luck”

Wonder Girls’ Sohee appeared on the February 1 broadcast of SBS “One Night of TV Entertainment.” She was a part of the “Straight Ball Interview.” When it was Sohee’s turn to answer questions, she had some interesting answers

"The Moon that Embraces the Sun's" Director of Photography Hints at Drama's Future?

Earlier this morning, “The Moon that Embraces the Sun’s” Director of Photography, Song In Hyuk, tweeted a message that had all “Moon/Sun” fans sitting on the edge of their seats. He wrote, “The combination of a professional from the MBC Popopo and a voice actor made this puppet show quite enjoyable to watch,” and attached a photo

Future Look of "Infinity Challenge" Members?

A photoshopped image of the members of "Infinity Challenge" has surfaced the web and is becoming quite a hot topic. On many different Internet forums, an image named "Infinity Challenge: 30 Years Later" has been posted

IU shares her wishes for the future at graduation ceremony

IU‘s graduation ceremony was revealed on-air during the February 13th episode of MBC “Happy Day“. At the ceremony, the singer revealed fun stories, tips, and secrets during an interview with MBC’s reporters

Wonder Girls turn into girls from the future

Pictures from the set of Wonder Girls’ music video were recently released. On February 12, an online community posted pictures from the set of the Wonder Girls’ new American video and song “Like Money

Reconstructing a face in hopes of transforming the future

‘When I am not confident about myself, how can I possibly present myself to others?’ Feb 07,2012 Yang Bi-na, a 26-year-old actress, underwent three invasive plastic surgery procedures two months ago, hoping to land better roles in theater productions and films

Sim Soo-bong: 'I Have the Power to Foresee the Future.'

Singer Sim Soo-bong appeared on the episode of KBS 2TV's "Win Win" that aired on Feb.14 and said that she had the power to foresee the future, attracting attention from the viewers. On the episode, Sim disclosed her visionary dreams, saying, "I usually have many dreams and most of them come true in reality

More future K-pop stars are being ready to grow.

A new audition program is adding buzz following the footsteps of their predecessor 'Super Star K,' 'The Great Birth,' and 'K-Pop Stars.' 'The Voice of Korea' was first aired on February 10 following the same format as popular audition program 'The Voice of America

Yang Hyun Suk Speaks About Future Plans for Big Bang, 2NE1 and New Groups

Yang Hyun Suk, member of the legendary group Seo Taiji and the Boys during the 1990’s has since reinvented himself as a leader in K-Pop’s global success. Fifteen years ago Yang Hyun Suk founded YG Entertainment which currently houses some of K-Pop’s biggest stars Se7en, Big Bang, and 2NE1

Seo In Young’s contract expires with Star Empire: where does her future lie?

With Seo In Young‘s contract with Star Empire Entertainment expiring, the agency commented, “we decided to take the contract negotiation process slowly“. On February 28th, a representative of Star Empire Entertainment stated on a phone call with OSEN, “Seo In Young’s contract with Star Empire ended in February… We have not started talking about extending the contract, yet, but we will plan a meeting with Ms

Kim Soo Hyun’s Scary List of Demands to Future Girlfriend?

Kim Soo Hyun’s diary from four years ago with a list of requirements to his potential girlfriend has been drawing renewed interest online. Recently, a screenshot of Kim Soo Hyun’s diary from his personal home page was posted on an online community board

"Sexy Queen" Lee Hyori, Comeback Later This Year... Future Singer-MC

Later this year, there will be a comeback of the "Sexy Queen" Lee Hyori. Multitalented Lee Hyori will come back as a singer as well as an MC. Former member of Finkl, she has released her first solo album "10 Minute" in 2003, followed by "You Go Girl" and "Hey Mr

Kpop's Present and Future Viewed Through 'K-Pop Stars'

There is a popular TV program in Korea, 'K-Pop Stars.' Although a latecomer there is a reason that it's being focused not only in Korea but also abroad. First is that the leading big three entertainment company representative have participated as the judges

EXO-K discusses their past, members’ quirks, + future goals with ‘High Cut’ magazine

SM Entertainment’s fresh faces, EXO-K, recently graced the cover of ‘High Cut’, a fashion publication that has some of K-Pop’s most iconic stars under its belt. Amidst the magazine’s glossy pages featuring the six up-and coming-idols, the EXO-K boys sat down for a brief interview, spilling their pre-debut stories, dorm room antics and future goals

Baek Chung Gang foresees the future? “Goo Ja Myung will be the winner for Great Birth 2.”

Singer Baek Chung Gang is creating a stir by foreseeing the winner of MBC TV’s The Great Birth 2 as Goo Ja Myung. On the morning of March 31, Baek uploaded a picture and wrote on his me2day, “I sure have an eye of foresight

Namsangol Hanok Village: The Past, Present and Future All in One

The Namsangol Hanok Village offers a peek into the past right in the heart of Seoul. 80,000 square meters of history are tucked away in the middle of tall skyscrapers and the bustle of the city. Photo Courtesy: Arnold Riker @ Flickr The village includes the Seoul Namsan Gukakdang, five restored traditional houses (hanoks) and the Seoul Millennium Time Capsule

MBLAQ greets future Korean Music Festival attendees!

MBLAQ was added to the list of performers lined up for the 10th annual Korean Music Festival (KMF) last month. The MBLAQ members have now officially announced their participation in the KMF, to be held this year on Saturday, April 28th at its usual location at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California

Lee Hyori would like to see a Fin.K.L reunion in the near future

Pop icon Lee Hyori recently stated that she hopes to see the name of Fin.K.L in the spotlight as a group once more. The singer who is currently an MC for SBS program ‘You & I‘ welcomed guests Shinhwa on the most recent recording