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Skip Beat Drama Promotions [Singapore Press Conference]

Super Junior members Choi Siwon and Lee Donghae arrived in Singapore much earlier to promote their Taiwanese drama Skip Beat alongside lead actress Chen Yi Han. Skip Beat, also known as Extravagant Challenge is a rom-com adapted from a manga

Skip Beat Episode 1 Recap And Screenshot

Glory to the drama gods. Please accept my sincere homage for turning Skip Beat into a reality. And not just any reality, episode 1 proves that this drama can be everything the manga should have been, and then some

SNSD beat out Wonder Girls 3 weeks in a row for 6th win on Music Bank

SNSD grabbed the top spot once again. On the December 2nd episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank’, SNSD took the first place for the 6 consecutive time with ‘The Boys’. The Wonder Girls have been the top spot candidates for 3 times now but SNSD beat them out again to top the chart

UEE and Joo Won say in chorus, “You made my heart beat”

Joo Won and UEE, who appear on KBS’s series Ojakgyo Brothers, recently said that they were thrilled by each other. Actors, including, Joo Won, UEE, Jung Woong In, Jeon Mi Sun, Ryu Soo Young, Choi Jung Yoon, and Song Sun Mi from the series will appear in the February 16 episode of KBS’s Happy Together 3

Did Blush Beat SNSD In A Fair Match Up?

Posted: February 21, 2012 7:12 PM EST snsd, bieber, snoop, dogg, kpop, farwest, project, lotus, collaboration, billboard, america, Stars Earlier in the week, news of the world's first Asian girl group to hit number one on the US Dance charts filled the airwaves

MV/HD 1080p Nuol (뉴올) ft Minos, Bizzy-B & MC Meta - I Need A Beat

MV/HD 1080p Nuol (뉴올) ft Minos, Bizzy-B & MC Meta - I Need A Beat [MV/HD 1080p] Nuol (뉴올) (Choi Sung Beom) (최성범) ft Minos, Bizzy-B & MC Meta - I Need A Beat Uploaded by: Rinoa Selphie http://www

Kim Sori features in X-Cross’ “Padam Padam (Sound of Heart Beat)”

Singer Kim Sori is gaining attention lately for featuring in X-Cross‘ “Padam Padam (Sound of Heart Beat)“, the title track from the group’s single album ‘2 Man Show part.1‘ (released March 20th), as well as Tritop‘s “Bad Boy” music video

BtoB to release their debut mini alubm ‘Born TO Beat’ on April 3rd

Rookie group BtoB will be releasing their first mini album titled ‘Born TO Beat‘ on April 3rd! On March 29th, BtoB will start the presale of their album on online music sites, as well as revealing their track list

BtoB reveals tracklist for upcoming album ‘Born TO Beat’

As reported earlier, rookie group BtoB will be releasing their debut album, ‘Born TO Beat’, on April 3rd. Ahead of its release, the tracklist has been revealed, giving us an insight into what we can expect to see on the album

BtoB releases mini album ‘Born TO Beat’

Rookie group BtoB has released their self titled debut mini album, ‘Born TO Beat‘. The mini album contains their two previously released tracks “Imagine” and “Insane“ along with a new track titled “Monday to Sunday” and the intro track “Born TO Beat”

Sistar’s comeback: Would they beat Busker Busker?

Busker Busker are still hot on the charts. Released on March 29, Busker Busker’s first album has been topping such charts as Melon and Mnet for 14 days. According to Melon’s real-time chart on April 11 at 2:00 p

BtoB’s “Born TO Beat” is on the B-List

The last two weeks of March was a busy period of time in terms of K-pop. SHINee made their highly anticipated comeback, rookie group NU’EST continued their promotions, and veteran idols Shinhwa unleashed their comeback album followed by two successful comeback concerts

Gang Kiz reveals new photos + their wish to beat T-ara one day

Core Contents Media‘s new girl group, Gang Kiz (written as “Gang Kids” in previous articles as the official spelling was not revealed), has expressed their desired to beat their senior labelmate, T-ara

Center helps students beat inconveniences

A preschooler who became disabled from a fall stands on a posterior safety roller. She was able to test different types of walking devices through the equipment loan program at the Seoul Assistive Technology Service Center

2PM & Coca-Cola want you to “Share the Beat” for the London 2012 Olympics

The boys of 2PM have been long time endorsers for Coca-Cola and they’re working together once again for the “Share Your Beat” campaign. The “Share Your Beat” campaign is for the upcoming 2012 London Olympics and they want fans to create and send in their own Victory Beat to help cheer on the athletes

2PM Releases “Share the Beat” Teaser Video for Coca Cola

On May 15, 2PM and Coca Cola released the teaser video to their “Share the Beat” campaign. The 40-second video shows each of the 2PM members create their own “Victory Beat” using zippers and coke bottles, to boxing punches and break dance moves

Fans Go ‘Insane’ For BTOB(Born To Beat) In Singapore!

Despite having just debuted roughly 2 months ago, fresh from Cube Entertainment, BTOB(Born To Beat) already has quite an impressive fanbase. Right from their arrival at the airport, cheers and screams followed the boys throughout their stay in Singapore

Dalmatian to skip this week’s music programs to meet their fans

Dalmatian has been revealed to have canceled a performance on a public broadcast music program to instead meet with their fans in the suburbs. Dalmatian recently added surprise additional schedules for their second mini-album fan signings on the 15th, 16th, and 17th in Ilsan, Incheon, Daejun, and Daegu after receiving an influx of requests from their first fan meet at the Mokdong Hot Tracks on May 27th

2PM shares the beat with Coca-Cola CFs #2pm

Boy group 2PM has been the endorsers for Coca-Cola and because of the upcoming 2012 Olympics, the soft drink brand has released three new CFs featuring 2PM. The new CFs are titled Share the Beat as each member certainly shares the beat in scenes that alternate between the different athletes and sports cut scenes

Kim Boo-seon wants to beat Sharon Stone

Kim Boo-seon opened publicly that she is looking for a man 29 years younger than her. Kim appeared on the SBS TV program "Kang Heart' and showed interest in handsome guy Lee Ki-woo. But when she heard his age, she shook her head