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Nine Muses’ Sera poses for the March issue of ‘MAXIM’

Nine Muses‘ Sera was selected to model for MAXIM‘s latest issue. The members of Nine Muses are known for being ‘model idols’, thanks to their slim, shapely figures and tall height

T-ara's Hwayoung, Nine Muses' Euaerin and Sera Celebrate Korean Independence Day

Happy Korean Independence Day! Today is March 1, which is a national holiday in Korea, that celebrates the declaration of Independence from Imperial Japan in 1919. Many celebrities are probably enjoying some well-deserved time off

Nine Muses member Sera reveals her handsome brother

Nine Muses member Sera revealed her handsome brother to the public. On April 11th, Sera tweeted, “With my brother :)” and shared the above picture. The picture of Sera and her brother was taken after she participated in the general election vote near her home

'Beatles Code' Nine Muses Sera, "I Used to Weigh 70 Kg"

Nine Muses, Sera, Beatles Code 2, Mnet 'Beatles Code' Nine Muses Sera, "I Used to Weigh 70 Kg" Nine Muses member Sera appeared as a guest on Mnet "Beatles Code 2" and revealed her diet story

Nine Muses' Sera Covers Joss Stone's "Karma"

On May 27, Nine Muses released a music video of their main vocal, Sera, covering Joss Stone‘s “Karma.”  In the video, Sera wears the same white outfit from her group’s “Wild” music video and separately sports a red wig

Diets Of The Stars: Sera Of Nine Muses And Minwoo Of 100% Weigh In On How They Keep So Slim

100%, Nine Muses How do South Korean pop stars stay so thin? For the members of Nine Muses the answer came in a paper cup. Although the boys of 100% may not be measuring out their meals in paper cups, they get downright scientific when it comes to body fat

Nine Muses Sera Self-Camera Photo Lying in Her Bed "Sexy & Cute"

nine muses, Sera Nine Muses Sera Self-Camera Photo Looking Sexy Lying in Her Bed Sera of girl group Nine Muses released a self-camera photo of herself. June 5, Sera from the girl group Nine Muses updated her personal Twitter page stating, "It's so fun taking pictures of myself after downloading the app Camera three six 0

Nine Muses Sera Reveals Her Unbelievable Body

nine muses, sera nine muses sera sexy picture Nine Muses' member Sera revealed a sexy photo of herself. Today, Sera posted on her Twitter, "Quick rest after concert! I want us to have a concert in Tokyo Dome too

Nine Muses' Sera goes classic with The Carpenters' 'Close to You'

Nine Muses’ Sera revived the past with her own interpretation of The Carpenters’ “Close To You”! In the video, Sera sat by the river bank looking far away, and then started to sing the iconic song soulfully