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miss A’s Min sings “Living Like a Fool” for ‘Bachelor’s Vegetable Store’ OST

Even though Min has had her hands full with miss A‘s promotions in China, she’s still found the time to record a new song for the ‘Bachelor’s Vegetable Store’ OST. Titled “Living Like a Fool“, this soothing ballad adds a new shine to Min’s talents

"Bachelor's Vegetable Store" Ji Chang Wook Involved in a Car Accident

On Sunday, February 26, “Bachelor’s Vegetabe Store’s” Ji Chang Wook was involved in a car accident at the Shinsa intersection in Gangnam, Seoul around 5:50AM. Ji Chang Wook and his manager were on their way to the studio when their car collided with a dump truck

‘Star Life Theater’ enters Tony An’s bachelor pad

Singer Tony An recently revealed his home, which was filled with the aroma of bachelorhood. On February 27th, Tony An was the spotlight of KBS2‘s ‘Star Life Theater‘. During the episode, the program followed Tony An, who debuted 16 years ago through H

Bachelor’s Vegetable Store: Series review

When you have an evil character who’s built a card house made of lies, it’s either a given that she’s smart enough to maintain that complex web of deception, or that everyone else is blind ) His character was one of the more frustrating excesses of the show, never really adding much and serving when needed as a point of conflict that felt half-baked at best(Cheesy, but trueWe’ve got the basic premise of a group of lost boys, handled with aplomb in shows like Shut Up: Flower Boy Band and Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, where each character has a backstory that seems well thought-out even if they’re not prominently featuredShe could be fun to have around when she was there, but most of the time she wasn’tLiking her wasn’t impossible, but it was certainly hard

Kim Jae Dong plays a joke on his bachelor life after news of HaHa’s wedding

Entertainer Kim Jae Dong recently tweeted on his official page joking about his bitter bachelor life following HaHa‘s announcement of his wedding, “I’m going to take all of the wedding invitations I’ve received and use them to heat up my room this winter by lighting them on fire

[Daily Drama 'Cheer Up, Mr. Kim!'] Kim Dong-wan Moves the Audience as Shameless Bachelor-Dad

Kim Dong-wan made his first appearance as a shameless “bachelor” dad on KBS1TV’s “Cheer Up, Mr. Kim”. On the first episode of the drama, aired November 5th, Kim Tae-pyung (played by Kim Dong-wan) is shown moving into Chun Kyung-sool’s (played by Baek Il-sup) home

Jang Woo Hyuk Becomes Most Eligible Bachelor in New Zealand

Jang Woo Hyuk reveals a fresh side as an eligible bachelor.   Jang Woo Hyuk and Chun Myung Hoon headed for New Zealand recently on the KBS 2TV show “Pleasing the Five Senses, The World is Delicious”

Jeong Woo-hyeok Becomes Most Eligible Bachelor in New Zealand

Jang Woo Hyuk reveals a fresh side as an eligible bachelor.  Jang Woo Hyuk and Chun Myung Hoon headed for New Zealand recently on the KBS 2TV show "Pleasing the Five Senses, The World is Delicious"

K-Pop Throwback: The Devils Bring The Drama With 'Bachelor Forty'

"He sang like a professional criminal. Typically, he"d start out in some low, barely audible range, stay there a while and then astonishingly slip into histrionics. His voice could jar a corpse, always leave you muttering to yourself something like, "Man, I don"t believe it

2NE1 share about ‘Crush’ album and appearance on ‘The Bachelor’ with ‘Associated Press’

2NE1 recently met up with American news agency AP (Associated Press) for an interview to talk about their latest album, “Crush” Check out the video above!

Rain turns into a handsome bachelor for “Harper’s Bazaar”

Rain recently participated in a photoshoot for the March edition of “Harper’s Bazaar“.During the photoshoot set in New York city, the hot star transformed into a sweet bachelor dressing in stylish outfits from new H&M collection

2NE1 Rockets In iTunes After 'The Bachelor' Appearance : Juan Pablo Galavis And Contestants Rave About K-Pop Fashion!

(Photo : Twitter) With 2NE1 making their cameo on "The Bachelor" last night, the YG ladies are also making an impact on the music charts. "2NE1 coached the guests how to dance ‘I Am the Best,’ and one of them extolled their song and the choreography by saying it attracted 77 million views on YouTube

2NE1′s “I Am the Best” Rises to the Top of the Charts After Their Appearance on “The Bachelor”

On January 27, 2NE1 appeared on ABC’s hit reality show “The Bachelor,” fostering a new interest in the girl group in the United States and Canada. The cast of “The Bachelor” visited YG Entertainment headquarters in South Korea

Group 2NE1 Ranks High On U.S.-Canada Music Charts After Appearing On ABC 'The Bachelor'

Group 2NE1 recently made an appearance on ABC"s hit reality program, "The Bachelor," and received much interest. On January 27, 2NE1 appeared on the date episode and taught the show the choreography to their hit song, "I Am The Best

2NE1 teach & perform 'I Am the Best' on 'The Bachelor'

Blackjacks in the States finally got to watch 2NE1 on TV as they rocked out to "I Am the Best" on ABC"s "The Bachelor"! "The Bachelor"s Juan Pablo Galavis and the six beautiful women vying for his interest traveled to meet with 2NE1, and learned the choreography for "I Am the Best" directly from the girls

2NE1 become proud dance tutors on ABC's 'The Bachelor'

2NE1's appearance on the popular reality show on ABC, 'The Bachelor' has been anticipated and on January 27, the episode finally aired.In the 4th episode, 2NE1 teach their hit choreography inside their YG studio, to the 6 ladies with the new bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis

Tonight: 2NE1 Appearing On 'The Bachelor' Season 18 Performing 'I Am The Best'!

(Photo : Twitter) Tonight will be a big night for 2NE1, as the K-pop sensation will be appearing on ABC"s hit reality series "The Bachelor!" The episode will feature "The Bachelor" season 18 heartbreaker Juan Pablo Galabis and 13 remaining contestants as they travel to Seoul, South Korea for a group date

Who Are You, Ok Taec-yeon disguises as a bachelor ghost

Ok Taec-yeon, the lead role of Who Are You, presented disguising as a bachelor ghost to the public to make viewers watch the drama. In the tvN Monday-Tuesday drama Who Are You (written by Moon Ji-yeong, directed by Jo Hyeon-tak), Ok is staring Cha Geon-woo, a detective who has shrewd sense of investigation


Korean Pop Super Group 2NE1 will be featured in a group date on an upcoming episode of The Bachelor. The episode will feature a special group date with 6 lucky ladies as they learn some of the pop groups dance moves with the newest Bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis

K-Pop Crossover: The Cast Of 'The Bachelor' Acts As 2NE1's Backup Dancers In Monday's Episode

(Photo : Facebook) (Photo : courtesy of ABC) 2NE1 got some very high-profile backup singers recently. At a recent performance, filmed for Monday"s episode of the reality show "The Bachelor," six members of the reality show"s cast served as 2NE1"s dancers, after learning the choreography for the song "I Am The Best" directly from the four band members