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“Faith The Size of A Mustard Seed”

Disclaimer: Contains personal opinion of the author with regards to Soshi’s faith & religion “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will be able to move mountains and do great things” [Transliteration of Matthew 17:20] July 16th 2007

Actor Jang Geun Suk, “I have faith that the antis will fall for me”

Actor Jang Geuk Suk revealed his thoughts on the antis and drew the attention of the viewers. On the January 28th installment of KBS 2′s ‘Entertainment Relay’, the set of the photo shoot of actors Jang Geun Suk and Go Joon Hee was revealed

Fusion medical-fantasy drama Faith gets on the SBS schedule

After multiple delays and casting hiccups, fusion medical sageuk series Faith is finally going to get a broadcast, more than two years after initially casting and announcing the production. Or at least, we can hope it’ll actually make it to air, because we still need a hero

Lee Min Ho refuses to appear in SBS’s drama Faith. Why?

After a thorough examination, Lee Min Ho recently has decided not to appear in SBS’s new drama series Faith. Starhaus Entertainment, Lee’s agency, said in a phone interview with TV Report on February 23, “It is true that Lee was casted to star in Faith, but after revising the script, he has decided not to appear in the series

Will Faith finally find its hero in Lee Min-ho?

Upcoming fusion medical sageuk series Faith has managed to keep Kim Hee-sun fixed as the heroine throughout its two-plus-year journey to broadcast, but has left potential heroes Lee Jun-ki and Kang Ji-hwan in the dustUh, what’s left? Throw in musical-melodrama-pantomime and you’ve got a complete setThey’re also the team behind Legend, which is probably closer to what we can expect, given that this drama is fusion-fantasy-sageuk as well Once Faith secures a leading man it’ll start production, and plans to be on SBS by AugustIt reports a 30-billion won budget, which is about three times the usual “big-budget blockbuster” range for tv, so we can expect some splashy visuals to go along with that pretty, pretty castBut it’s certainly the kind of drama a young up-and-comer (yeah, it’s hard to believe he’s still relatively new in this industry) should be swooping up with open arms

Lee Min Ho Is Offered the Lead Role in "Faith"

Lee Min Ho is the latest hot star rumored to take the lead in the SBS period fantasy drama “Faith.” Strong buzz surrounds reports that the actor is the current top choice for the role that was once confirmed for Lee Jun Ki and Kang Ji Hwan

City Hunter Lee Min Ho Is Considering the Drama "Faith" Not Cast Yet

There were rumors that Lee Min Ho would be appearing in the drama “Faith.” (Sin Eui) On February 28 an article even appeared with the rumor. However, the news came as a surprise to both Lee Min Ho and his representatives

Lee Min Ho Confirmed for Drama "Faith"

The star Lee Min Ho of “City Hunter” and “Boys Over Flowers.” On April 3 Lee Min Ho’s agency Star Haus Entertainment confirmed that Lee Min Ho will appear on the new SBS drama “Faith” (Or Shin Eui) which will broadcast in August

Lee Min-ho confirms a role in "Faith" with Kim Hee-seon

Actor Lee Min-ho is attempting at his first historical. According to his agency Starhause Entertainment on the 3rd, Lee Min-ho has confirmed to star in the SBS drama "Faith". This drama was a matter of issue for the fact that it is a project by Song Ji-na and Kim Jong-hak who've created great dramas in the past like "Sandglass" and "The Legend"

Lee Min Ho cast in his first historical drama, ‘Faith’

Actor Lee Min Ho will be taking his first step into the sageuk (historical drama) field with his first casting in the historical drama, ‘Faith‘. In the upcoming SBS‘s Wednesday-Thursday drama, ‘Faith’, which will air around August, Lee Min Ho will act as Admiral Choi Young, as part of King Gongmin’s escort

Lee Min-ho stars opposite Kim Hee-sun in Faith

If you’re unfamiliar, she was one of the reigning It Girls for the better part of the nineties, and starred in almost every trendy drama I can remember from that decadeFaith has landed a broadcast slot following Ghost and premieres in August on SBSHAI guess technically Faith was supposed to air before all these other ones beat it to the broadcast punch, but that’s just the name of the game, ’cause now you’re just riding the trend instead of setting itThey’ve got a lot of obstacles–sageuk delivery, a ten-year age gap, and stunts for Lee–but whether it soars above expectation or goes down in flames, it sure has my interestOkay, that’s pretty funny

Dr. Jin beats Faith to the punch with summer premiere

And now all the headlines read, DrExcept… Faith has the legendary writer-PD duo of Sandglass, Eyes of Dawn, and Legend… while Song Seung-heon’s drama don’t got no writer or producer listed yet girlfriday: Er? I thought Time Slip Dr asiadrama: Maybe his abs will compensateLee Min-ho just got cast in Faith and was in all the headlines yesterday, with the media touting the power of the Lee Min-ho Effect in finally getting the show on the air girlfriday: Surely, they compensate for a lot

Lee Min Ho's "Faith" Accused of Plagiarism by Song Seung Hun's "Time Slip Dr. Jin"

It looks like the upcoming SBS drama “Faith” which is supposed to broadcast sometime in August is going through an emotional rollercoaster. As we reported before, Lee Min Ho from “City Hunter” and actress Kim Hee Sun were confirmed as main characters for the drama

‘Faith’ plagiarism accusation has been lifted & both parties will continue with their production

This article is member-submitted and does not represent Soompi in any way. SBS officially announced on April 6th about the similarities between ‘Faith’ and ‘Dr. Jin’that “There is no problem with the copyright infringement so the production and shooting will continue

Fan made Lee Min Ho admiral Choi costume for "Faith"

These fan made pictures were so good that SBS had to come out and say that they were not official releases.Whoever made these has some real talent right?

Fan made posters of Lee Min Ho in Faith

Please vote for your favorite.I like the cover (thats why I chose it first lol)But please let me know what you think :)



Min Hyo Rin Positively Considering Role for "Faith" Which Stars "City Hunter" Lee Min Ho

It looks like there is a high chance that the beautiful Min Hyo Rin will play a princess in the upcoming drama “Faith.” (Also known as Shin Eui) As we reported before, “Faith” is about a warrior during the Goryeo dynasty and a doctor (Portrayed by Kim Hee Sun) from the present trying to make a king that heals common citizens