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Seo In Young’s contract expires with Star Empire: where does her future lie?

With Seo In Young‘s contract with Star Empire Entertainment expiring, the agency commented, “we decided to take the contract negotiation process slowly“. On February 28th, a representative of Star Empire Entertainment stated on a phone call with OSEN, “Seo In Young’s contract with Star Empire ended in February… We have not started talking about extending the contract, yet, but we will plan a meeting with Ms

Star Empire Entertainment updates Jewelry's fancafe with comeback hints

A year after they promoted the tracks "Back It Up" and "Pass," Jewelry is reported to be preparing for their comeback soon. Earlier today, Star Empire Entertainment updated Jewelry's official fancafe with a new layout and revealed a hint on the group's comeback

Upcoming Korean drama "Empire of Gold"

Added the upcoming Korean drama "Empire of Gold"'s page to HanCinema database"Empire of Gold" (2013)Network : MBCSynopsis32 episodesBroadcast starting date in Korea : 2013/03

SM Lee Soo Man's Empire, Great Experiment or Reckless Self-confidence?

SM Entertainment, SMTOWN, Lee Soo Man, virtual nation SM Entertainment CEO Lee Soo Man's dream of nation-building has begun. On August 18, SM artists held their 'MUSIC NATION SMTOWN' concert at the Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium with over 40,000 fans

Artists from Star Empire Entertainment cheers for Korean SAT examinees!

Star Empire Entertainment recently tweeted links of the videos of their artists cheering for the examinees of Scholastic Ability Test on November 8, 2012. Those that participated were Park Jung Ah, Jewelry and ZE:A

Star Empire Entertainment reveals Hyungsik’s current condition

Hyungsik sustained a back injury during a recording of “Real Men” last month and has been getting treatment, even excusing himself from a recording of the show on April 8, which caused fans some concern

Star Empire updates fans on Hyungsik’s back injury

Star Empire recently updated the condition of Hyungsik who has suffered from spinal disk herniation while filming “Real Men“.The agency said to Osen, “His back injury has healed a lot. It”s been about 1 month since he injured his back on “Real Men”

Korean empire's legacy remains trapped abroad

Buddhist monk Hye Moon got a rare chance to examine an emperor's helmet In its final years and desperate to protect its sovereignty, the Joseon Dynasty briefly transformed into an empire, complete with majestic titles and ornate equipment

Star Empire to introduce a new ballad group SoReal this March

Star Empire will introduce a new ballad group called SoReal this month.The agency announced, “March 13, 2014!! Star Empire”s rookie ballad group SoReal will finally make their debut! We ask for a lot of interest and love!!”

Star Empire to debut new male group IMPACT

Star Empire will be debuting a new male group named IMPACT. News of their debut was posted onto the Facebook page of fellow labelmate ZE:A‘. The post revealed, “Five boys vocal group < Impact >’s official twitter is opening ! Van An, Sungho Kang, Junghu Seok, Jangmoon Byun and Pilrib Ryu are going to be debut in 2013 !!“

Yoon Seung-ah in SBS "Empire of Gold"

Actress Yoon Seung-ah is coming back with a drama called "Empire of Gold". "Empire of Gold" is a political drama about the struggle for emperor during the turbulent era of Korean finance in the early 1990s for 20 years

Go Soo to Star in Drama "Empire of Gold"

Go Soo will be returning to the small screen for the first time in three years.The actor′s agency BH Entertainment revealed on April 23 that "Go Soo has confirmed he will be appearing in the upcoming SBS drama Empire of Gold

Go Soo to Make Small Screen Come Back through Upcoming Drama "Golden Empire"

Go Soo will be making his small screen return for the first time in four years through the upcoming drama, “Golden Empire.” Go Soo’s agency BH Entertainment said, “Go Soo will make his come back through the upcoming SBS drama, ‘Golden Empire

Go Soo to return to the small screen after three years through ‘Empire of Gold’

Actor Go Soo will make his return to K-drama land after three long years through the new SBS drama ‘Empire of Gold‘. His agency BH Entertainment confirmed, “Go Soo has been confirmed to star in ‘Empire of Gold’

Ko Soo starring in "Empire of Gold"

Actor Ko Soo is starring in the new drama "Empire of Gold". This is his first movie come back in four years since the 2009 movie "Will It Snow On Christmas". "Empire of Gold" is written by Park Kyeong-soo and produced by Jo Nam-gook from "THE CHASER - Drama" last year

Lee Hyeon-jin-I joins "Empire of Gold" as the youngest son

Actor Lee Hyeon-jin-I has joined aboard the new SBS drama "Empire of Gold". "Empire of Gold" is a collaboration between writer Park Kyeong-soo from "THE CHASER - Drama" and producer Jo Nam-gook. It is about the fight for authority and power in the 1990s during the financial turbulent era

Go Soo Goes For The Gold In 'Empire of Gold'

kdrama, Go Soo, Empire of Gold Go Soo In the upcoming drama, "Empire of Gold," whoever gets the most goldwill imagine they won, but becoming wealthy is not always worth theprice. The 30-episode saga spans 20 years, starting in the 1990s, andfocuses on one wealthy family's battle to control a conglomerate

Park Geun-hyeong "'Empire of Gold' will make a hit"

Actor Park Geun-hyeong expressed his expectations for the new SBS drama "Empire of Gold". Park Geun-hyeong advised the cast of the drama "You can smell human in Park's writing. Don't overdo anything and just show what you feel"

Son Hyeon-joo to join "Empire of Gold"

Actor Son Hyeon-joo has been cast for the upcoming SBS drama "Empire of Gold" in the role of Choi Min-jae, the eldest son to Seongjin Group. Choi Min-jae is self conceited and doesn't express his feelings much but wants to become the owner of the group

"Goddess Of Fire Jeongi" beats "Empire of Gold"

"Goddess Of Fire Jeongi" beat "Empire of Gold" and had its first win. According to Nielsen Korea, the first episode of the new MBC drama "Goddess Of Fire Jeongi" rated 10.7%. This is 8.8% lower than the final episode and 0