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B.A.P is determined to conquer the world with their music

Rookie boy group B.A.P made a powerful entrance into the music scene on January 26th with their new song, “Warrior“. Although there are numerous new rookies arising in the industry, the boys seemed unfazed and performed on live stages without a glitch

Taekyeon and Wooyoung conquer the Parisian metro

On the 11th, Wooyoung of 2PM posted a picture on his twitter titled "In the subway at Paris." The picture shows Wooyoung wearing a thick jacket and a blue knit cap, with Taekyeon by his side wearing a red knit hat

New boy group B.A.P says, “We want to conquer the earth!” (Interview)

“We are here to conquer the earth!” This sounds like something that an evil alien might say in a science fiction. Their yellow hair reminds of the Namek Super Saiyan from the Japanese cartoon Dragon Ball

Singer-actor Tim is ready to conquer Asian market with a kick-off in Indonesia

Singer Tim is ready to come to the forefront of hallyu (Korean Wave) with a kick-off in Indonesia. Tim has recently been cast in the series I Love you, which is TV series collaborated between Korea and Indonesia

Group BTOB is set to conquer the Asian market

Group BTOB is set to conquer the Asian market. On May 23, the group is to release the Asian special edition of their album, including the song “I Stole the Lips” in Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Singapore

[NEWS] B1A4, 'Hello Baby Season 6' 'Conquer of Seoul-based to province kids'!

According to KBSN CP Im yonghyeon Group B1A4 has begun filming “Hello Baby 6” profile of the day and the filming is still going on (progress). ‘Fathers’ B1A4 starring for the ‘Hello Baby’ and the concept was set to ‘Hello Family’s conquer from Seoul”

K-pop stars off to conquer Europe

It has happened many times now, but in these last days we have received yet another proof of how vastly the Hallyu Wave has spread across the western world. I still remember how long I had to wait to get tickets for the SM Town in Paris in 2011, and I only managed to do so when they added a second date for the show…History repeats itself, it seems, this time with Bigbang’s Alive Galaxy tour

JYJ Members to Conquer Movie-Drama-Musical

JYJ, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu, Jackal is Coming, Code Name Jackal, I Miss You, Rooftop Prince, Elizabeth jyj conquer JYJ's members Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu each conquered the world of movies, dramas, and musicals

Will TVXQ Conquer Oricon Chart Again? New Album 'TIME' is Coming on March 6

TVXQ, TIME, Japan Group TVXQ will be making a comeback in Japan with their new album. This album will be released in 3 different versions. The 3 versions are: Jacket A (CD+DVD), Jacket B (CD+DVD) and Jacket C (CD)

Time for Super Junior M to Conquer the World? Topping Billboard's World Album Chart

Super Junior M, Break Down, Billboard Super Junior's unit group, Super Junior M, has ranked number 1 on the U.S. Billboard World Album Chart. Super Junior M released their 2nd album on January 7, titled, "Break Down

[Spoiler] Cast of ‘Running Man’ holds a battle to conquer the Master Sword

The latest episode of ‘Running Man‘ saw the cast and crew transported back in time to wage battle to find and capture, in ‘Legend of Zelda‘ fashion, the ‘Master Sword’! Themed as a prequel to the previous two episodes in Hanoi and Macau, the sword granted a special power to its current holder

“Infinity Challenge” Members Transform into Aliens to Conquer the Earth + Next Week’s Preview

The members of “Infinity Challenge” made a complete transformation into aliens on the March 8 episode of the variety show. The “Protect the Earth” special featured each member as a familiar science fiction film character, here to conquer the humans and take over Earth

K-pop Winning Male Group MBLAQ To Conquer The World Via Mexico And Japan in August

MBLAQ, concert, Japan Concert, Mexico MBLAQ will soon be rocking the town called "world", by performing their popular hits in Mexico and Japan this coming August. Fans from Mexico and Japan will be excited for the coming of this phenomenal group

John Park to Conquer Mainstream Entertainment?

John Park, Running Man John Park's Performance at MCountdown for 'Childlike' on November 1st, 2012 John Park will appear on the upcoming episode of 'Running Man.' A representative said, 'John Park successfully completed filming the 'Running Man' episode that was held in Gyeonggido, Yangzho on August 7

FTISLAND to Conquer Korea and Japan at the Same Time in September and October

FTISLAND FTISLAND Set to Trailblaze Japan and Korea in September through October It was just recently announced that FTISLAND will be dropping their next Korean album, a special album featuring their own compositions beginning in the fall

Crayon Pop to Conquer the Land Down Under, Performing in the Streets Of Australia!

Crayon Pop Goofy girl group Crayon Pop will continue their street promotions, but this time, they will be hitting the streets of Australia! Crayon Pop will be holding a week-long promotions in Australia starting on November 4th

Jaejoong Set to Conquer Taipei Soon, C-Jes Releases Ticketing Info

JYJ, Jaejoong JYJ's agency, C-JeS Entertainment, recently shared further information for Jaejoong's most awaited Asia Tour in Taipei. It is for the sake of fans who wanted to see Jaejoong in concert and also to give his fans some update on where Jaejoong's concert will be held