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Girl"s Day"s Minah takes home her first trophy as a solo artist on "Show Champion"


Girl”s Day”s Minah won her very first trophy on “Show Champion” this week as a solo artist!

The program tweeted, “The “Champion Song” on “Show Champion” on March 25 is..? Minah”s “I Am a Woman Too“! This is Minah”s first time standing alone from Girl”s Day, and even as a solo, she is standing at the apex, so congratulations ^^” . ... Read more

Shinhwa takes home the "Show Champion" trophy for second week in a row!

Shinhwa takes home the

Supreme sunbae group Shinhwa has proven that they”re one of the kings of K-Pop once again as they take home the “Show Champion” trophy for this week! 

On March 18, “Show Champion” tweeted, “The March 18 “Show Champion”s “Champion Song” is? Shinhwa”s “Sniper”! Because Shinhwa was preparing for a concert, they were unable to perform, but instead we were able to deliver the trophy to them! We once again congratulate Shinhwa for their glowing, consecutive number one win for two weeks ^^.” . ... Read more

VIXX to perform "On A Cold Night" for the first time as a group on the 18th"s "Show Champion"

VIXX to perform

VIXX will be performing “On A Cold Night” for the first time ever as a group!
Show Champion” released a trailer for the special stages for the 18th”s show, and STARLIGHTs were delighted to see that “On A Cold Night” was one of the special stages! . ... Read more

Shinhwa Won Their First #1 Trophy on MBC's Show Champion!

Shinhwa Won Their First #1 Trophy on MBC's Show Champion!

Victory finally comes alive for Shinhwa. It has been reported that the  legendary and longest running male idol group Shinhwa won their first music award on MBC’s Show Champion for their comeback track, “Sniper.”. ... Read more

Shinhwa win with "Sniper" on "Show Champion"!

Shinhwa win with

Congratulations to veteran idol group Shinhwa for their win on “Show Champion“! They took home the trophy for their incredibly addictive and catchy track, “Sniper.” Just try to get that whistling sound out of your head. . ... Read more

SHINHWA win no. 1 at "Show Champion" with "Sniper"

SHINHWA win no. 1 at

SHINHWA are still proving that they are indeed the legends by winning this week”s “Show Champion” for the 1st time since their comeback with their song “Sniper”.

Congratulations!. ... Read more

Chamsonyeo perform "Magic Words" at "Show Champion"

Chamsonyeo perform

Chamsonyeo (G.NA, After School Lizzy, 4MINUTE Sohyun, and KARA Youngji), the first girl group of Hitmaker and sister group of Big Byung finally step on stage and perform their song “Magic Words” at today”s “Show Champion”.. ... Read more

Amber performs "Shake That Brass" with Luna on Show Champion

Amber performs

Luna is Amber”s special guest for her “Shake That Brass” performance this week, check out their collaboration below:

... Read more

4minute go "Crazy" and win once again on "Show Champion"!

4minute go

4minute went “Crazy” during their “Show Champion” stage and have taken home the trophy for the second week in a row!

The music program tweeted, “The February 25 “Show Champion”s champion song is? 4minute”s “Crazy”! 4minute bowed deeply to say their thanks~. We once again congratulate 4minute for winning #1 champion song for the second consecutive week!” . ... Read more

f(x)'s Luna To Feature In Amber's "Shake That Brass" On "Show! Champion" This Week

f(x)'s Luna To Feature In Amber's

It has been revealed that Luna of f(x) will be joining her fellow group member Amber on stage this week to show support for her solo debut promotions with “Shake That Brass.”. ... Read more