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Big Bang wins on "Show Champion" for "Loser"

Big Bang wins on

This week”s “Show Champion” awarded the trophy to none other than Big Bang for their immensely catchy track, “Loser“!

Although the boys were not there to perform or accept the trophy, the MCs promised to safely deliver the trophy into their hands at a later time.  Congratulations!  . ... Read more

BTS take home the trophy from "Show Champion"

BTS take home the trophy from

BTS (Bangtan Boys) are really making a name for themselves with this round of promotions, establishing that they are a group to follow for years to come. For beautiful track, “I Need U,” the boys took home another trophy, this time on “Show Champion“! . ... Read more

EXID appeared to have come in third when taking part in the Show Champion”

EXID  appeared  to have  come   in third   when  taking part in the  Show Champion”

EXID has taken home another trophy for their latest hit “Ah Yeah” on this week’s “Show Champion!”

Despite strong competition from Park Jin Young, miss A, and more, EXID managed to continue their winning streak and score their third overall win for this round of promotions. Last week, the girls ranked first on “The Show” and “Inkigayo.” . ... Read more

"Show Champion" presents this week"s trophy to the charming ladies of EXID


EXID”s song might be “Ah Yeah,” words spoken by reluctant women who have to answer pointless questions, but the girls themselves must be going “Awwww yeahhhh” at this point as they keep taking home trophy after trophy. . ... Read more

Hot show "Show me the Money 4" choose Loco - the Champion of its first season as new judge.

Hot show

Jay Park and Loco will be joining Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 4” as judges.

According to the media on May 4, Loco will be joining Jay Park to represent AOMG. This completes the list of judges: YG’s Jinusean and Tablo, Brand New Music’s Verbal Jint and San E, and AOMG’s Jay Park and Loco. Another team will consist of Block B’s Zico and his partner, as yet unveiled. . ... Read more

"Show Champion" awards EXID the "Champion Song" trophy for "Ah Yeah"


EXID is on a roll with promotions for “Ah Yeah“! The next trophy the girls took home was from “Show Champion” this week.

The program tweeted, “The “Champion Song” of “Show Champion” on April 29 is..? EXID”s “Ah Yeah”! From down to up and now continuously up to the peak, sincerely congratulations to EXID for their first place^^” . ... Read more

EXO wins on "Show Champion" again with "Call Me Baby"

EXO wins on

Congratulations to EXO for winning again on “Show Champion” with their latest catchy track, “Call Me Baby“!

Sadly, they did not perform live on the program on April 22, but they did send a video message to thank “Show Champion” for the awesome trophy and win. They said, “EXO has won on “Show Champion” for the third week! Thank you so much for giving us such a good award not only last week but also this week, and it”s a shame we were unable to participate because of our schedule, but we will keep giving good music and showing a good image.” . ... Read more

EXO wins on "Show Champion" with "Call Me Baby"

EXO wins on

EXO, who has been dominating all music shows of late with hit track “Call Me Baby,” took home another trophy this week on “Show Champion.”

The program tweeted, “The Champion song of “Show Champion” on April 15 is..? EXO”s “Call Me Baby”! Due to their schedules, not all of the members could be here, so Doyoung and Jaehyun was with them~ Sincere congratulations to EXO for winning first place for the “Champion Song” two weeks in a row.” . ... Read more

EXO win on "Show Champion" with "Call Me Baby"!

EXO win on

Congratulations to EXO on their success so far with “Call Me Baby“!  The next trophy they won was from “Show Champion” this week.

The program tweeted, “The “Champion Song” of “Show Champion” on April 8 is..?  EXO”s “Call Me Baby”!  They were unable to be with us today because of their schedule overseas, but we”ve delivered the trophy well to them~  Congratulations once again on winning first place!” . ... Read more

Red Velvet take #1 on April 1st "Show Champion"!

Red Velvet take #1 on April 1st

Red Velvet took the #1 trophy on the April 1st episode of “Show Champion“!

Not only was it Red Velvet”s comeback stage with “Ice Cream Cake“, it”s their third on-air win following last week”s “Music Bank” and “Inkigayo“. Also in the running was Minah, Huh Gak, K.Will, and Baek Ji Young with Song Yoo Bin, but it was the SM Entertainment group who grabbed the final win with their catchy number.. ... Read more