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Hwanhee releases “Don’t Leave” for ‘Padam Padam’ OST

As we reported a few days ago, Hwanhee is singing the newest OST for the jTBC drama ‘Padam Padam‘. ‘Padam Padam’ distributed their third OST single, “Don’t Leave” by Hwanhee, earlier today

Singer Se7en pampers female fans’ eyes with his shirtless picture

A picture of Singer Se7en being shirtless was recently released and is in the limelight. On April 20, Se7ven tweeted the picture with the comment, “Please give a warm welcome to bluff Se7en. I love being relaxed like this

B2ST’s Lee Kikwang is surprised over shirtless photo of himself

  A shirtless photo of Lee Kikwang managed to surprise both Lee Kikwang and his fans at the same time. On April 22nd, popular Hallyu group B2ST held their second official fan meeting. This marks the one year anniversary since their first ever fan meeting, which was held on April of last year

Big Bang’s Daesung transforms into a shirtless beast

Recently, Big Bang’s Daesung has changed into a beast full of manly appeal. At midnight of June 2, YG Entertainment released the group’s Still Alive teaser for Daesung on the official YG blog. In the teaser, Daesung sports a strong image of the title track “Monster” singing in a mournful, appealing tone

Singer and actor Jang Keun Suk goes shirtless—sizzling hot!

Singer and actor Jang Keun Suk recently released a photo of himself, looking exhausted by the sizzling hot weather. On August 4, Jang tweeted a photo with the caption “The weather is hotter in Korea than in Thailand

Jang Geun Suk Fights Scorching Heat by Going Shirtless

Jang Geun Suk shared his tip on how to fight this year’s sweltering heat. On August 5, the star actor/singer wrote on his Twitter, “What…what? Korea is hotter than Thailand? Played tennis for 20 minutes but it got too hot, so I sat on a metal chair, but I almost burned myself

Hwanhee To Make Big Screen Debut In October

Fly To The Sky's Hwanhee will be making his big screen debut! The singer-turned-actor's first movie role will be in "Star: Shining Love", which will premiere October 11th. The story is about Asia's top star named Romi (played by Hwanhee), who falls into a three-sided romance

Singer Hwanhee to have his first acting debut in “Star: Radiant Love”

Fly to the Sky‘s former member Hwanhee had his first debut to the movie-screen through a new film titled ‘Star: Radiant Love‘ (‘Star‘) It’s revealed that Hwanhee was cast for this role and wrapped up filming before he enlisted in the Korean military

Trailer for ‘Star: Radiant Love’ starring Hwanhee

The trailer for the upcoming film ‘Star: Radiant Love‘ (‘Star‘) is revealed. Former Fly to the Sky‘s member and soloist Hwanhee is playing a lead role in the film. It talks about a love story between Hallyu’s greatest K-pop star and a woman who swept up in a scandal with him

Brian to cheer on Hwanhee on his movie ‘Star’

On the 27th, Brian posted a photo of himself with Fly to the Sky partner Hwanhee on his Twitter. He tweeted, Chilling with @codename911 (Hwany), right before the premiere of his movie ‘STAR’… Here’s a glimpse of FLY instagr

Choi Jin Shil’s son, Hwanhee, dreams of becoming an MC like Yoo Jae Suk

On the latest broadcast of  ‘Qualifications of Men‘, the cast members paid a visit to the children of the ‘family choir’ and they went out together to buy ice creams. The son of the late actress Choi Jin Shil named Hwanhee was one of the child members of the choir

[Twitter Roundup] Big Bang’s Taeyang Goes Shirtless, Se7en Hits Up Osaka and More

Today’sTwitter Roundup is a bit of a doozy so let’s jump right into it! Perhaps getting a bit sentimental with the coming of the autumn season, Wonder Girls’ Lim revealed this cute picture of herself from her childhood via her Twitter on October 14 as she tweeted, “Old days

Super Junior Eunhyuk Shirtless on a Bed with IU?

IU, Super Junior, Eunhyuk, twitter IU and Super Junior Eunhyuk IU and Super Junior Eunhyuk Recently IU revealed a photo online that is stirring up the entertainment industry. IU revealed a shocking photo on her personal Twitter page yesterday that included a shocking photo

Choi Jin Shil’s children Hwanhee and Junhee bid their father farewell

Choi Jin Shil‘s children, Hwanhee and Junhee, bid their father farewell at his funeral. Choi Jin Shil’s ex-husband Jo Sung Min committed suicide on the 5th. During the funeral, the Junhee (10), reportedly told their father, “Bye, daddy

MBLAQ Mir, Shirtless Picture On Bed

MBLAQ, Mir mblaq mir shirtless picture on bed Group MBLAQ's Mir revealed a shirtless self-camera photo taken on his bed. Yesterday, Mir posted on his Twitter, "I only have bones left now" along with a picture

Fwany (Lee Hwanhee) reveals MV teaser for comeback track "Monroe's Heel"

Fwany, also known by her real name Lee Hwanhee, will be returning with a new release later this month. A music video teaser for the song was already revealed. The new song, which was confirmed to be a sexy dance track, is a big contrast from the singer's previous releases in which she kept a "girl-next-door" feel

Fwany (Lee Hwanhee) reveals MV for comeback single ?Monroe?s Heel?

As announced last week with the revelation of a music video teaser, Fwany, also known by her real name Lee Hwanhee, has returned to the music scene with her second single, “Monroe’s Heel.” In “Monroe’s Heel,” Fwany returns with a sexy concept, a sharp contrast to the innocent lover concept in her debut single and music video, “Secret

Fly To The Sky's Brian and Hwanhee reunite in a recent photo

On March 28th, Brian uploaded many photos of him and Hwanhee on his Twitter and Instagram, and wrote, "Been a while since we hung out, just the two of us~ brotherhood is GREAT with Hwanhee and me" In the photos, Hwanhee and Brian are having a dinner at a restaurant

Justin Bieber Goes Shirtless For Livestream Video With Fans During Grammy 2013 [WATCH HERE]

Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Bieber went shirtless for his livestream video conveniently scheduled during the Grammy 2013 award show in LA. The 18-year old showed off his growing muscles and tattoos as he casually spoke with fans in a living room setting

JYJ’s Jaejoong treats followers to a shirtless selca before bed

JYJ‘s Jaejoong captured the attention of his fans and followers after uploading a sexy selca. On February 16th, he tweeted, “Good night~ I hope my cold symptoms will disappear by tomorrow… Thailand is nice~ It’s warm^^