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Shinhwa Officially Prepares for Comeback

Idol group Shinhwa is officially preparing for their comeback. The group’s 10th album is to be released in March and is arranging an Asia Tour Concert. The members began meeting up to practice their past hit songs and special performances since January 2

Shinhwa promises to comeback through banners posted all over Seoul

Shinhwa has solidified their promise to make their comeback in March with their fans. On January 27th, orange banners with the words, “Shinhwa – We keep our promises. 20120324,” in various spots all over Seoul

Shinhwa Reminds Fans: “We Keep Our Promise”

As the longest lasting idol groups in Korean pop history, Shinhwa, is reminding its fans that the six members are keeping their promise. Signs have been appearing throughout Seoul with the statement, “We keep our promise

Shinhwa adopts a rookie mentality for their comeback preparations

Veteran group Shinhwa who will be making their long-awaited comeback in March have adapted a rookie mentality for their comeback preparations. According to their label Shinhwa Company, the members are making sure to be in tip top shape for their comeback

Shinhwa Company launches their official website

Shinhwa Company recently launched their official website on February 1st. Along with a Shinhwa logo intro, the boys also included a teaser for their upcoming 2012 concerts. The teaser contains footage of the members performing at their independent concert in 2008, celebrating ten long years together

Shinhwa's Jun Jin Appears in MV for Eric's Girl Group Stellar

Jun Jin is making an appearance in the music video of Stellar. Jun Jin has been paying close attention to Stellar as they are produced by fellow Shinhwa member, Eric. When he heard that Stellar needed an actor for their upcoming music video, Jun Jin volunteered to take the part, even in the middle of his hectic preparations and practices for Shinhwa's grand comeback

Shinhwa’s Jun Jin to feature in Stellar’s new MV

Shinhwa members Eric and Jun Jin once again proved that they have an extremely close friendship. Although Jun Jin is busy preparing for Shinhwa’s upcoming 14th anniversary concerts as well as their comeback in March, he agreed to support Eric by featuring in the MV of his girl group Stellar

Shinhwa to hold back-to-back concerts with “Shinhwa Grand Tour In Seoul: The Return”

Korea’s longest tenured idol group, Shinhwa, have announced that they’ll be throwing back-to-back concerts in March! On March 24th and 25th, Shinhwa will return to their fans through the “2012 Shinhwa Grand Tour In Seoul: The Return” show in Seoul’s Olympic Park Gymnasium

Shinhwa member Andy visits Taiwan

Shinhwa member Andy visited Taiwan for the first time since he was discharged from the military. Andy had a dedicated fan meeting on December 3rd at Taiwan’s Taipei International Convention Center, meeting with 2,000 local fans

Teen Top Makes Shinhwa's Andy Cry

Posted: February 8, 2012 3:49 AM EST teen top, Andy cries Idol group Teen Top makes Shinhwa's Andy cry. Andy who is the maker and producer of Teen Top shed tears of joy when Teen Top won first place on KBS "Music Bank" on February 3 and SBS "Inkigayo" on February 5

Idol group TEEN TOP makes Shinhwa’s Andy cry

The boys of TEEN TOP caused Shinhwa‘s Andy to shed some emotional tears. Andy who produced TEEN TOP apparently showed some tears after the boys won their first #1 K-Chart win on SBS ‘Inkigayo‘ back on February 5th

Teen Top's Music Show Wins Made Shinhwa's Andy Shed Tears

Idol group Teen Top has made Shinhwa's Andy cry. Andy, who is the creator and producer of Teen Top, has shed tears of joy when Teen Top won the #1 spot for "Going Crazy" at KBS "Music Bank" as well as SBS "Inkigayo

Shinhwa Comeback Concert ‘THE RETURN’ on Sale

The tickets of Shinhwa’s comeback concert ‘THE RETURN’ after 4 years hiatus can be found exclusively through Interpark on February 13 at 8PM KST. The ‘RETURN CONCERT’ taking place on 14th anniversary has garnered attention both locally and internationally

Tickets for Shinhwa’s concert to go on sale February 13th

Tickets for Shinhwa‘s upcoming concert, “The Return“, will go on sale on February 13th at 8:00 p.m. KST! It’s expected that these tickets will sell out like hotcakes, as it’s been four years since the members last held a concert together

Shinhwa's Concert Ticket Sales: Sold Out in 40 Minutes, Raises 1.78M USD

“Shinhwa is back.” Shinhwa’s comeback concert ‘THE RETURN” 20,000 tickets were sold out in just 40 minutes. The concert on March 24 and 25 at Seoul’s Olympic Park Staidum was being sold through Interpark on February 13

Shinhwa sells out tickets for comeback concert in 40 minutes

Shinhwa‘s comeback concert ‘The Return’ sold out all 20,000 seats in 40 minutes, making a whopping income of two billion won (~$1,780,000 USD)! An insider revealed, “Shinhwa held their last concert in 2008 for their ten year anniversary

Shinhwa's Comeback Concert Sold Out, Agency Taking Measures to Stop Illegal Ticket Sales

The iconic K-pop group Shinhwa’s highly anticipated comeback concert, “The Return,” has been sold out. The concert, which commemorates both Shinhwa’s return to the music scene in 4 years and their 14 year anniversary, has sold out its 20,000 seat for the two days it is taking place on March 24 and the 25

Shinhwa shows their support for Stellar

Rookie girl group Stellar has been gaining a lot of moral support from their sunbaes, Shinhwa. Stellar was produced by Shinhwa member Eric, and they debuted in August of 2011 with “Rocket Girl“

ShinHwa, Unending Love for Stella

The extraordinary tie between Stella and ShinHwa is impressive. Stella is a new group produced by ShinHwa's leader Eric, and they made their debut past August. They released a new digitual single U.F.O after adding MinHee and HyoEun

Shinhwa's Influence Over Asia

  Group Shinhwa announced that they will begin their Asian tour in April.  Shinhwa will be releasing thier 10th album in Mid March and will be holding concerts in Seoul on the 24 through 25th