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Shinhwa member Andy visits Taiwan

Shinhwa member Andy visited Taiwan for the first time since he was discharged from the military. Andy had a dedicated fan meeting on December 3rd at Taiwan’s Taipei International Convention Center, meeting with 2,000 local fans

Teen Top Makes Shinhwa's Andy Cry

Posted: February 8, 2012 3:49 AM EST teen top, Andy cries Idol group Teen Top makes Shinhwa's Andy cry. Andy who is the maker and producer of Teen Top shed tears of joy when Teen Top won first place on KBS "Music Bank" on February 3 and SBS "Inkigayo" on February 5

Idol group TEEN TOP makes Shinhwa’s Andy cry

The boys of TEEN TOP caused Shinhwa‘s Andy to shed some emotional tears. Andy who produced TEEN TOP apparently showed some tears after the boys won their first #1 K-Chart win on SBS ‘Inkigayo‘ back on February 5th

Teen Top's Music Show Wins Made Shinhwa's Andy Shed Tears

Idol group Teen Top has made Shinhwa's Andy cry. Andy, who is the creator and producer of Teen Top, has shed tears of joy when Teen Top won the #1 spot for "Going Crazy" at KBS "Music Bank" as well as SBS "Inkigayo

H.O.T’s Tony An sent Shinhwa’s Andy a thank-you text?

Shinhwa member Andy revealed at the Shinhwa comeback press conference held on March 5th at Mcuve Cheongdam CineCity, that H.O.T‘s Tony An had sent him a text message regarding the group’s comeback

Shinhwa Andy's Shocking Confession, "I Couldn't Sleep Without Soju and Aspirin"

Veteran group Shinhwa's maknae Andy made a shocking confession. On the March 20 episode of KBS 2TV " Kim Seung Woo's Win Win," the members of Shinwha revealed stories as well as the hardships they encountered  since their debut in the music industry 14 years ago

Andy of Shinhwa laments time without haircut

Andy, of Shinhwa fame, has revealed that he didn’t always have a comfortable life, even as he performed in Korea with his fellow band members in the 1990s. His mother’s health declined during that time, causing great financial strain, the singer revealed on the second-part of a KBS special on Shinhwa that aired March 20

Shinhwa's Andy Reveals His Sister Used to Like Eric

Shinhwa's Andy confessed that even his sister liked Eric, proving how popular Eric was in the past. On an episode of "Radio Star," which aired on March 28, Shinhwa talked about how they used to know each other during their studies overseas in America before their debut

Shinhwa’s Andy hides his pain to prevent the other members from worrying

It had been revealed earlier that Shinhwa‘s Andy would be wearing a belt strap due to a herniated disc at Shinhwa’s 14th anniversary concert. With his energetic performances on the group’s comeback stages on music programs, fans have wondered if his back had gotten better

Shinhwa’s Andy tells Eric to work hard

On the April 21st broadcast of KBS‘s ‘Entertainment Weekly‘, the show featured a guerrilla date with Shinhwa, which recently made a comeback after 4 years, and marked history as one of the oldest, first generation idols who are still active

Shinhwa’s Andy and TEEN TOP to take child patients on a baseball outing

Shinhwa‘s Andy and TEEN TOP, who Andy founded under T.O.P. Media, will be visiting the professional baseball game between LG and Nexen with child patients from the Seoul University Hospital. Andy and TEEN TOP will be walking the kids to the game on the afternoon of April 26th to create special memories that they’ll be able to cherish forever

Shinhwa reveals Minwoo and Andy’s past interview slip-ups

Idol group Shinhwa guest starred on the April 30th episode of KBS2 TV‘s ‘Hello‘, where they listened to the concerns of  the contestants. One of the contestants expressed her concern about an ignorant friend, who is known for her clueless answers to basic questions

Shinhwa members gang up on Andy on ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’

Shinhwa‘s maknae, Andy, hilariously shed a few tears during a game on ‘Shinhwa Broadcast‘ due to his fellow members playing a joke on him. The May 12th broadcast of jTBC‘s Shinhwa Broadcast‘ will feature the episode ‘Shin Family Game Center’, a remake of  KBS‘s former variety show ‘Family Game Center‘, and feature guest MCs Park Ji Yoon and Huh Cham

Shinhwa’s Andy wants to release a nude photo album by himself?

On the most recent episode of jTBC‘s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast‘ Shinhwa‘s Andy declared that he would release a nude album without the Shinhwa members. The May 26th broadcast of ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ featured debates in which the members competed against each other to win the title as the “God of Speech”

Will Shinhwa’s Andy betray his own group?

Shinhwa‘s maknae, Andy, betrayed his fellow members by becoming a proud member of SHINee. The June 9th broadcast of jTBC‘s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast‘ will air the second half of “Guest Channel – Shinhwa & SHINee”, in which the two groups once again compete against each one another

TEEN TOP to release reality series with Shinhwa’s Andy and new TOP Media group

TEEN TOP will be starring in a reality series with TOP Media CEO and Shinhwa member Andy as well as a new, as-yet undisclosed group from the agency. The series, ‘TEEN TOP’s Popularity 100% (Battle With Issues)‘, will be hosted by comedian Kim Tae Hyun, and will air its first episode on Saturday, June 16 at 9PM KST on SBS-MTV

Andy of the legendary idol group Shinhwa and Seo Ah of the Brave Girls host SBS E’s K-Star News

Andy of the legendary idol group Shinhwa and Seo Ah of the Brave Girls will host SBS E’s K-Star News, in place of former emcees Son Ho Young and Yoo Yeon Ji. Recently, the rookie emcees worked together on a teaser for the program

Shinhwa’s Andy becomes the host of entertainment news program, ‘K-Star News’

Shinhwa‘s Andy has been selected to lead an entertainment news program. Andy began hosting SBS E! ‘K-STAR News‘ as of June 4th. Thanks to his experience hosting a program during his military career, Andy is expected to fulfill the role well with witty commentary and smooth transitions

Shinhwa's Andy Became SHINee's Big Brother?

shinhwa, andy, shinhwa broadcast, shinee, jtbc Shinhwa's Andy Became SHINee's Big Brother? Andy from group Shinhwa became SHINee's big brother, abandoning Shinhwa members. In recent JTBC 'Shinhwa Broadcast,' Shinhwa and SHINee were in competition with each other through various races in the episode of 'Shinhwa & SHINee 2nd stage

Shinhwa's Andy Introduces a New Boy Group 100%

Shinhwa’s Andy has recently announced a brand new boy group in the making. On June 12, Andy attended the press conference for a new SBS MTV program, “Teen Top’s Let’s Rise 100% – Issues and Wars” and announced, “I hope the rookie group, 100%, will mature and grow as much as Shinhwa