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Shinhwa’s Jun Jin appointed honorary ambassador for ’2012: Year of Sino-Korean Exchange’

Korea’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism has selected Shinhwa‘s Jun Jin as an honorary ambassador for the ‘2012: Year of Sino-Korean Exchange.’ The Ministry auspiciously declared 2012 to be a year of exchange between China and Korea at the Beijing Marriott Hotel in China, which was then followed by the ‘Korea Freedom Travel FIT Festival‘ in Beijing and Shanghai

Shinhwa returns with ’2012 Shinhwa Grand Tour in Seoul: ‘The Return’ concert!

After hosting their official comeback concert this week, k-pop’s legendary group Shinhwa has officially returned to the scene! On March 25th, Shinhwa held ‘2012 Shinhwa Grand Tour in Seoul: ‘The Return‘, their first concert in four years, at Seoul Olympic Park

Shinhwa releases a rehearsal video of “Venus” for ’2012 Shinhwa Grand Tour in Seoul’

On March 25th, legendary idol group Shinhwa held ‘2012 Shinhwa Grand Tour in Seoul: ‘The Return‘, their first concert in four years at Seoul Olympic Park. The six members showcased their seamless dancing and singing with a variety of performances

SHINee, 4minute, SISTAR, and SHINHWA perform at 2012 “Sharing Plus Festival”

On April 14th, KBS launched their annual four-day “Sharing Plus Festival” with a concert at Yeouido Park. In addition to KBS, the “Sharing Plus Festival” is co-run by the Ministry of Health and Welfare

Shinhwa's 14th Anniversary Special DVD 2012

Shinhwa is releasing their 14th anniversary special DVD! It will be released first in Japan in July. The DVD contains information about the concept of "The Return" Album, as well as Shinhwa's comeback history, members' untold stories, a special version of the "Venus" Music Video, behind the scenes of and the making of the music video "Venus," and a 32 page photobook

Block B, Jang Woo Hyuk, & Baek Ji Young will participate with Shinhwa in his charity concert ’2012 Big 4′

Shinhwa has announced that they’ll be performing at the ‘2012 Big 4 Concert Season 2‘ on August 11th in support of a good cause, despite having already wrapped up their official promotional activities for their 10th album comeback

Shinhwa to Participate in Charity Concert '2012 Big 4 Concert Season 2'

Shinhwa, Big 4 Concert shinhwa Shinhwa has revealed that they will perform at the charity concert '2012 Big 4 Concert Season 2.' on August 11th. The concert which will be held for the second time chooses the biggest four stars of the year to inspire dreams and give hope to the youth

Best Shinhwa Variety Moments of 2012

Alreadyranked as gods in the variety world, Shinhwa is definitely one of the most entertaining idol groups in the industry with each member being quirky in their own style. For 14 years, the group has been shedding their idol boy (men?) image, unafraid of appearing like idiots before its fans and its viewers, even setting the path for future variety-dols to come

Shinhwa Lee Min Woo to Release '2012 Christmas Live Concert' Story Book

Shinhwa, Lee Min Woo, Christmas, Storybook Shinhwa Lee Min Woo to Release '2012 Christmas Live Concert' Story Book Shinhwa member Lee Min Woo will be releasing his solo story book. This story book will contain his 'Christmas Live Concert-ORIGINAL' that took place last December 23-24

MBC Music Core 01.07.2012

Check out today's Music Core performances by T-ara, Troublemaker, Teen Top, NS Yoon Ji, A Pink, Boyfriend, F.I.X., Fat Cat, Chaos, Koyotae, Park Hyun Bin, AXIZ, Monday Kiz and more. T-ara has started their comeback promotions of "Lovey Dovey," their followup song to "Cry Cry

Announcing: 2012 Soompi Fanfix Gokon Activity

Hey Soompiers! If any of you are interested in writing/reading, the Fanfix forum is currently holding a Gokon Activity, which is an anonymous fic exchange between writers and readers (Gokon is Japanese for a group blind date)

SBS Inkigayo 01.08.2012

Congratulations to Trouble Maker for winning #1 on Inkigayo today! Today on the January 8 episode of Inkigayo, we have wonderful by comeback stages from T-ara, Fat Cat, NS Yoon Ji, Lee Hyun, Teen Top, and Koyote

2012 Year of the Black Dragon: Men's Hairstyle Trends

As 2012 begins the start of a new year, people are looking for something new. One of the many things that will change during the year of the Black Dragon will be men's hairstyles. Like the styles from 2011, the new styles will still be masculine but upgraded with some flare to give them a touch of chicness and sophistication

KBS "Music Bank" - Jan. 6, 2012

KBS’ “Music Bank” celebrates the first show of the year, with IU taking the first K-Chart win of 2012. The “Music Bank” hot stage features fresh performances of IU’s “You and I” and a remix of Trouble Maker’s “Trouble Maker

DBSK Increases Concerts for "LIVE TOUR 2012~ TONE~" Due to Popular Demand

DBSK has added one more concert for Tokyo Dome and Osaka Kyocera Dome for their Japanese “LIVE TOUR 2012~ TONE~” tour, they will have nearly 450,000 viewers. The “LIVE TOUR 2012~ TONE~” will begin on January 18 at the Yokohama Arena and was supposed to continue on until the end of March

Shinhwa Officially Prepares for Comeback

Idol group Shinhwa is officially preparing for their comeback. The group’s 10th album is to be released in March and is arranging an Asia Tour Concert. The members began meeting up to practice their past hit songs and special performances since January 2

2012 is the Year of the Dragon: Which Year of the Dragon Star is Most Likely to Succeed?

The New Year of 2012 has finally arrived and for this year's zodiac calendar, it's time for the dragon to shine! Recent polls have been asking people to vote for stars, who were born in the year of the dragon (1976, 1988, etc), who are most likely to shine in the year of 2012

Korea Times Announces Ticket Sale Date for Korean Music Festival 2012

The Korean Music Festival, one of the largest and most successful K-Pop concerts in America, is returning for their 10th anniversary show! The mega concert will take place on April 28, 2012 at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles

CNN Names Big Bang as One of "12 Reasons to Visit Korea in 2012"

On December 30, CNNGo published an article listing the top 12 reasons to visit Korea in 2012. Among the list, “Hallyu Madness” ranked third, listing Big Bang’s upcoming concert and the “21st Seoul Music Awards" as some of the reasons why 2012 will be a good year for K-Pop

Fortune Teller Sees Dim Future for G-Dragon in 2012?

"Even after the album comes out, it is going to be difficult to see huge success." These are the words of one fortune teller regarding Big Bang's G-Dragon this coming year. (Coincidentally, it is the year of the dragon according to the zodiac this year