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SHINee's Minho Gets Half Naked for "Sherlock" Teaser

SHINee’s Minho got half naked for the teaser of their upcoming mini album “Sherlock.” Their 4th album “Sherlock” will be released on March 21. For the album jacket, the SHINee members are going with the concept of French boys

[Pictures] SHINee unveiled Minho's teaser photos for Sherlock!

 SHINee will make their long awaited comeback in Korea soon. Minho unveiled his teaser photos for SHINee's new album "Sherlock",have a look at his teaser photos here. Anticipating SHINee's comeback?

SHINee to return with mini album "Sherlock"

After Soribada announced the summary of the album releases this March that included SHINee, SM Entertainment has just confirmed the highly-anticipated return of the idol group. The boys of SHINee will be dropping their 4th mini album "Sherlock" on March 21st

SHINee Taemin's "Sherlock" Teaser Images are Revealed

Not long ago SM Entertainment revealed news regarding SHINee’s long over-due comeback. Soon after the announcement teaser photos of Minho were released online. Now photos of the group’s maknae Taemin have surfaced

SHINee Onew Unveils Teaser Images for "Sherlock"

After unveiling the teaser images of SHINee members Taemin and Minho, it's leader Onew who graces us with his teaser images. SHINee are making a comeback with their new mini album titled "Sherlock." On March 10, the teaser images of Onew were revealed through SM Town's official website

SHINee Key Unveils Teaser Images for "Sherlock"

After unveiling the teaser images of SHINee members Taemin, Minho, and Onew, it is Key who graces us with his teaser images. SHINee are making a comeback with their new mini album titled "Sherlock

SHINee to release “Sherlock” worldwide ahead of album’s offline release

Having finally released the last of their individual teaser images, SHINee has revealed that they will be releasing every new song on their album worldwide ahead of the album’s official offline release

SHINee comes out with Sherlock as gorgeous sexy guys

The teaser image of SHINee’s Jong Hyun was revealed on March 12. On March 21, SHINee’s fourth mini-album Sherklock is finally unveiled. During the time they have been absent in Korea, SHINee has conducted passionate activities crossing global cities such as New York, London, Paris, Moscow and Sydney, and gathered enthusiastic supports from music fans across the world

SHINee to release track list of new album ‘Sherlock’ next week

SHINee SHINee announced yesterday it will release the track list of its new album, “Sherlock,” set to go on sale March 21.“On March 19, we will reveal the album’s track list on major online worldwide music Web sites such as Melon and iTunes,” a representative from SM Entertainment said

More details about SHINee’s “Sherlock” revealed

After a series of teaser photos that gave fans and the like a taster of the group’s new concept, SHINee has revealed a final teaser photo featuring all five members, as well as unveiling additional information about their new album, ‘Sherlock’

SHINee to release "Sherlock" digitally ahead of album’s official release date

SHINee is gearing up for their highly-anticipated return. The boys will be dropping their 4th mini album "Sherlock" after being away from the Korean music scene for a year and a half. They finally dropped the last of their individual teaser images which features member Jong Hyun

SHINee's "Sherlock" is a Hybrid Remix - Two Songs in One!

SHINee has been readying for a comeback as SM Entertainment (SME) teased fans with a slew of unique teaser photos in the past week. SME described SHINee’s newest song “Sherlock” by saying, “'Sherlock’ is the best of two independent songs put together to form something called a ‘hybrid remix

WTF Moment: SHINee’s Sherlock

March looks like an active month for K-pop. We have Big Bang making a comeback after a long hiatus, the 1st generation idol group Shinhwa is coming back, EXO is supposedly debuting this month, and SHINee is releasing a new mini album after a year and a half

[Pictures] SHINee unveiled group teaser photos for Sherlock!

 SHINee continues to tease. Check out the group teaser photos of the boys here,anticipating their album release on 21st March?

SHINee’s “Sherlock” Choreography” Made by World-Renown Choreographer Tony Testa

SHINee will perform “Sherlock” for the first time on Mnet’s “M Countdown” on March 22. They are planning on mesmerizing viewers with their dancing! The choreography for “Sherlock” was made by the world-renown choreographer Tony Testa

SHINee teams up with world famous choreographer Tony Testa for ‘Sherlock’

SHINee has been gaining attention for joining hands with world famous choreographer, Tony Testa, for their new mini album. Tony Testa has worked with big names in the pop music industry such as Kylie Minogue, Janet Jackson, and came up with the choreography for what would have been Michael Jackson‘s last tour, ‘This is It

Tony Testa delivers his choreography secrets for SHINee’s Sherlock

SHINee’s new mini-album Sherlock involved a globally renowned choreographer Tony Testa. Tony Testa has gained an international reputation by choreographing for big-name pop stars such as Michael Jackson, Kylie Minogue and Janet Jackson

SHINee releases group concept photo for "Sherlock"

SHINee is gearing up for their highly-anticipated return. The boys will be dropping their 4th mini album "Sherlock" after being away from the Korean music scene for a year and a half. After having released their individual teaser images, SHINee unveiled the group concept photo for upcoming album

SHINee to release a special highlight medley of ‘Sherlock’ this week

SHINee has announced that they will be releasing a special medley highlighting their new tracks off of their upcoming mini-album! On March 16th, SM Entertainment‘s official YouTube, Facebook, Kakao Talk, and other official accounts will be releasing a highlight medley of their ‘Sherlock‘ mini-album ahead of its online and offline release

MelOn gives you a sneak peak into the set of SHINee’s “Sherlock”

Although SHINee‘s official comeback is just around the corner, Shawols have been anxiously awaiting more news from the boys. MelOn has granted their wish as they’ve provided photos on their Facebook, giving anxious fans a sneak peek into the set of the “Sherlock” music video! Check out the photos below of members Onew and Taemin! Thanks to OmfgINeedToDoHomework for the tip! and