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Spoiler: Shin Se Kyung Makes Surprise Cameo in "High Kick 3"

Shin Se Kyung has made a surprise cameo in "High Kick 3," where she shares a short romance with Yoon Kye Sang. On the 75th episode of "High Kick 3" that was aired on January 11, Shin Se Kyung made a surprise cameo, playing a country girl who is about to immigrate to Taiwan

Will Shin Se Kyung Survive her Death Streak?

Actress Shin Se Kyung became a household name through MBC sitcom “High Kick through the Roof” (2009) and SBS drama “Tree with Deep Roots” (2011). The two series have skyrocketed her career and popularity in Korea

Shin Se Kyung proudly shows off her culinary skills

  Not only is actress Shin Se Kyung beautiful, but it seems she’s quite the chef as well! On January 29th, Shin Se Kyung tweeted a photo of some handmade pancakes and proudly wrote, “I made this

Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung, and SNSD Yuri's Upcoming Drama "Fashion King" Begins Filming

Upcoming drama “Fashion King,” starring Shin Se Kyung, Yoo Ah In, and SNSD’s Yuri, officially began productions today. For the first day of shooting, male lead Yoo Ah In jumped from a third floor window over twenty times for more than three hours in freezing temperatures

Shin Se Kyung to Rain, “I’ll come visit you”

Actress Shin Se Kyung promised to visit singer Rain in the military. On the January 22nd installment of MBC’s ‘Section TV Entertainment Relay’, the interview with Shin Se Kyung was presented

Shin Se Kyung reveals the massively funny behind the scenes stories from Infinity Challenge

Actress Shin Se Kyung revealed some behind the scenes stories. On the January 22nd installment of MBC’s ‘Section TV Entertainment Relay’, Shin Se Kyung told some of the stories from appearing on MBC’s ‘Infinity Challenge’

Shin Se Kyung volunteers to become a maid on ‘High Kick 3′

Actress Shin Se Kyung revealed the news that she will have a cameo role on ‘High Kick 3 – The Counterattack of the Short Legs’. Shin Se Kyung participated in the pre-recording of MBC sitcom ‘High Kick 3 – The Counterattack of the Short Legs’ on January 4th at Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do

Shin Se Kyung is “Dying to be on ‘High Kick 3′”

Actress Shin Se Kyung revealed that she wishes to appear on ‘High Kick 3 – The Counterattack of the Short Legs’. In an interview with NewsEN, Shin Se Kyung discussed that she wants to make a cameo appearance on MBC sitcom ‘High Kick 3 – The Counterattack of the Short Legs’

Shin Se Kyung’s looking stylish at the photogenic awards

The 12th Video Daejun ‘The Year’s Photogenic’ awards ceremony took place on December 29th at the Grand theater in Gwachun city, Gyeonggi-do. The recipient of ‘The Year’s Photogenic’ award as been selected by the votes of the camera directors at broadcasting companies including KBS, MBC, SBS, EBS, and OBS

Shin Se Kyung, “I get a good feel from Yoo Ah In oppa”

Actress Shin Se Kyung revealed her expectations of actor Yoo Ah In she will be acting opposite of on SBS drama ‘Fashion King’ to premier in March of 2012. In an interview with Sports Seoul on December 27th, Shin Se Kyung said, “As soon as I was cast for ‘Fashion King’, I hurried to see the movie ‘Wandeuggi’ that Yoo Ah In oppa stars in

‘Fashion King’ 1st script reading, Yuri, Yoo Ah In, & Shin Se Kyung all present

Scheduled to be broadcasted after the end of the SBS drama ‘Salaryman Cho Han Ji’, ‘Fashion King’ had its first script reading on December 24th at the Ilsan production center. Present on the day’s script reading were actors Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung, Lee Jae Hoon, and Yuri joined the cast the moment she arrived in Korea from Japan

Song Joong Ki, Shin Se Kyung, Han Suk Kyu at the ‘Deep Rooted Tree’ After Party

Some of the scenes from the After Party of SBS’s ‘Deep Rooted Tree’, which ended on December 22nd, have been captured on film. On December 24th, actor Choi Min who played the role of Jung Deuk Ryong tweeted several pictures from a restaurant where the After Party for ‘Deep Rooted Tree’ took place

Shin Se Kyung posts a gift proof shot, but which is the flower?

Actress Shin Se Kyung let’s the fans know how much she appreciates them. Shin Se Kyung tweeted on the 24th, “Even with the weather so cold.. you shouldn’t have. Thank you so much.. You are such a source of strength for me

Shin Sae Kyung’s Fashionable Appearance

Shin Sae Kyung is to appear in the SBS drama "Fashion King' as a fashion designer to be. To match her character, Shin Sae Kyung is dressing up in fashionable clothing. Her outfits and accessories that she uses have caught the attention of fans

First Look into Shin Se Kyung in "Fashion King"

Shin Se Kyung has taken off her hanbok and is on her way to becoming a fashion queen. Shin Se Kyung, who played a girl with a photogenic memory in the popular drama, "Tree With Deep Roots," will now play an aspiring and talented fashion designer in the new drama, "Fashion King

Girls' Generation Yuri and Shin Se Kyung to Stay in New York During Fashion Week

For filming the drama of SBS ‘Fashion King’ Girls Generation Yuri, Shin Se Kyung has arrived in New York on February 13. The cast members have arrived in New York just in time for New York City’s annual ‘Fashion Week

Shin Se Kyung and SNSD’s Yoori jets off to the U.S. to shoot a series

Actress Shin Se Kyung and SNSD’s Yoori are in the limelight for their airport look, going through the Incheon airport. On February 13, in the morning, the two starlets were spotted going through the airport to jet off to the States, where they will shoot SBS’s Monday-Tuesday series Fashion King

Yoo Ah In & Shin Se Kyung complete their first scene of “Fashion King” in Manhattan

Actors Yoo Ah In and Shin Se Kyung have wrapped up their very first scene for SBS’s upcoming drama, “Fashion King“. Due to their busy schedules, the two stars were unable to rehearse together until they both arrived on set on February 15th

Shin Se Kyung and Yoo Ah In Finish First Filming for "Fashion King"

Both Shin Se Kyung and Yoo Ah In finished their first filming in New York for the new Mon-Tue drama “Fashion King.” According to SBS the two stars worked together near Saint Mark’s Place in Manhattan

Yoo Ah In and Shin Se Kyung visit Manhattan, New York

Yoo Ah In and Shin Se Kyung, leading actors of SBS’s new drama series Fashion King, are recently seen shooting in Manhattan, New York in America. On February 15 (local time), Yoo and Shin had first shooting in East Village nearby St