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IU & Shin Bong Sun in sync daebak at the Daesang!

IU and Shin Bong Sun put on a fantastic opening stage. The ’2011 SBS Entertainment Daesang’ took place on December 30th at 8:45pm at the SBS Public Hall in Deungchongdong, Seoul with MC’s Kim Yong Man, Kim Won Hee, and Shin Bong Sun

IU has a sister in Shin Bong Sun?

The virtual plastic surgery picture of Shin Bong Sun is all the buzz on the internet. Supposedly the female comedian Shin Bong Sun looks like singer IU. On December 16th, some pictures were posted on an online community board tagged, “Shin Bong Sun virtual plastic surgery’

JQ ft Shin Bong Sun - Cotton Candy (somsatang) (솜사탕)

JQ ft Shin Bong Sun - Cotton Candy (somsatang) (솜사탕) This is the PV of the song Cotton Candy by JQ featuring Shin Bong Sun. Single: Cotton Candy Release date is July 28, 2010 Love this song and PV so much

Combinations of celebrities’ faces: Shin Bong Sun + Baek Ji Young = IU?

Combinations of celebrities’ faces are currently attracting many people’s attention. A post under the title of “Combinations of celebrities’ faces” was recently posted on an online community board

Comedian Yoo Sang Moo didn’t want to guest on ‘Happy Together’ because of Shin Bong Sun?

Comedian Yoo Sang Moo confessed that he hesitated about whether or not he should appear as a guest on ‘Happy Together 3‘. On June 28th’s broadcast of KBS2‘s ‘Happy Together 3′, Yoo Sang Moo confessed, “I really thought hard about coming on today

Shin Bong Sun makes surprise Cameo on MBC’s ‘One Thousandth Man’

Comedian Shin Bong Sun will be looking to display her acting chops once more through a surprise cameo appearance. In the upcoming episode of MBC’s One Thousandth Man, Shin Bong Sun will be making a cameo appearance as the head-strong and confident woman, Hye Young

Shin Bong Sun claims, “I am the #1 daughter-in-law that mothers-in-law instinctively recognize.”

Comedian Shin Bong Sun appeared as one of the guests on the October 5th broadcast of SBS‘ ‘Go Show‘. During the talk show, she made everyone surprised by revealing that she is the #1 daughter-in-law that mothers want

Leeteuk’s Mother chooses comedian Shin Bong Sun as her ideal daughter-in-Law

The latest episode of SBS’s “Strong Heart” featured Leeteuk’s mother and sister as special guests. During the show, MC Shin Dong Yup asked Leeteuk’s mother, “Out of the celebrities, is there anyone you want as your daughter-in-law?” In response, she shared, “At first, I thought of Shin Bong Sun…” , leaving everyone in surprise

Son Ho Young and Shin Bong Sun Pair Up for “Troublemaker” Performance

Singer Son Ho Young and comedian Shin Bong Sun gave a sexy couple dance performance. On the December 31 broadcast of “Infinity Girls,” the members prepared for their special appearances at a film awards ceremony

Comedian Shin Bong Sun Reveals Her New Nose

Comedian Shin Bong Sun showed off her new nose on the MBC FM4U radio show “This Morning Is Jung Ji Young.” On the show, Shin Bong Sun also revealed a recently recorded song “Bong Sun’s Project 2 – Let’s Laugh

ZE:A Kwanghee, Boom, and Shin Bong Sun Together Create "Rhinoplasty Club"

kwanghee, ze:a, boom, shin bong sun ahin ZE:A Kwanghee, Boom, and Shin Bong Sung together created a rhinoplasty club. On this day, Kwanghee, Boom, and Shin Bong Sung attended a filming of MBC "Blind Test 180 Degrees

Shin Bong Sun reveals: “I redid my nose.”

Comedian Shin Bong Sun made a guest appearance on the most recent broadcast of SBS‘s radio program “Cultwo Show” where she opened up about doing cosmetic surgery for a more beautiful nose.The comedian shared, “Previously, I did my nose, but someone told me it was a nose that would collapse someday

[Contains Spoilers] Fei, Son Ho Young, and Shin Bong Sun battle it out on final episode of ‘Master Chef Korea Celebrity’

Last week, Hwayobi had been eliminated from ‘Master Chef Korea Celebrity‘, leaving Son Ho Young, Fei, and Shin Bong Sun to battle it out in the finals. The three celebrities battled fiercely on the final episode on the 12th as they were instructed to make a 3-course meal with Korean food

Kim Gu Ra and Bong Tae Gyu Replace Yoon Jong Shin in "Hwashin"

SBS “Hwashin” went through a broad scale reorganization of its MCs. Entertainer Kim Gu Ra will be joining the cast as a new MC and actor Bong Tae Gyu will be replacing Yoon Jong Shin, who is getting off the show due to his busy schedule and health issues

Comedian Shin Bong Sun Will Be Debuting as a Singer

It has been recently announced that comedian Shin Bong Sun will be making her debut as a singer on July 15 under the name “Bong Sun’s Project.”  As a lover of indie music, this has been Shin Bong Sun’s long awaited dream

Yoo Yun Suk reenacts his famous neck-grab kiss scene with Shin Bong Sun + performs OST 'To You'

The tvN special "Reply Through Song 1994" aired on January 31 and featured some fun times with the cast members as well as the MCs. On this day, MC Shin Bong Sun saw an opportunity and asked Yoo Yun Suk if the two could reenact his kiss scene with Go Ara in drama "Reply 1994

IU transforms into comedian Shin Bong Sun when she’s angry

Singer IU is currently the model for online game “Dungeon and Fighter”. In a recent TV commercial for the game, IU showed off her powerful and fierce side to fight against her enemies in the snow

Comedian Shin Bong Sun Recently Broke Up with Secret Boyfriend of Four Years

On the recent episode of KBS’s “Happy Together,” which was aired on August 29, it was revealed to everyone’s surprise that Shin Bong Sun recently broke up with her boyfriend of four years

IU transforms into Shin Bong Sun to kick some butt in 'Dungeon & Fighter' CF

IU and Shin Bong Sun, who have long been mentioned as celebrity doppelgangers, came together for the latest "Dungeon & Fighter" CF! Although IU was outnumbered by the ninja fighters, she transformed into the stronger and sassier version of her played by Shin Bong Sun to show them some girl power