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MBC "We Got Married" Couples Set to Be Completely Replaced

There is the old saying that "All good things come to an end" and in the case of "We Got Married," "All good couples come to an end." According to sources, it appears that the show is set to replace their current set of couples for a completely new set of couples

Uee to Focus Completely on After School Now

Uee revealed her future plans now that the drama “Ojakgyo Brothers” is over. It appears that Uee will focus on her After School activities as a singer. After School will release their Japanese album “PLAYGIRLZ” on March 7

Baek JinHee Dress, Completely Different Look from Highkick

Posted: February 21, 2012 1:17 PM EST baek jinhee, highkick 3, eighteen nineteen Actress Baek JinHee caught much attention for her fashion at the press conference. The press conference for movie 'Eighteeen, Nineteen' of actors Yoo YunSuk and Bae JinHee was held on the 20th in Seoul Megabox

Kim Hyung Joon's Kiss Scene in "She's Completely Insane"

Actress So Yi Hyun and SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon’s kiss scene from “She’s Completely Insane” is shown above. In KBS Drama channel’s “She’s Completely Insane” that first broadcasted on March 10, Jeon Ji Hyun (So Yi Hyun) refused to accept Kang Min’s (Kim Hyung Joon) proposal, and Min kissed her in the public

‘Big’ Gong Yoo ‘Completely Lost In Reading Script’ A Key To His Perfect Acting

gong yoo, big, kbs ‘Big’ Gong Yoo ‘Completely Lost In Reading Script’ A Key To His Perfect Acting Actor Gong Yoo's 'completely lost in reading his script' photo has gained attention. Agency management Soop has revealed Gong Yoo reading his scripts at the drama shooting site on June 11

Infinite release a teaser video of Shes Back

Infinite recently released a teaser video of their new single. On July 21, Infinite released a 40-second teaser video of “She’s back,” a new single scheduled to be released in Japan on August 29, on their official YouTube channel

K-Will's Japanese Concert Completely Sold Out

Tickets to the talented and soulful ballad crooner K.Will‘s performances in Osaka on the 21st and Tokyo on the 23rd as part of his 3rd mini album promotion titled “I Need You” completely sold out - solidifying his popularity in Japan

TVXQ's Sweeps Japan with "Android" - Completely Sold Out on Rakuten!

TVXQ, Android TVXQ sweeps Japan with their new single "Android", a single that hasn't even been released yet. On July 8, TVXQ's First Edition of "Android" was completely sold out on Rakuten

SHINees Minho completely changes into a high-jump player on To the Beautiful You

SHINee’s Minho completely changed into a genius high-jump player. Minho was recently cast in SBS TV’s new drama series To the Beautiful You as a genius high-jump player. The series will start airing in August

Infinite releases Shes Back teaser

Infinite recently released a teaser video for their new single. On July 21, Infinite released a 40 second teaser video for their new Japanese single She’s Back, which will be released on August 29

f(x) Reveals Japanese Version of "Hot Summer"... Completely Different From Korean Version[VIDEO]

f(x), hot summer, hot summer japanese version f(x) Girl group f(x)'s Japanese version of "Hot Summer" was revealed. In recent online community, a video was posted under 'f(x), Hot Summer Japanese version'

4minutes Nam Ji Hyun: Shes not human, shes a doll

Pictures of 4minute’s Nam Ji Hyun are drawing a lot of attention. On August 6, an online community posted pictures of Nam with the caption, “Nam Ji Hyun doesn’t look human.” In the pictures, Nam is wearing heavy eye makeup and making cute faces for the camera

T-ARA Soyeon Looks Completely Different with Circle Lens

Soyeon, t-ara On the online community recently, a photo was uploaded with a title "Soyeon, internet users are surprised by the difference between having circle lens on and off." In the uploaded photo, there is a before and after photos of Soyeon wearing a circle lens

Psy's Future Plans Completely Altered After 'Gangnam Style'

Psy, Gangnam Style Psy Gangnam Style Singer Psy is taking over the world with his comical and catchy song "Gangnam Style" and its dance moves. Psy's music is being referred to as a "viral movement" that is spreading globally in the speed of light

f(X)’s giant baby Sulli proves that shes not that giant

f(X)’s giant baby Sulli recently proved that she’t not that giant. On the episode of SBS’s Strong Heart that aired on august 28, Sulli complained that she’s been misunderstood with her height

SNSDs Taeyeon winks: Shes cuter than the Ginger Man

SNSD’s Taeyeon recently attracted a lot of attention with her cute look. Taeyeon recently uploaded a picture on her UFO Town account. In the picture, Taeyeon is staring at the camera in a casual T-shirt, holding a doll in her hand

Psy's 'Gangnam Style', Celebrities Around the World Completely Addicted

Psy, Gangnam Style, NBC Psy's 'Gangnam Style', Celebrities Around the World Completely Addicted Top stars from the United States, as well as Hong Kong are addicted to Psy's horse riding dance from the music video of "Gangnam Style

[Spoiler] "Faith" Lee Min-ho completely falls for Kim Hee-seon

Lee Min-ho cried and laughed for Kim Hee-seon. On the thirteenth episode of the SBS drama "Faith", Choi Yeong (Lee Min-ho) found his laughter again after several years thanks to Yoo Eun-soo (Kim Hee-seon) and even had a hard time because of her

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong Completely Messed Up His Image in Movie

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong talks about how it is to juggle both music and acting. During a photo shoot with fashion magazine, Elle. Kim Jae Joong showed his charisma while traveling around places in India. He had previously hinted fans that he was in India through hisTwitter postings, but never revealed for what purpose until now

Park Hee-jin is a completely different person

Park Hee-jin is posing during an interview with News N. Park Hee-jin starred in the MBC daily drama "The Daughter of the Emperor" and said, "I wasn't criticized so much for this drama. I worked really well with the others for 6 months and the director was so great, he led us through without trouble"