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Wonder Girls Sohee and 2AM Seulong Dating! JYPE's 1st Company Couple!

Labelmates Wonder Girls’ Sohee and 2AM’s Seulong are dating! Local media “Dispatch” captured the two on a date on Christmas. The two met six years ago as JYP trainees, and they naturally became close to each other

Restaurant Owner of Sohee and Seulong's Dating Spot Didn't Think They Were Lovers

On the January 31 broadcast of SBS "Good Day," a crew of reporters went to a restaurant in Kangnam, Seoul, where Wonder Girls' Sohee and 2AM's Seulong were spotted having a meal together. The reporter asked the owner of the restaurant, "Did they have a meal here?" and the owner answered, "Yes, they did

Restaurant owner claims Sohee and Seulong weren’t having a romantic date

Though the excitement surrounding Sohee and Seulong‘s rumored relationship has died down, reporters from SBS‘s ‘Good Morning‘ decided to take another look through the eyes of the restaurant’s staff

Sohee & Lim Seulong, “I didn’t think they were lovers”, says the restaurant owner

A firsthand account of Sohee and Lim Seulong‘s supposed restaurant date has been revealed. The reporting crew of SBS’ ‘Good Day’ have been sent to conduct an interview with the owner of the restaurant where Sohee and Lim Seulong had a meal together

JYP denies Lim Seulong and Sohee dating reports

Wonder Girls’ Sohee and 2AM’s Lim Seulong‘s dating reports are officially denied. Sohee’s agency JYP Entertainment and 2AM’s joint managing agency Big Hit Entertainment had telephone interviews with NewsEN and they have confirmed the dating reports were not true

Sohee + Seulong, first JYP couple. Their dates and how they fell for each other

December 25th, Christmas. After finishing up 2AM‘s concert Lim Seulong drove his car towards Mokdong. Mokdong is where the Wonder Girls member Ahn Sohee lives. When he arrived in front of her home he opened the trunk of his car and checked the gift bags

Lee Min Jung with Lim Seulong looking like a couple?

Actress Lee Min Jung in a selca taken with 2AM member Lim Seulong is drawing attention. Lim Seulong tweeted on December 25th, “Last concert! Min Jung noona came to see us too! It’ll be that much brighter”, along with a picture

Taecyeon, Seulong, Chansung, and Ga-in meet up and catch up

2PM’s Taecyeon & Chansung, 2AM’s Seulong, and Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-in have met up to catch up. Taecyeon tweeted on the 7th, “It’s been a while!” and revealed the photo above

2AM's Seulong Debuts as Actor in Japan

2AM’s Seulong has made his acting debut in Japan through his 2010 film “Acoustic.” The music-themed omnibus movie was just released in Japan, just a few weeks after Seulong and 2AM officially debuted there with “Never Let You Go

2AM Seulong’s Energetic Picture

2AM member Seulong revealed an energetic picture of himself while putting together a puzzle. On the 9th, Seulong posted a picture on his twitter along with the comments, "With puzzles, hardships and difficulties follow

Chansung: "Sohee and Seulong are not dating"

2PM's Chansung revealed the truth about the scandal between Wondergirls Sohee and 2AM Seulong. In MBC 'Radio Star' aired on the 29th, Chansung was invited as a guest member. When MC Yun JongShin asked, "What did the agency think about the scandal between Sohee and Seulong?", Chansung replied "It wasn't serious

2PM's Chansung Adresses Dating Rumors Involving 2AM Seulong and Wonder Girls Sohee

2PM member Chansung made some revelations regarding label mates 2AM Seulong and Wonder Girls Sohee's dating rumors. On the February 29 episode of MBC's "Radio Star," Chansung commented on the supposed relationship of Seulong and Sohee

2AM's Seulong Chosen As Honorary Ambassdor for Jeonju IFF

2AM’s Seulong was chosen as an honorary ambassador for the 13th Jeonju International Film Festival. The other honorary ambassador will be the actress Son Eun Seo who has very classy looks and brings out her own unique color when she is acting

Seulong and Son Eunseo appointed as ambassadors for 13th Jeonju International Film Festival

2AM’s Lim Seulong and actress Son Eunseo have been appointed as ambassadors for the 13th Jeonju International Film Festival. The film festival’s secretariat revealed on March 6th that the two will be the ambassadors and said, “In Jeonju they will be the faces who inform the public about films during the dates of the film festival

2AM’s Seulong talks about his rumors with Wonder Girls’ Sohee

2AM‘s Seulong cleared up the rumors surrounding himself and Wonder Girls‘ member Sohee. On the March 7th airing of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘, the MCs questioned Seulong about his late-night Christmas dinner with Sohee

2AM's Seulong Clears Up Dating Rumors with Wonder Girls' Sohee

2AM's Seulong cleared up the recent dating rumors with Sohee of the Wonder Girls'.On the episode of "Radio Star" that aired on March 7, the guests were the members of 2AM: Jo Kwon, Changmin, Seulong and Jinwoon

2PM’s Junho shares an old photo of himself & 2AM’s Seulong

An old photo of 2PM‘s Junho and 2AM‘s Seulong has recently drawn the attention of netizens. On March 11th, Junho shared the photo below via his official Twitter page. Both singers were trainees at the time, and a younger Seulong looked into the camera bashfully while Junho looked away

2AM’s Seulong hopes to act with Shin Min Ah

On a recent episode of KBS Joy‘s ‘The Chair Korea 2‘, 2AM‘s Seulong chose Shin Min Ah as the actress he would most like to work with. Seulong is known for his various activities in not only music, but acting and modeling as well

2AM’s Seulong Knew Paparazzi Photos with Sohee Would Surface One Day

On March 13, 2AM’s Seulong addressed recent dating rumors with the Wonder Girls’ Sohee during the press conference for 2AM’s new mini album, “Fitzgerald’s Way of Love.” When asked about the rumors that turned out to be false, Seulong said, “We didn’t really have much problem with it

2PM Junho and 2AM Seulong's Past Rustic Photo Draws Interest

Idol group 2PM member Junho and fellow JYP group 2AM’s Seulong are drawing interest for their past photo. On March 11, Junho revealed a past photo taken together with Seulong by posting it on his Twitter