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Seo In Guk Gives Koo Hye Sun A Backhug! Comeback Teaser Released

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Seo In Guk New Teaser Video

Singer Seo In Guk's management company, Jelly Fish Entertainment, released the teaser video of his upcoming comeback single, “With Laughter Or With Tears”.This comes at the heels of their release of the solo singer’s album cover.

The teaser video is attracting much attention with the inclusion of actress-director Koo Hye Sun (Boys Over Flowers).Koo Hye Sun is seen in the teaser video looking as though she is Seo In Guk’s love interest. A few days ago, online communities were abuzz when a photo circulated of the actor and Koo Hye Sun together.

Demonstrating his acting prowess, Seo In Guk showed a spectrum of emotions just from the very short teaser video, increasing anticipation for the full video.He seems set out to embody his comeback single’s title - “With Laughter or With Tears?” The song and the video both appear to show In Guk’s struggle with the multi-faceted feelings tied to separation from a loved one

Seo Inguk makes his comeback to M! Countdown with "Tease Me"

With his EP "Perfect Fit" releasing earlier this week and the MV for the title track "Tease Me" also releasing through Jellyfish Entertainment's YouTube channel, Seo Inguk has returned to the live stage on tonight's M! Countdown. The EP marks Seo Inguk's first physical release since his previous single "Shake It Up" in August of last year.

The 2009 Mnet "Superstar K" winner delivered a captivating performance of "Tease Me," filling the stage with his presence and charisma. Lighting up the crowd with his subtle dance moves and crooning voice, Seo Inguk delivered a memorable comeback performance for the M! Countdown crowd.

Check out his performance of "Tease Me" below:

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Seo In Guk releases “Tease Me” MV + ‘Perfect Fit’ album

Singer Seo In Guk has returned with his new mini-album ‘Perfect Fit‘!

Fans had been highly anticipating his comeback as his title track “Tease Me” as it was composed by Korean hip hop sensation, Dynamic Duo.

With the new video, Seo In Guk showcased his acting skills as his vocals. Check out the music video, and the rest of the tracks from his album below! Remember to support him by purchasing your album here.

Tease Me
Brand New Day
Time Machine Ft. Swings
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Seo In Guk releases MV teaser for his new title song, “Tease Me”

Singer Seo In Guk will be returning to the K-Pop scene with his new mini-album ‘Perfect Fit‘ on April 12th.

Fans are highly anticipating his comeback as his title track “Tease Me” was composed by Korean hip hop sensation, Dynamic Duo.

With the new song, Seo In Guk will be sure to reveal a fresh new chic image that he’s been hiding until now.

While you wait for his new material to drop, check out his intense teaser for “Tease Me” below!

Source & Image: OSEN via Nate