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J.Y. Park and Se7en team up for Se7en’s new song, “When I Can’t Sing”

JYP Entertainment‘s J.Y. Park and YG‘s Se7en have teamed up for Se7en’s comeback single! Recently, allkpop reported on JYPE’s mysterious teaser for its first project of 2012

Sandara Park: "Can't wait for se7en's new song!"

JYP, se7en, seven, Sandara Park, new song, february 1st Sandara Park posted on her me2day page: "Did you see se7en's new teaser video? It was amazing! And I already knew about the lyrics and movie, but it still blew me away! I cant wait until he hits the stage! How do I wait until then?"Featured on her page was the photo of Se7en with JYP, shown above

Sandara Park & Se7en, ‘click’ during YG Concert rehearsal

Girl group 2NE1 member Sandara Park and singer Se7en took a picture together during the YG Concert rehearsal drawing attention. Sandara Park posted on her Me2Day on December 2nd (time in Korea), “So it feels like this to watch the performance standing! It’s totally exciting! Right now cool Se7en finished rehearsal and Big Bang made an entrance! Today I keep getting goosebumps! My lips are itching (to tell)

Jay Park reveals new song teaser, inspiration = Se7en & Park Han Byul

Singer Jay Park revealed the teaser video clip of his new digital single album. Jay Park revealed the teaser clip for his new song ‘Star’ through Youtube and various search engines. In the clip, Jay park is showing off a colorful performance to the strong and sophisticated beat of the song increasing the anticipation for the new album

Se7en Comes Back With a Title Track Written By Park Jin-Young

Se7en, JYP, Even if I can't Sing, Somebody else, Teddy, Taeyang, Big Bang, SBS, Inki Gayo Se7en has finally returned. On the live SBS "Inki Gayo" on February 5th, Se7en captivated the audience with the charisma and dignity of a veteran singer marking the 10th year of his career

Se7en talks about T.O.P and thinks J.Y. Park is adorable?

Singer Se7en who recently released a new song produced by J.Y Park sat down to conduct an interview with SBS TV‘s ‘Midnight TV Entertainment‘. On the episode that aired on February 8th, Se7en, who has made a comeback for the first time in a year and six months revealed the true personality of Big Bang‘s T

Se7en and Park Han Byul's Not So Happy Valentines Day

Se7en and Park Han Hyul, the official cute couple, began the Valentines day seperately. Park posted a comment on her twitter saying "Ouch! Finally over. I thought It was late night because it was dark outside

Se7en and Park Han Byul unable to spend Valentine’s Day together

Singer Se7en and actress Park Han Byul who have been dating for 11 years were unable to spend Valentine’s Day together. Park Han Byul shared a few photos from her filming set and wrote via her Twitter at 6:20 in the morning, “Ahh! Finished with our shoot for today! It was still dark out so I thought it was still nighttime but… the time… looks like it’s a brand new day for some of you! I was able to endure the rough morning, thanks to a burger and my banana milk~ Have a good day everyone

A Photo of Park Han Byul With Kang Ji Sub.. 'Where Is Se7en'

Park Han Byul posted a photo on her twitter on Feb 15 with a comment saying "In the middle of filming 'Showing A Bold Front'. Kang Ji Sub began to get really into twitter! Low motivation with low number of followers

Se7en and J.Y. Park to collaborate for upcoming ‘Inkigayo’ performance

It’s no secret that YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment share a special camaraderie, as the two CEOs have been long-time friends. In fact, J.Y. Park even produced Se7en‘s comeback song ‘When I Can’t Sing‘, which is currently receiving much love from the public, sweeping music charts and gaining wins on music programs

Se7en and Park Jin Young to Perform Live Together on SBS “Inkigayo”

JYP Entertainment’s founder and chief, Park Jin Young, will join Se7en for his performance of “When I Can’t Sing” on this week’s SBS “Inkigayo.” This will be their first joint performance of the song that was written and produced by JYP himself

Se7en compares his CEO Yang Hyun Suk to producer J.Y. Park

Singer Se7en who recently made a comeback with “When I Can’t Sing” compared YG Entertainment‘s CEO Yang Hyun Suk with JYP Entertainment CEO, J.Y. Park. On the February 17th airing of SBS Power FM ‘Choi Hwa Jung‘s Power Time‘, Se7en honestly talked about what it’s like to promote in Korea after a long hiatus and the things that happened after his comeback

Se7en says, “I still feel awkward to have a drink with Park Jin Young”

Singer Se7en said he still feels awkward to have a drink with Park Jin Young in private. Se7en, who has recently come back with a new mini album, When I Can’t Sing, made a guest appearance in the episode of SBS Radio’s Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time that aired on February 17 and told his anecdotes that happened after coming back to the music scene in Korea

Se7en and Park Jin Young giving a joint performance: The great collaboration of two major agencies of Korea

Singer Se7en and Park Jin Young, the president of JYP, are giving a joint performance. These two stars’ first joint performance will broadcast in SBS’s Inkigayo on February 19. After a long hiatus of a year and half, Se7en finally returned to TV with the song “When I Can’t Sing” which is produced by Park Jin Young

JYP’s Park and YG’s Se7en have a picture taken together

Recently, Park Jin Young, the owner of the JYP Entertainment, released a picture taken prior to a joint performance with singer Se7en. On February 19, Park posted the picture on his me2day account with the comment, “Today, 4 p

Singer Se7en Makes Successful Comeback With Help Of Park Jin-young

It's no secret that Se7en has been having trouble attaining the level of popularity he had enjoyed before taking off the the US to attempt a debut there. His first long-awaited comeback created waves, but was lukewarm compared to his "it boy" status years before

Se7en Won't Love Park Han Byul When She Gets Old?

Actress Park Han Byul checked Se7en’s love through a granny disguise. The actress uploaded several pictures on her Twitter with the caption: “Transformation. Don’t you all want to ask, can you still continue to like me if I became a granny?” on February 20

FT Island Reclaims #1 Ahead of Se7en and Jay Park on ‘M! Countdown’

FT Island reclaimed the first place. The group won the trophy of first place with ‘Severely’ on Mnet ‘M! Countdown’ on February 23. Members thanked their fans and label staff members

Se7en's Girlfriend Park Han Byul H&T Model

Kim Sang Bum from H&T's marketing sector stated, "Park Han Byul has that bright, energetic and sexy image so we decided to choose her as our endorsement model. H&T brand's trendy and stylish image will be well portrayed by Park Han Byul

Se7en and Park Bom to collaborate for this week’s ‘Inkigayo’

It seems Se7en has another special performance planned for his fans.  It has just been reported that he will be collaborating with 2NE1‘s power vocalist, Park Bom, for his upcoming ’Inkigayo‘ performance! If you remember, the singer collaborated with J