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Lee Jongsuk, 5dolls' Hyoyoung and more are casted for new drama, "2013 School"

Actors Lee Jongsuk, Park Saeyoung, Kim Woobing, and 5dolls' Ryu Hyoyoung have been casted for KBS' new drama, tentatively named "2013 School." The actors will be playing as high school students, constructing the perfect line up for the roles

‘School 2013’ Set As Official Title and Releases Group Poster of the Students

The return of the School series is officially going with School 2013 as its title. KBS made the announcement on November 5 and also released a first group poster of the actors portraying the drama’s students in their school uniforms

‘School 2013’ Cast Walks Down Memory Lane in New Teaser

KBS’ School 2013 is in full production and has just released its first teaser. The first teaser video shows interviews of the cast members, taken in between shooting. Shot in an interview format, the cast members recall some of their own personal dreams and ambitions from their student days as well as divulging on some of their favorite memories from then

T-ara’s Dani Joins 5Dolls’ Hyoyoung in Cast of ‘School 2013’

Despite not yet having debuted with T-ara, future member Dani has become the latest Core Contents Media star to join the cast of KBS’ School 2013. Dani will join fellow agency artist Hyo Young of 5Dolls in playing a student for the high school drama

Lee Jong Seok Featured in New Stills for "School 2013"

Lee Jong Seok has gone back to high school as a boy thoroughly bored with his classes.In the upcoming KBS2 drama School 2013, Lee Jong Seok will be playing the high school student Go Nam Soon. In the stills released on November 7 for the drama, he was portrayed as an 18-year-old having a hard time in school

T-ara’s Dani plays a role in upcoming drama ‘School (2013)’

It has been reported that that T-ara‘s upcoming member Dani has teamed up with label mate 5doll‘s Hyoyoung for the upcoming KBS 2013 version of the drama ‘School‘. Recently, CCM has issued a photo of Dani while shooting the drama in a school uniform

T-ARA Dani to Debut as an Actress First, Casting for 'School 2013'

T-ARA, Dani, KBS, School 2013, 5dolls, Hyoyoung T-ARA Dani to Debut as an Actress First, Casting for 'School 2013' T-ARA's newest member Dani will first make her debut through acting

'School 2013' Lee Jong Suk As High School Student

school 2013, lee jong suk The first still photos of actor Lee Jong Suk in "School 2013" were revealed. KBS's new Mon/Tues drama "School 2013" will star Lee Jong Suk, who plays Ko Nam Soon, an 18-year-old high school student who is tired from life

T-ara’s Dani Plays a Role in “School 2013″ with Five Dolls Hyoyoung

T-ara‘s Dani is scheduled to hold her official TV debut in a drama before debuting as a member of T-ara. She has played a role in upcoming KBS drama “School 2013.” “School 2013″ which is one of the “School” series

'School 2013' 81% of People Say They Would Watch It

School 2013 'School 2013' 81% of People Say They Would Watch It "School 2013" is coming back after 10 years. According to an online study done by KBS's citizens' panel, they asked 2,000 men and women above the age of 15 and they said that they were really interested to watch KBS's new Mon/Tues drama "School 2013

‘School 2013′ brings out promotional posters + to be posted in 5,473 schools

KBS 2TV upcoming drama, ‘School 2013‘, recently brought out three promotional posters featuring the teachers played by Choi Daniel and Jang Nara, along with the school’s principal and administrators played by Park Hae Mi, Lee Han Wi, Yoon Joo Sang, Uhm Hyo Sub, and Oh Young Shil

'School 2013' Posters Revealed

school 2013 "School 2013" revealed 3 different types of posters. The posters for the upcoming KBS new drama "School 2013" were divided into a teachers' version, a students' version and a library version with Jang Na Ra, Daniel Choi and other students from Victory High School

[NEW DRAMA 'School 2013'] Uniforms for Seungri High School Revealed!

A group picture of students of Seungri High School from the new KBS2TV drama “School 2013” has been revealed. After pictures of the script reading session was revealed online, the new drama has been gathering much attention, but a picture of the students from Seungri High School’s Junior class in their school uniforms has been revealed heightening anticipation for the upcoming drama

Lee Jong Suk shares a photo of him with Park Se Young on the set of ‘School 2013′

On November 17th, actor Lee Jong Suk posted a photo of himself together with actress Park Se Young on his me2day account. The photo was taken on the set of the upcoming drama from KBS 2TV named ‘School 2013‘

[NEW DRAMA 'School 2013'] Biographies of Realistic High School Teachers

KBS 2TV’s new Monday/Tuesday drama “School 2013” is gaining attention for its powerful line-up of actors, including Jang Na-ra, Choi Daniel, Park Hae-mi, Lee Han-wi, Yoon Ju-sang, Eum Hyo-sok and Oh Young-sil, who will play individualistic teachers

[New Drama 'School 2013'] Ryu Hyo Young, Transforms into Tomboy, Sporting Short Hair

Actress Ryu Hyo Young will be attracting the audience with boyish charms as Lee Gang Joo in the upcoming KBS 2TV drama, “School 2013”. Ryu Hyo Young, a member of the girl group Five Dolls, made her acting debut through KBS teen drama “Jungle Fish” and the MBC drama “Greatest Love”

[NEW DRAMA: School 2013] Distinctive Posters in Three Sets Released

Distinctive  posters  of  KBS 2TV’s new Monday/Tuesday drama “School 2013” have been released. The posters consist of three sets - teachers version, students’ version and Jang Na-ra, Choi Daniel and Seungri High School students’ library version

[New Drama 'School 2013'] Lee Jong Suk Works Part Time at an Errand Center

Lee Jong Suk will be representing the current weary status of many teens in the new KBS drama, “School 2013”. Acting as Go Nam Soon Lee will portray a student who just attends school and doesn’t really have any dreams, Recent photos showed him working at an errand center, going against his model-like image

Details on Lee Jong Suk’s character in ‘School (2013)’ to be unveiled

Actor Lee Jong Suk‘s role in KBS‘s new drama ‘School (2013)‘ will unveil the reality of the Korean educational system and its actual effect on the students. Lee Jong Suk expresses excellently the characteristics of his role in the new still cuts released

[New Drama 'School 2013'] 200% Realistic High School Students Make Appearance

The new KBS drama, “School 2013”, is expected to discuss real-life issues that go on in the small society we call “school” by looking at the absence of communication, lack of love and an oppressive rank order