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Sandara Park Promotes MBLAQ's New Album

2NE1's Sandara Park is garnering attention after taking a picture of her holding an MBLAQ album, given to her by her younger brother. On January 13 the singer uploaded the picture on her me2day with the caption: “Kyaaaa! MBLAQ’s fresh out of the oven new album! Thunder gave it to me as a present when I came home! My Blackie dongsengs (younger male/female) even signed and wrote messages for his Dara noona (older female)! Hehehehe

SHINee’s Minho becomes a gallant gentleman for 2NE1′s Sandara Park

SHINee‘s Minho is much beloved for his talents, but now his appeal got kicked up another notch after netizens espied his chivalrous manners towards 2NE1‘s Sandara Park. Snapshots from an Etude commercial shoot were shared online under the title, ”Minho taking care of Sandara

Minho and Sandara Park Garner Attention for Their Closeness

SHINee’s Minho and girl group 2NE1 member, Sandara Park, are garnering attention for their closeness. A couple of pictures were recently uploaded on an online community website with the title: “Minho Taking Care of Sandara, How Nice

Sandara Park's Scared Eyes

2NE1, Sandara Park, Japan, picture, makeup, performance, face 2NE1 member Sandara Park revealed a picture of herself with huge eyes, making a scared expression.  On the 28th, Sandara Park posted a picture on her ME Today along with the comments, "We are in Japan

Sandara Park: "Can't wait for se7en's new song!"

JYP, se7en, seven, Sandara Park, new song, february 1st Sandara Park posted on her me2day page: "Did you see se7en's new teaser video? It was amazing! And I already knew about the lyrics and movie, but it still blew me away! I cant wait until he hits the stage! How do I wait until then?"Featured on her page was the photo of Se7en with JYP, shown above

Sandara Park Getting Ready To Wear A Swimming Suit

Sandara Park, 2NE1, swimming suit, wear, exercise, blue 2NE1 member Sandara Park revealed a picture of herself exercising to get into her swimming suit.  On the 30th, Sandara Park posted a picture on her Me Today, along with the comments, "Ah

Sandara Park Is Working Out Hard to Wear a Swimsuit

Although it doesn’t really seem like she needs it, Sandara Park appears to be working out hard in order to prepare for wearing swimsuits for trips! On January 30, she wrote on her me2day, “Ah, it has been a long time since I had to go through with this lonely process of self-care! I am working out the last minute before a trip in order to wear a swimsuit

Sandara Park's Cute Hairstyle In Philippines

2NE1, Sandara Park, Philippines, flight, picture, apple, hairstyle 2NE1 member Sandara Park revealed a picture of herself taken in Philippines.  On the 1st, Sandara Park posted a picture on her twitter along with the comments, "We are heading off to Philippines~ Lets go~~! A picture in to remember!" In the picture, Sandara Park has on 'apple hair,' where she tied the front of her hair back to hang back and holding a red camera in her hands

2NE1′s Sandara Park having fun in the Philippines

2NE1 member Sandara Park showed off her new ride. The singer posted the above photo via her me2day page on the 1st and wrote, “Hey! Get on! Rider Dara, enjoying a good time in Manila with the members! Getting to Manila from Seoul takes about 3 hours; although it isn’t too far, it’s a place I miss and the distance is too far to come visit often

Sandara Park’s pictures from the past… An ex-boyfriend?

Group 2NE1 member Sandara Park‘s pictures from the past with a guy have been revealed. Recently on an online community board, some of the pictures of Sandara working as an entertainer in the Phillipines have been revealed

Sandara Park & Se7en, ‘click’ during YG Concert rehearsal

Girl group 2NE1 member Sandara Park and singer Se7en took a picture together during the YG Concert rehearsal drawing attention. Sandara Park posted on her Me2Day on December 2nd (time in Korea), “So it feels like this to watch the performance standing! It’s totally exciting! Right now cool Se7en finished rehearsal and Big Bang made an entrance! Today I keep getting goosebumps! My lips are itching (to tell)

Sandara Park and Park Bom at “Gymnastics Stadium” in tracksuits

Sandara Park drew attention in a tracksuit with Park Bom. Sandara Park posted on her Me2Day on December 1st, “We are now at the Gymnastics Stadium! We are watching the rehearsal of the really cool lucky guy Chil sunbae

Sandara Park is working out for a bikini body

Group 2NE1′s Sandara Park hits the gym to make the perfect body for the beach. Sandara Park wrote on her me2day on the 30th, “Ah. It has been so long since I had to work this hard for my personal care

Sandara Park is bewildered wearing a cute apple hair

Group 2NE1′s Sandara Park transforms into a cute rabbit. Sandara Park wrote on her me2day page on the 28th, “We are in Japan right now. We are performing at the Ontama Carnival happening in Yokohama Arena today

Sandara Park marks the end of YG Family Concert with the encore fashion once again

Group 2NE1 member Sandara Park has been in Japan for a few days now for the final performances on stage for the ’15th Anniversary YG Family Concert’ in Japan. Sweet Sandara has been keeping the fans abreast of it all with the selca as she was leaving Korea for the concerts in Japan in her kkong kkong fashion

Sandara Park’s ‘kkong kkong’ fashion reappears to protect her makeup free face

2NE1 member Sandara Park‘s ‘kkong kkong fashion’ is all the buzz. (kkong kkong = descriptive of something wound up or tied up tight or the way something is frozen solid.) Sandara Park posted on her Me2Day on January 22nd, “An era of hardship for natural face Dalong

Sandara Park asks about her encore fashion, “Do I look like Uhm Jung Hwa unnie?”

Sandara Park brings her fans a wave laughter once again with a cute selca. Group 2NE1 member Sandara Park sent word of her latest through Me2Day on January 22nd. “‘Don’t know. Can’t figure it out!’ Dalong‘s encore fashion! For encores, we get on stage with freestyle fashion using the goods at the concert! How should I use the YG Family towel today? Put it around the neck or hang it on the pants, or wear it around the head, then decided on the lamb hair! Do I look like Uhm Jung Hwa unnie?” In the picture, Sandara Park has turned the YG family towel into headphones that remind netizens of Uhm Jung Hwa during her promotions for ‘Molla’

Sandara Park makeup free kkong kkong airport fashion

Group 2NE1 member Sandara Park showed her dissatisfaction at her makeup free face as she left Korea for work. On January 21st, Sandara Park posted on her Me2Day, “Good morning. Sandara Park dissatisfied at leaving the country with makeup free face

Sean invites Sandara Park and Gong Minji out to dinner

Singer Sean treated 2NE1 members Sandara Park and Gong Minji to a nice dinner. Sean tweeted on January 3rd, “Today, I am buying a delicious dinner for 2NE1′s cute Minji and Sandara. Salad, spinach pizza, octopus pasta, nooroongji risotto, and dessert hot ice cream and hotteok the size of pizza

2NE1 Sandara "Hey! Get on!" Manila With The Members!

2ne1, sandara, Manila, Motorcycle 2NE1 member Sandara Park uploaded a picture on her me2day of her sitting on a motorcycle with the words "Hey! Get on!" She also mentioned that she was in Manila after a 3 hour flight with the other members of 2NE1