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Oh Sang Jin "Kissed" Volleyball  on “Running Man”

Oh Sang Jin "Kissed" Volleyball on “Running Man”

The cast of “Running Man” and “We Are Brother” got some embarrassing situations on the latest episode of the hit SBS variety show “Running Man”

The latest episode of SBS’s variety show “Running Man” welcomed the participation of famous actors Oh Sang Jin, Jo Jin Woong and Kim Sung Kyun, who are starring in the movie “We Are Brothers”. The three stars teamed up to put on an exciting battle with “Running Man” team....

[Album Review] B2ST - "Time"

[Album Review] B2ST - "Time"


Track List:

01. 12:30
02. Drive
03. It”s All Good
04. Close My Eyes
05. Stay
06. So Hot (Bonus Track – CD Only)

Just in “Time” for their fifth anniversary, B2ST dropped their new mini-album, their seventh one to date. “Time” is the newest follow-up to “Good Luck,” and five of the six tracks were written, composed, and arranged by Kim Tae Joo and Junhyung....

V.O.S confirm details about their comeback with teaser image for "Running in Tears"

V.O.S confirm details about their comeback with teaser image for "Running in Tears"

Last week, the V.O.S members revealed on SBS Power FM”s “Two o”Clock Escape Cult Two Show” that they would be making a comeback sometime this month. On October 21, V.O.S”s Twitter made an official announcement, saying that the duo will be returning with a new single after four years on October 29!

V.O.S tweeted, “Digital single “Running in Tears” will be released on October 29 noon. We ask for your interest and love for this first release since four years.” ...

[MV & Album Review] VIXX - "Error"

[MV & Album Review] VIXX - "Error"

VIXX – “Error”

Since their debut in 2012, VIXX has treated STARLIGHTs toa plethora of vocal talent and creative concepts in a short period oftime. 2014, in particular, seems to beVIXX”s ultimate breakout year with two solid album releases—the latter of thetwo, “Error,” was recently releasedon October 13. So, let”s take a look at the contents of this highly anticipated and promising new album!


Album Review: BEAST Follows Up The Success Of 'Good Luck' With The Powerful Release ‘Time' [AUDIO]

Album Review: BEAST Follows Up The Success Of 'Good Luck' With The Powerful Release ‘Time' [AUDIO]


(Photo : Cube Entertainment)

BEAST returns with the soulful mini album “Time.”

Cube Entertainment’s BEAST continues with refined sophistication through R&B ballads on their latest mini album “Time.” “Time” is a six track follow up to their “Good Luck” EP that was released in June 2014.

“Time” is a special release marking the fifth anniversary since BEAST made their debut. BEAST has been able to combat the so-called “five year K-Pop curse” through their dedicated fandom and the strong evolution of their musical style. The overall concept of “Time” is sensually soulful with tracks like “Close My Eyes” and “12:30” helping to stir listeners hearts....

[Drama Review] "High School: Love On" - Episode 12

[Drama Review] "High School: Love On" - Episode 12


Ji Hye paying her respects

Sung Yeol is devastated by the thought of his step mom being Woo Hyun“s absent mother. Tortured by the implications, he doesn”t show up at school and is ambushed by bullies. Sung Yeol fights back, but nearly faints in the attempt. Seul Bi finds him by now and backhugs him to prevent him collapsing. Jae Seok takes a pic of this and sends it to everyone. Woo Hyun angrily escorts Seul Bi away, misinterpreting as Jae Seok intended. The next morning at school, everyone talks about the text they received re: Sung Yeol and Seul Bi. Seul Bi is once again an outcast, and Young Eun is crushed (she happens to like Sung Yeol). Seul Bi has one ally, classmate Joo Ah, who sticks with her despite her unpopularity. Woo Hyun and Sung Yeol have it out, and Woo Hyun tells him not to come around anymore. Later that night, Sung Yeol texts Seul Bi. He wants to meet, but she doesn”t reply. ...

Album Review: Seo Taiji Explores Dreamy Electropop In 'Quiet Night' [AUDIO]

Album Review: Seo Taiji Explores Dreamy Electropop In 'Quiet Night' [AUDIO]

(Photo : CJ E&M Music)

Seo Taiji goes beyond K-Pop on “Quiet Night.”


Seo Taiji is musically brilliant in “Quiet Night,” an album which extends beyond the K-Pop stratosphere. “Quiet Night” is an album for indie pop fans who have yet to explore Korean pop. 

K-Pop legend Seo Taiji reinvents himself through the incorporation of synthpop on his newest release “Quiet Night.” “Quiet Night” is a nine track album that was released by Seo Taiji on October 20 through CJ E&M Music. Korean pop music has continued to venue into electronic music, but few acts have fully embraced electropop and synthpop as competently as Seo Taiji. On “Quiet Night,” Seo Taiji ventures into the gauzy, synthesizer infused territory that has previously been explored by Korean indie acts Discovery and Glen Check....

Jo Jin Woong Reads  “Running Man” Cast A Lecture

Jo Jin Woong Reads “Running Man” Cast A Lecture

This is the first time that the line-up cast of “Running Man” was scolded.

In this latest episode of “Running Man”, the program welcomed the famous actor Jo Jin Woong.

The first one got schooling from Jo Jin Woong was Lee Kwang Soo. Lee Kwang Soo is dubbed as the traitor in “Running Man”, and this time, he completed successfully his mission. Kwang Soo took Jo Jin Woong’s name tag when the actor did not watch out. Lee Kwang Soo made Jo Jin Woong so surprised that the actor said, “Weren’t we just talking?”...