Running Man 98 Review

[Album Review] BTOB - "Complete"

[Album Review] BTOB -

BTOB – “Complete”
Track List:
1. Complete (Intro)
2. It”s Okay
3. Live Well Yourself
4. One-Man Show
5. Summer Romance
6. My Friend”s Girlfriend
7. Her Over Flowers
8. I Miss You
9. Yo-Ho-Ho
10. Open
11. Insane (Acoustic Version)
12. Shake It
13. Everything”s Good – Ilhoon Solo (Outro). ... Read more

[Drama Review] "High Society" - Episode 7

[Drama Review]

“Trust me, you don”t want to see this drama…”They”re planting the seeds of something big, but I”m not sure exactly what:Yoon Ha shows up to join Chang Soo on their arranged date, but our second lead takes off, leaving Yoon Ha with Joon Ki, and rings up Ji Yi. ... Read more

“Running Man" has reportedly set to organize the "Race Start” meeting with fans this year

“Running Man

The cast of “Running Man” will be going on tour to meet with their fans outside of Korea once again this year!

As previously announced, the tour entitled “Race Start Season 3” will be starting in Hong Kong on July 3. According to reports, it will then continuing in Wuhan, China toward the end of July. The remaining six cities and dates are expected to be announced soon. . ... Read more

[Drama Review] "Orange Marmalade" - Episode 8

[Drama Review]


It”s Robin Hood and his merry…er…man?

Now, finally, the characters are deeply embroiled in the conflict between vampires and humans:. ... Read more

"Running Man" releases teaser for next week"s episode featuring Girls" Generation


Girls” Generation will battle it out in various games on next week”s episode of SBS”s “Running Man”.

The theme for the episode is virtual game world as the girls are seen playing in real-life versions of some classic arcade games such as tetris and pac-man. In particular, Choi Hong Man and SHINee”s Minho will make their special appearance in the last chasing mission.. ... Read more

“Running Man" has wowed people with the launch of an amazing teaser for the ep of SNSD

“Running Man

It’s real! The Girls’ Generation episode of “Running Man” with appearances by all eight members – a first – is just a week away, set to air on July 5, according to the preview that aired following this week’s broadcast. . ... Read more

SB Week in Review, 6/20 to 6/26

SB Week in Review, 6/20 to 6/26
SB Week in Review, 6/20 to 6/26 Written by Gaya On June 26, 2015Hello everyone, and welcome back to another Week in Review. Here’s the round up: Serious NewsSamsung Group heir Lee Jae-yong has bowed in apology during an address that was televised nationally on the 23rd. ... Read more

[HanCinema"s Drama Review] "Heard It Through the Grapevine" Episode 26


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... Read more

[Drama Review] "High Society" - Episode 6

[Drama Review]


“Don”t worry, I”m studying magic. It was either this rose or a rabbit, but the rabbit kept pooping in my pocket.”

Okay, this episode had some of those grand reveals, except, um, they weren”t that grand:. ... Read more

[MV Review] BTS - "Dope"

[MV Review] BTS -


BTS has dropped the MV for one of their songs “Dope” (or “Sick,” if you prefer) and the boys are dressed to kill (and dance). The song itself is actually from their April release “HwaYangYeonHwa Pt. 1″. ... Read more